Taren forex ea review. Taren Forex EA. Don't bother with this one, waste of time and money. There are a number of robots on our website that would perform far better than Taren Forex EA. Is it a scam or not?. Do you have experience with Taren Forex EA then please leave a rating and leave a comment with your findings.

Taren forex ea review

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Taren forex ea review. Taren Forex EA Review - Profitable Expert Advisor That Earns 80% Monthly. Taren Forex EA is an innovative FX Robot, which has been put into action hundreds and hundreds of times, successfully generating unlimited profits over and over again. It is a trading software which trades automatically with no need of making.

Taren forex ea review

The TarenForexEA is a forex expert advisor. With this EA you are limited to one live and one demo account and you have to submit your broker and account number to get Taren to run. Then if you want to change accounts you have to resubmit a request with new account number. And it takes several requests and days to get this done. I asked for one change of my live account and the seller RayGravley refused to change it. Besides, it is a martingale and trades constantly, putting on bigger and bigger trades until there is nothing left.

Keep far away from Ray Gravley and this bomb. The only contact is a guy named Ray Gravley. It takes days to get an answer from him. He even admitted that my emails to him went to his spam folder. He requires you to give your broker name and account number and you are limited to one live and one demo account. If you want to change accounts you have to email him with different account number and wait days for his response with a new file for and only for the new account.

Initially I could not get the demo to run on my MB Trading account, I requested his help several times it took many days finally he told me it would not run on that broker and to put it on a different broker so I requested another change in demo account number which I got and ran it on my FXCM demo account.

Then after watching the demo actually make some profits over several days I wanted to put it on a live nano account and therefore requested an account change from FXCM to my nano account. He then informed me that I had too many changes I never had previously changed my live account, only my demo account which as I said would not run on my MB Trading account and he refused to change it again.

So he has my brokers names and my two live account numbers which makes my concerned and I am stuck with using the EA on my FXCM live account and on one demo account and I will not put it on my big dollar live account. I wanted to see how it would do on a nano account but now I cannot change the account numbers.

And besides the crappy non-service, the EA uses a martingale and will eventually eat up your entire account. I suppose the trick is to take out profits every so often before it crashes the account. I will continue to watch it on my demo.

Besides, do you want to give your broker name and account number to some shady guy you don't know? I regret that I did. Now I want my money back ha ha good luck with that! There are many other EAs out there. Stay away from Taren and Ray Gravley! You have been warned. I would have been fully satisfied with taren ea if ea become completly crazy opening lots with no control.

Trying to contact support I receive no answer after 10 days. Poor support , poor ea control, stay away from this even if when it works correctly it gives amazing results.

You can get EAs like this and better for free. Don't waste your money on this garbage. This EA is very dangerous and very bad. I recommend not to buy. It is a martingale hard to control. Good luck with the trading. After changing the lot size to. I'm going to lower the lot, multiplier, and take profit amounts and see what happens. I've written the developer and requested a refund. At least Cuzman got 5 days out of it.

I also check it many times a day and end manually if profit on some. This because i never trust a single robot. Im not owner of this Ea, I ask of settings from them but no answer till today. It seems for me now to have 2 longer open trades and 4 other shorter trades.

I closed also big losses manually also because of orginal settings and small deposit. I will update how it going on real acount at fxchoice. I also have several other robots trade in same acount so perhapps its also make different when taren open possitions. Why i vote bad is that no settings and answers from maker. Also it seems hard to get same trades as here at forexpeace acount. So bad that my micro account couldn't withstand the freight train.

Very disappointed and so is my pocked as I dared to use this on my live account. This EA lasted in my account less than 5 trading days before it imploded. Forex Robot , Performance Tested. Company seems to be out of business. Video Your company video here? Court cases Open 0 Resolved 0 Not guilty 0 Guilty 0. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.


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