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IronFX Daily Commentary by Peter Iosif

Ironfx. November 27, Cysec has announced it will collect a , Euro settlement from IronFx based on the investigation announced in August. This proves that IronFx's claim that the investigation was against cheating clients was another lie told by the company. CLICK HERE to verify. August 10, The Brazilian CVN.


IronFx is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. Many employees claimed they could stop this behavior. Based on what happened over time, the FPA believes the CEO is aware of the unethical behavior of his employees, but does not care to do anything about it. Readers of this review page should note the fake reviews left by IronFx employees pretending to be clients. IronFx employees have also spammed the FPA's forums on three occasions.

In January, , someone posted an attack on a competing broker from inside the offices of IronFx. See the review by "Jacob, Cyprus" dated below. The post really came from inside of IronFx's offices in Cyprus. These incidents began in November The most recent was in June of If this is how employees follow simple forum and review site rules, can you trust them to follow rules about handling your money?

Other websites of this company include IronForex. IronFX is the award-winning Global Leader in Online Trading, with 10 trading platforms and over tradable instruments in forex, spot metals, futures, shares, spot indices, and commodities.

IronFX serves retail and institutional customers from over countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America while providing support in over 30 different languages. The IronFX customer-centric model offers top trading functionalities through its platforms combined with the widest suite of products at the best pricing and execution. Daily market news feed and insightful research give clients access to the best information and data to make informed trading decisions.

This company steals money. It has been 3 years and they still didn't return it even though they confessed they did mistake. Almost 10 EUR. Don't sign any contract with them! IronFX is holding all my funds from May Total funds are about euro.

IMHO, Cysec is his partner My withdrawal is delayed more than 15 days, and they don't answered my emails. In the Terms and conditions item In the chat they answer that the withdrawal is in the queue. After sending multiple emails there is no reply after weeks and there is no reponse in live chat, the que literally takes forever. There is always one person in front of you, no matter what time you try or what reason you give to engage a live chat with Ironfx.

You will simple not get through.. If you want to withdraw your money, the request is never processed and also literally takes forever. Some victims on this website claim their request is still 'awaiting process' after years.. If you're reading this to figure out if you want to go for ironFX, don't do it, they steal your money and there is no way to get in touch with them.

Stay away from this company! If you have deposited anything and you think you will be able to withdraw a cent, you have mistaken My account More than 29 months ironfx is holding all my funds euro.

This terrible broker is defended by the complicity of Cysek regulator. My withdrawal request from ironfx has been pending since 2 years! CySEC official board must resign, because most of complaints related to clients' money at IronFx are still unsolved. How long are authorities going to be silent? IronFx crime goes on for 2 years!

Hi there, My name is Luke Charles not real name. I worked for IronFX from Barcelona. I am not a person who likes to live by cheating people or scam people and take their valuables to have a better life.

They didnt provide me any work contract like my other 15 colleagues of mine. Every month i got a salary of euros plus comission for bringing the prospects to client level on board to IroFX. In one month or two months, i had a feeling that something is not right. Alejandro had a team of 5 trustworthy members which had different tasks from Online chat to attract clients, tapping and listening phone calls, new web development and hosting and web master who can even hack into your personal emails or intersect valuable information.

I saw with my eyes that clients from England, Germany, Dubai, Poland and more other countries suffered a big loss. I have all the list of the clients who lost their money. Alejandro has got a trustworthy friend called as Rufus Metzler from Germany. Through Rufus, a lot of german clients invested and they all lost their investment after three months. Photos and videos and phone calls will be uploaded into my website soon.

All these accounts are managed by one single trader Tony who has no professional work experience or certified trader for IronFX but learnt from Youtube videos. I am determined and planned to start a blog or a website soon where i will add more infos to the public where you can find phonecalls, livechats, emails from IronFX and IB agents in Barcelona.

I want to see those clients that lost money through trading with this IB should get their money back. Soon i will be in touch with you through my blog and website.

Once you transfer money to your account is gone forever. If you dont believe me, just try to call Customer service and see if they answer the call. Forex Brokers , Forex Scam. Cysec has announced it will collect a , Euro settlement from IronFx based on the investigation announced in August.

This proves that IronFx's claim that the investigation was against cheating clients was another lie told by the company. IronFx claims that the company asked Cysec to help them investigate cheating clients. The FPA is astonished that anyone at IronFx would have the nerve to make such an obviously false statement. The number of complaints about withdrawal issues against IronFx has escalated.

Multiple fake positive reviews submitted. Live discussion Join live discussion of IronFx. Video Your company video here? Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

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