Fxaw forex. My dear fellow traders on the best FX forum in the world It happens again and again. Our community may and can deal with brokers and bankers (Big Fish), but how to fight against those who are among us, who say for themselves that they are traders, but in fact do not have the courage to fight the market.

Fxaw forex

Fxaw forex. Additionally, most cells on the grid display a white arrow in the bottom-right corner, denoting that there's a comment attached. All spreads are representative of what 'standard-account' traders are seeing on their platform, and no demo accounts are included. Fxaw Donna Forex Xemarkets 31 In 60 Sekunden Mit Binary.

Fxaw forex

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Received an email this morning from Steve Hopwood well known and respected programmer from the FF who is excited about discovering a new forex website with EA's programmed by Craig Stoltz aka 'Bluto' whom Steve is in complete awe of. He has a website for his group called 'FXAW' and the information there is certainly exciting and very interesting to say the least.

February 15, , It is not the man who has the most that is wealthy, but the one who needs the least! Shrike Full Member Posts: Hamno Full Member Posts: Curious and always open to places where ideas are exchanged, but has anyone who has actually joined this forum proclaim that its worth the money?

Ree Full Member Posts: Ree on January 02, , January 02, , Hamno on January 02, , Where can we see some info about Entropy? You have two duplicate pdf files attached to your post Maybe you missed something?

Rico Full Member Posts: Looks and sounds good Little snippets and wonderful claims are standard, though. Unfortunately, i guess you don't see any 10 year backtests until you bite the bullet. Is anyone here already a member? Can they vouch for the EAs? Ree on January 03, , January 03, , I can tell you one thing, if that is true, that system can be a very profitable in right hands. Sended my request to join the club, will keep you informed. Hammo, I used to be part of a trading group called MAX.

I helped the person that develop the trading method grade all his students homework. I sat through 8 "semesters" of MAX for the course of over 2 and a half years. I broke away from the group after the creator of the system passed away. So yeah, I'd say he's a good programmer with some interesting toys Do you need it to trade well? I think Mr Stoltz puts out some good indies. Jake Full Member Posts: After looking through the various information about "bluto" on the web, I have taken the plunge and paid my membership fee.

I am training myself to avoid the latest new wonderful explosive EA, and only invest in people or systems with a track record. Bluto has a track record, with many more people speaking for him than against. However, he does not publish actual results, so many of the traders here would on those grounds alone and it seems very sensible to me as I write this keep clear. So I hope I have made a sound rather than impulsive decision.

I will let you know over time if I have made the right call. KeepCalm on January 03, , I have this to say: I joined his forum 3 years or so ago. His ethics and honesty are, in my opinion, top notch, seriously people he is right up there with Donna herself in terms of QUALITY people that would never steer you wrong and never sell you out for a buck.

And that is the most difficult part of trading forex finding people to work with and collaborate with who have ethics. I would not say that about any other resource or forum and we all know there are many.

This one and Steve's are free. Craigs is not free, but its single lifetime membership rate is a pittance in comparison to the value it offers, most especially now with Entropy.

I cannot endorse it enough. How can any broker steal your money, even regulated ones by resistance [ Today at FX Autotrader Elite by diyforexskills [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Today at Best Scalper by donbon2 [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Yesterday at Logged Hamno Full Member Posts: Logged Ree Full Member Posts: Logged flamenco Full Member Posts: That's all in the PDF files I listed!

All you need to do is read them! You can also email him at ' blutofx gmail. Steve Hopwood for one. Gee guys - give it a chance! The threads only been up for a couple of hours. Craig has only just released the FXWA to accept new members.

This email may help give you a little more info. Take a look at the white-paper and see for yourself. I'm always available to help. Logged Rico Full Member Posts: My goof guys sorry! I corrected it on post 1. I did join, but since I don't trade either demo or live until the middle of Jan it's going to be awhile before I have any actual results to report on any of his EA's.

Cheers Did you get your access yet? Logged odysseus11 Hero Member Posts: Thank you for your post. Donna's Blog Analysing trades:


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