Fnb debit card online purchases. The security of the EMV chip along with the convenience a FNB Debit card provides, you have access to your account and ability withdrawal cash using ATM machines located Because FNB knows it is important that our customers have quick access to an active debit card, you can enter any location and order a new card.

Fnb debit card online purchases

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Fnb debit card online purchases. VISA Debit Card Compromise Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from First National Bank in Staunton. Please monitor your monthly statements and take advantage of our Online Banking so that you may check your account daily and as stated above your card activity will continued to be monitored until the affected card.

Fnb debit card online purchases

Credit card payments, lost or stolen cards, and general account and balance information. General Payment Questions Where do I send my credit card payments? How do I send a wire transfer for payment to my credit card account? Can I change or delete my online payment once I've submitted it? What privileges does an authorized user have on my credit card account? What privileges will a joint cardmember have on my credit card account? What types of Account Alerts are available for my Credit Card?

Customer guidelines, design service overview, image questions, technical support, fee questions and a glossary. Will the same image appear on all cards associated with my account? Can I put different images on each person's card associated with my account?

If my application for a credit card is denied, what happens to the image I uploaded? If my image is rejected will I have a chance to choose another image? How can I add the same image to another card on my account? What happens if I choose to decline the "Upload Photo" option? What if my credit card looks different than the version displayed on the screen?

What if I lose my computer connection at some point during the picture uploading process? Who do I contact if I have questions or problems uploading my picture? When my card expires and a replacement card is issued, is there a fee for keeping the custom image on my card? Will I still receive a statement for my Savings Account in the mail? Are paperless statements available for my Savings Account s? Bankcard Payment Processing Attention: You can pay your credit card bill online free of charge up to 30 days in advance.

Online payments submitted prior to 5: Central Time will be posted to your account the same day. Payments submitted after 5: Central Time will be posted the next day. At our discretion, availability of funds may be delayed to ensure any payment s received have cleared. The wire transfer must be received by First Bankcard prior to 5: CST to post to your credit card account the same day. Payments received after 5: You may delete or change a current pending payment prior to 5: Central Time on the day the payment will post.

Central Time, payments posting that night cannot be changed or deleted. There can be only one pending payment at a time for each credit card account you pay online. However, you may schedule payments free of charge as often as you like for up to 30 days in advance.

Online payments made to your account will reduce your AutoPay amount unless the additional payment is made within five days of your due date. If your online payment is made within this time frame, it will not reduce the AutoPay amount. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us. We will accept payments from a savings account. However, your bank must allow the draft. Please check with your bank to determine if a draft from your savings account is allowed.

Our credit department reviews and approves all requests for additional cards. Upon approval the additional card will be sent. The delivery times will vary depending on your location. However, most cards will be received within business days of the original request. If you need your card mailed to an address other than your current mailing address listed on your account, please contact us.

For security purposes, the credit card will be captured if an incorrect PIN number is entered more than 3 times. To find out how to collect a confiscated card, please call You will find instructions on how to complete your request for a name change in the Services Tab.

Requests to correct a misspelling on your card can be made online. However, if the change is due to marriage, to divorce, or other reasons, an online form must be completed and returned to our credit department accompanied by legal documentation showing the name change. The family member must first be added to your account as an authorized user.

Requests to add a family member or other persons to your account as an authorized user can be requested online in the Account Services section.

All requests for additional cards will be reviewed for approval by our credit department. An authorized user may make purchases on the account. An authorized user cannot be enrolled online or make changes to the account. A joint cardmember receives a card in his or her name and has the same privileges as the primary cardmember. He or she will also share full responsibility and liability for the account.

Adding a joint cardmember to the account is subject to credit review, including a credit report in the name of the person to be added.

A joint cardmember must be at least 18 years of age. If you lose your card, contact us immediately. We'll block your account and issue you a replacement card.

In an emergency situation, such as when you're traveling, we'll get you a temporary replacement card within 24 hours. Up to seven years of statements will be available online. Any transactions posted to your credit card account since the last statement will also be available.

This option will only appear if your credit card account requires activation. Card Activation will only display if your enrolled credit card account requires card activation. If you have additional questions, please contact us. There are several types of email alerts that you may request to receive on the Account Alerts page for your credit card account s.

Learn more about account alerts. After filling out a credit card application and clicking Submit, we will begin processing your application. In just a few moments, you will have a response. If you've been approved, you will receive your new card in the mail.

If we need more time to process your application, you will hear from us shortly. Instant approval is not available on all credit card products. Your current account will remain exactly the same, only the design on the face of the card will change. Some card types are not eligible. If more than one individual is a cardholder on your account, a different image may be used for each card. Only the primary or secondary cardholder will have access to the design services. During the design process, you have the option of selecting which cardholders on your account will receive each submitted image.

You may submit up to four images on your account per calendar year. You have the option of selecting which cardholder s on your account will receive each submitted image.

Each separate image submitted will count toward the four image changes allowed per calendar year. For example, if all cards associated with an account have the same image of the family pet, it would count as one image. All images are reviewed for appropriateness according to the Card Design Image Guidelines.

By submitting an image, you guarantee that you own or have usage rights to the image and it is permissible to alter, copy, print and distribute the image on the credit card.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless First National Bank or its affiliates from all claims arising from the use of the image on the card. First National Bank reserves the right to reject any image we believe violates the Issuing Guidelines.

If an image is rejected, you will be notified by email within three business days. A new image may be submitted at any time following notification. Upon expiration, a new card will be sent with the same image as your most recent Card Design. You will not be able to submit a new image request once your card is within 45 days of its expiration date. If you no longer wish to have a Card Design and want to switch back to a standard card, contact us.

If you have more than one credit card account with us, you must submit an image separately for each account. We cannot transfer the same image to different accounts. If your card is lost or stolen, contact us for a replacement card immediately. Your new card will have the same image as your current Card Design.

Simple step-by-step instructions are provided for easy card customization. Upload your favorite photo or image.


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