Ruger american stock options. Have two Boyd's Prairie Hunters ready to install on two Ruger American Predator Creedmoors. One is left hand stock, right hand action (mine) and the other is shortened LOP with fleur-de-lis highlight checkering (hers). Side note: Dianna is a Connecticut born and raised Yankee girl that fell in love with.

Ruger american stock options

Free Floating the Barrel on Ruger American (in 5 min)

Ruger american stock options. Ruger American Rifle with boyd's stock just took this rifle to another level!

Ruger american stock options

Just wondering if anyone has tried out the Boyd's stocks for the ruger American seemed a little cheap I was curious if someone could give some feedback. MZ5 Hero Member Posts: I have heard that some need extra work fitting an action an some people want to do some reshaping before they apply finish. I've heard that some fit fine too.

Those comments come from reading about M1 Garand and stocks and probably others. I've had great success with Boyd's laminated stocks.

I still need to get. I did not have as good an experience with the Richards Micro Fit laminated stock that I got. Tho i like the exterior shape there is too much wood in the action mortice. That will require carefully taking lots of wood off. So, it is hung on a peg. Maybe someday I'll have an action to put it on.

The Boyd's pretty much just dropped right in. I have Boyd's on 3 different rifles. If your going to be a Bush Alaskan You need a perfect winter rifle.

One is left hand stock, right hand action mine and the other is shortened LOP with fleur-de-lis highlight checkering hers. Dianna is a Connecticut born and raised Yankee girl that fell in love with the South a long time ago. Back to the subject: Have several Boyd's stocks and have no complaints. Fit and finish have been excellent.

But, have never had to deal with their customer service. I threw mine away. After heavy mods trying to get it to fit it still didnt. Its back in the factory stock. Ive had other boyds that fit fine. I just installed my prairie hunter in peppered finish on my American All-Weather 7mm The stock for the American fits like it's supposed to. However, having the integrated magazine catch on the factory stock, Boyd's addressed this with a plastic tab that gets fastened underneath the front-most lug.

The tab was too big. It didn't allow the magazine to snap up into place as it couldn't get completely clear of that tab. A small washer used as a spacer underneath the tab as well makes for a sleeker magazine detach by relieving pressure from the mechanical catch on the magazine. Bad picture, but proof that it fits. Now my mis-matched-colored scope rings really stand out for some reason vs.

I'm happy with it. Gonna get a standard style in nutmeg for my other American. I had seen these tips posted before on the ruger forum and neither one of them worked for me.

Glad you got yours working. Im currently in contact with MDT and awaiting their release of the chassis for this action. Sportacus, do your stocks have the aluminum bedding V blocks in them? Live with honor and ride with courage. Be friendly to all those you meet.

But always carry a knife in your boot and a gun on your hip 'cuz there are those that don't think the same as this. The boyds stock comes with two metal v blocks that they suggest bedding. It also comes with a cheap looking and feeling plastic trigger guard that seems cheaper than the one on the factory stock. Have not installed mine yet but will bed the blocks when I do.

Will then start my quest for a metal trigger guard. Will check all parts suppliers first and pawn shop crawl as last resort. I can just get close to width and screw spacing, can make it work.

The Marshall Hero Member Posts: I have three Boyds stocks. Each of them is working very well. I'm not sure what finish is on the two thumbhole stocks but I like it. I put three coats of linseed oil then three coats of tung oil on the traditional stock. Very little material had to be removed to fit the receivers. As far as stability, it is almost impossible to beat for the cost.

I don't want the enemy captured. I want them dead. Every man has got to know his limits. Looks Very nice BTW!! November 14, ,


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