Freedomrocks forex system. has anyone heard of the "Freedom Rocks" Forex trading system and also the MLM (mullti-level marketing) rep opportunity that goes with it?

Freedomrocks forex system

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Freedomrocks forex system. What does FreedomRocks offer?: FreedomRocks offers an online trading software that enables even newbies to get involved in FOREX trading with a chance to succeed. It must be emphasized that unlike day trading, where short-term gains are expected, FreedomRocks is considered a Long-Term-Investment Strategy.

Freedomrocks forex system

In , Martin, formerly of Glencoe and Malibu, Calif. I saw the founder on American Greed speaking about a subsidiary firm of theirs that was convicted of felony practices. What I found very peculiar was Freedomrocks president was filmed driving a Honda Civic in the first clip. I thought that was very starange and probably an over site on the image that this man was trying to project. I wouldn't give a red cent to this organization.

I tried reaching them after every transaction I made, but no luck. It was a big scam and another PYMD sceme. I wish I can have my money back.. Hi I tried this about 4 years ago. It works on correlation. It worked intially although there were large drawdowns but then went belly up.

I beleive it was closed down some time ago. Regards Review Moderation Team Note: The website is still up and is still listing trading products. I was with freedom rocks back in November of In Dec, I started a demo account, and ran it for the month. At the end of the month I had earned The biggest problem with there trading software is that it has a tendency to produce heavy drawdowns on your equity, so allocating high percentage is very risky.

The other softwares use a more agressive approach, and execute more trades in a shorter time. Well what happened next was a real eye opener. On the morning of febuary 11 at approx 8am eastern time. The entire financial market went in to a tail spin after the chinese stock market fell 9 points over night. I went to make a cup of coffee, and when I came back to my computer I could not believe my eyes.

I instantly closed out all my trades, and when the dust settled I had lost dollars in about 4 minutes. All I can say is that I am glad I was home and actively watching my account or I would have come home to find my account wiped out.

FR is an MLM company, and that's where people make their money. I joined FR for two months. I realised pretty quickly that the system was not hedging successfully as the currency pairs were too out of balance. I let it ride though to follow the system and it went all the way to margining out. They did have good leverage etc that I can't get now and trading FR gave me a start to Forex trading.

FR isn't a dishonest company or anything like that, but their system isn't worth the cost - most of your monthly fees go to MLM uplines anyway Save your money, set up your own demo account and practice similar systems with the added benefits of advice added by people in these reviews.

There are no magic systems to forex, it's about playing the probabilities into your favour and using a system so that you don't get caught up trading emotionally.

You can do this without trading as a day trader, it's just about understanding cyclicity and having risk aversion strategies in place. I was in FR a little over a yr. I lost money I couldnt afford to lose, especially when other investments are doing bad also I was with Freedom Rocks for over a year and left them for other interests over a year ago.

During the time I was with them I found them to be extremely honest and forthright about their program. There is no such thing as an investment program without risk and Forex has some of the highest risk of any form of investment. FR preached this from the rooftops. I watched the correlations very carefully and altered my investments to suit the conditions, per FR instructions. I made a nice bit of money. I saw some clients taking idiotic risks and many more altering the program to suit their tastes.

Almost all of these folks lost money. Some lost their entire bankroll for no other reason than greed. FR did, indeed have losing periods and will in the future.

This has always been an FR mantra. Bottom line is that this is a direct marketing company that markets a financial product. They are completely honest but if you are looking to make a quick fortune in Forex with no risk you will not find happiness here nor anywhere else for that matter.

If you are looking to build a stable home based marketing business with a unique program and great support, check them out. A Multi Level Marketing Company selling the holy grail of the inhouse developed hedging system.

I was with them for three months and got burnt in several ways.. They recommended One World FX broker , which went went out of busness shortly after and I lost money.. My Upline had recruited around 40 new clients under them The company is focused on recruiting drive of clients and their monthly subscription fee, and provide little education other than how their system works. More akin to group hype and brainwashing than educating clients on how to trade successfully in all kinds of markets..

When the market turns bad and the correlation pairs no longer apply, there is no comeback, and you are at the mercy of the market. I know that some of the reps dont even trade with it but try to make money by recruiting. Forex Signals , Forex Trading Strategies. Company seems to be out of business. Related websites include PerpetualFx. Live discussion Join live discussion of FreedomRocks. Video Your company video here? Court cases Open 0 Resolved 0 Not guilty 0 Guilty 0. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

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