Option business call swisscom. Cost-efficient international calls and SMS text messages each month: Travel Voice Option is available for your mobile device or smartphone.

Option business call swisscom

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Option business call swisscom. Option Business International B. With the Option Business International B you can call fixed and mobile networks in tariff zone B for free any time. Up to minutes per month. Available for inOne SME - Telephony M & L.

Option business call swisscom

Are you looking for digital solutions for your SME? Create your SME profile and your first solution ideas in four easy steps. By entering your Customer Centre login at www. If you do not have a Customer Centre login, you can request one there. To activate the phone number for the business telephony app, please specify the personal delivery address e-mail or mobile number for you and every employee and continue to the invitation.

Here you have to option to write a presonal message to the receiver of the invitation. The invitation was sent to the employee using the defined delivery address. The employee receives an invitation e-mail or mobile number.

The Business Telephony app and client are not available on Windows phones no universal app. These videos show you the new opportunities offered by Business Telephony. Please select the appropriate film for your operating system. Please enable JavaScript for better browser functionality. Meta navigation Business area Business area. All new internet customers will receive CHF Say hello to the future. Free new functions Use chat, online meetings and more for free until 31 March Current faults and service updates.

Disruptions or technical problems? How can we help you? With the Business Telephony app and client, you can make calls from your business landline number with your mobile, PC or laptop, even when you are away from the office. You can receive incoming calls to your landline number on your mobile, PC or laptop. You can control who can contact you at any time, wherever you are. With the app, you can also use all the usual landline functionalities on your mobile, PC or laptop, wherever you are.

A detailed look at your fixed-network number for when you are on the move. Confirmation of the invitation. Download and install the app. Enter your username and landline number. Check your delivery address. You will receive an e-mail with a link to change your user details You can now choose your own username during the registration process.

You can also set your password in the same window. Click on "Next" to store your details. You will now receive confirmation that your details have been successfully stored. Windows Windows 7 SP1 or later no universal app Download. Load the App onto your mobile telephone now. Please choose one Choose devices Android-mobile iPhone Please select your device. Sending link on the mobile telephone free of charge: Please check your mobile phone number.

SMS Service is not available. Please try again later. First steps to use. You have three tabs to choose from: Via the search field, search for the person you wish to call. Double-click on the contact and make the call by pressing the call button. Three menu options are available: You can search for existing contacts using the contact search window.

Search for the person you wish to call via the search field. Double-click on the contact and make the call by pressing the call key. You can control the call via the window.

Click on the red telephone to end the call. Examples of use video tutorials. Due to technical difficulties, please try again later. Manage your personal data, subscriptions and bills on your own. The worry-free service for your computer Details. Check up on your own Swisscom services such as TV, Internet, telephone, and email!

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