Forex focus. Forex Focus. Andr? Eerenstein from RMB discusses the local unit as all eyes turn to Wednesday's mid-term budget. Market Analysis with Robert Cameron. Market Analysis with Ian Cruickshanks. Market Analysis with Warren Jeffery.

Forex focus

Forex Focus 21 August 2016 - Technical Lessons

Forex focus. We've made the School of Pipsology as easy and fun as we could to help you learn and understand the basic tools and good practices used by forex traders all over the world, but remember that a tool and technique is only as good as its handler. Focus on the Process. Not on the Profits. A painting does not become a.

Forex focus

Download the latest Flash player and try again. Next stop in the cryptocurrency craze: Bitcoin has taken away the luster of gold. Top CEOs reveal how technology is disrupting transportation.

The souring China trade? Stocks close lower after Michael Flynn report sends Wall Street on wild ride. Corker a 'no' on tax bill. Why the tax bill massively benefits Trump, despite his protests. Flynn deal explained by former DOJ attorney. Stocks swing on Flynn plea, tax reform. There will eventually be enough evidence against President Trump.

Tax reform to excite both stocks and bonds? Former assistant attorney general: Why removing Donald Trump from office won't rattle the markets. Wall Street trading coach: Here's how investors can overcome biases and emotions. Big surprises and swings in the market.

None of this is good. Markets impacted over fear Flynn will testify against Trump. Here's what Michael Flynn's information could mean for the Trump presidency. Michael Flynn to appear in court, faces charges of lying to FBI. Bitcoin futures listing by end of the year. Amazon holding talks to explore pharma space entry.

Tax reform shows signs of life after delay. At the end of the day, market will get what it wants on tax reform: Moving to a hybrid retail model. White House pushes back. This hospital is using Fitbit devices to help its patients get home sooner. News Update - The Look Ahead. This startup plans to land on the moon in Why Facebook ads follow you. Under-the-radar booze maker to buy on pullback. Don't let Washington-led decline freak you out. Ride the political roller-coaster to your benefit.

Under Armour might just turn around. Henry Schein CEO says extra capital from tax reform will be put to work 'very effectively'. Cramer finds a 'genius,' under-the-radar booze maker to buy on a pullback.

Democrats have shot of winning House: Jeremy Siegel on the next big milestone for the Dow. Don't let this Washington-led decline freak you out. Play the political roller-coaster ride to your benefit. Chip stocks just had their worst week in two years. How to cash in on the bitcoin boom. Riding the Roku rollercoaster. Kushner is the 'very senior' Trump official who directed Flynn to contact foreign officials: Play catch up with energy into year end?

Worried about more volatility? Here's how to protect your portfolio. Bitcoin soars as futures coming to CME December 18th. Can all the drama in D. OPEC did the right thing and acted responsibly. Our genetics research is in the 'precompetitive space'. Have yet to reckon with ongoing cost of losing women in the workforce due to culture.

Pharmacy-benefit manager model never needed more than now. How Shell plans to cut its carbon emissions in half by There will be a considerable degree of volatility in oil prices. We will be a free cash flow machine. Time Warner deal helps integrate content differently for customers. Deal will not cause prices to go up. We see absolutely nothing in this case that's lawfully anti-competitive. Content is essentially what Viacom is. There will be volatility in oil prices.

Looking to see self-driving cars on the road by Looking at 'competitors as partners'. Worried about how bitcoin bubble might end.

No doubt that valuations are somewhat stretched. The holiday shopping season has gotten off to a great start. Neiman Marcus revamps online shopping experience ahead of holidays. We've driven a lot of positive change in the company.

Projects fail because of how companies operate, not technology. Black Friday was very strong online as well as the traffic that came into our stores. Our fresh food is all about value for the consumer. Why we're exploring augmented reality. Lower corporate tax rate will spur productivity and growth. How we use data to power personal styling. Our strategy is working. Here's what it will be like to travel to Mars in Elon Musk's spaceship.

Here's what one CEO dad does to make sure his kids know the value of money. Some of the ways retailers are tracking you. Blockchain keeps food safety in check. This guy's response to 'What's one big mistake you've made? Here's 's hottest toy. This 3-wheeled roadster is a cross between a motorcycle and a car. Blockchain is now being used to help enforce the ethical trade of diamonds.

Stores use these 5 tricks to make you spend more during the holidays. One couple's infertility story. How to keep your kids from blowing their inheritance. We tested out this season's hottest selling toy. Apple has a new store on its spaceship campus with swag you can't get anywhere else.

When should you get off of your family's phone plan? Boston Dynamics reveals new Atlas robot. This sleek supercar makes the Batmobile look like a clunker. This incredible Napa Valley mansion with its own vineyard is a wine lover's dream. Jeff Bezos describes the critical business skill he learned from ranch life.

Traveling to Cuba just got trickier, but you can still take a great vacation. This pen costs more than a car. Amazon Key changes how packages are delivered -- just beware of your dog.


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