Forex trading courses sydney. Sharemarket College Education and Training on Foreign Exchange. How forex markets work, trading aspects of margin forex and economic factors affecting forex.

Forex trading courses sydney

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Forex trading courses sydney. Sharemarket College Education and Training on Foreign Exchange. How forex markets work, trading aspects of margin forex and economic factors affecting forex.

Forex trading courses sydney

I took a glance at it and it seems to be offering a free seminar on how to trade on the foreign exchange market. I know since it's free, i'm not losing out on any money and probably just my time, but i wanted to know whether anybody else has been to one of these seminars and know how useful this would be? Whether it's one of those seminars who try to get you to purchase their products or MLM schemes that draw you into learning about a 'great opportunity'.

I've tried to look for any reviews so far but there seems to be none at all. BBC UK reviewed some of these get rich quick schemes a few years back including this one. After a brief introduction to the 'dos and 'don'ts' of foreign exchange trading, it soon becomes apparent that the two hour talk we have attended is not going to be enough.

If we want to learn how to make serious cash, we are going to need to pay for more training. Typically these 'learn to trade' etc They should really be called 'learn to trade on our software where every trade costs you [X] on our platform". You don't really get much in the way of learn to calculate actual metrics or techniques. No harm in going once. Just don't expect to much. Look out for some guy in a cheap suit showing you how to transform 2k into 10k in just 2 days. Not going to happen. Go attend if you curious, have spare time, and plenty of common sense.

Take it with a pinch of salt, after all if it is really working that well why they waste time teaching other people "the secret". Be prepared to receive phonecalls every couple months though, I still got contacted even after several years. They only really give you a slight introduction to what really goes on. You're all right about this I've actually went and youtubed about their seminars and it seems as if they are promoting some sort of software package.

It's hard to differentiate what is useful or not these days with so many seminars going on. Try ASIC they might be able to help with some information on courses.. I've checked the website and they do have some free educational videos. Who would've thought so many of these resources are readily available and also free???? Learn Forex Course I went to the three day course in Sydney, initially it reinforced my existing knowledge and a came out with a positive attitude.

On reflection this course is partially a marketing exercise to get you to sign up onto their considerably more expensive Ultimate Trader programme, this is even before you get to test out your basic skills, so you could end up throwing more money after bad if currency trading is not for you. Also for the cost I would only recommend this course to an absolute beginner. The "automated" system isn't a black box, you still have to review each suggestion, the majority of which are of no use so it still requires a bit of work.

The post course customer support is not good and the three coaching sessions provided with the course are only half an hour each, less after you remove the time taken on greetings and pleasentaries, this isn't really enough time to turn around a loosing trader.

They do say that people trade using the three strategies that they teach however these strategies only seem to work best in two of the six market conditions and seem to spit out loosers in other market conditions.

This is my own experience, there may be others that successfully trade this system, I am now using another company and am already in 1. I have a tip I can tell you they are not doing it out of the goodness of their heart to share knowledge — it is a money making scheme. A virtual trading account is a good start — you won't learn any lessons until you start eating losses for breakfast.

A good book is 'Technical Analysis of Stock Trends', originally written in the 's or so, it is still largely relevant today and the bible of trading. The whole idea of these seminars etc. Is all they are selling you is education. They can't and won't guarantee you any success, only the tools to help. You want to learn to trade, paper trade, demo accounts etc. Micro forex accounts are good also. Find someone you know, or a friend of family or friend of friend, and see wether they will be a mentor.

Start with all the free information, you will see that it all the same. Trends lines, EMA's and price direction. Master these first, as after you try everything else you will come back to these. What do they teach then during the 2 days trg? Hope you can give more detail from your experience.

Id really love to even have a talk. Im just really concerned as the enrollment fee is a substantial amount, and I paid for it using the only savings my family has as we just moved to aus. And this not working would just really be depressing. I believe I still have few days left to back out and hopefully get a full refund, and hope you can put more light from your experience..

Hi with the reference to our discussion today regarding investment plan, i do not think this is a potential opportunity for me in the current scenario.

Mr Louie Parvez i really liked and appreciate your professionalism and dedication for work but Learn to Trade should learn professional attitude and should not make false and miss leading commitments in seminar. Dear all, who are considering this course. The thing about it is that it was not honest actual training. Please stay away, if you want to save your hard earn money. They should be reported to the authorities for this scheme!!! I have regrettably been to the seminar and signed up and attended the 3 day course.

The video is riddled with errors so you need to be careful. The 3 day course will basically just go through this material. In other words you won't learn much more. If the are questions from the the attendees, the stock standard response is "it is not covered in this course, it is covered under the Ultimate Wealth program".

They will take in people to have 1 on 1 talks to try and convince you to sign up. If you don't, they will hound you for the 3 days. The 3rd day is a trading day where you can do live trades with guidance from the course presenter who was the trading floor manager.

You can copy the presenters trades. You would think that this would be relatively safe way to begin your trading experience After the course, you will get an invite to join a half hour trading tutorial for 3 weeks which you can do live trades with the floor manager.

Again if you follow the trading manager you will lose most of ur trades. Other people also made significant losses and brought this up and the manager was in disbelief as if he didn't know he was trading so many losses. There were retired people putting there life savings thinking this was there way to a better retirement. This company has no moral conscience. Back to my cancelled enrolment.. I encourage everyone with the same experience to make a complaint to NSW Fair Trading so this company is on the radar.

I'll put this as an expensive learning experience. Hi Chelskhoo, The more people who make formal complaints, the greater awareness people will have to this company. NSW Fair trading publish a lot of companies with complaints so encourage u to go to the new fair trading site and submit a formal complaint. The course teaches how to manage risk better, this is what our EA does and why we charge for it.

We paid to build it…. Hear from our Graduates — https: Learn to Trade writes Unlimited wealth provides personal coaching, so your trading remains profitable. Sounds like it is successful then, everyone that has completed the course and has posted in this thread can identify that signing up is high risk!

Can you please identify yourself so we can be sure you're a representative of this wonderful business? Needless to say, I never received an email, they never called back and I never found any such competition. Do NOT take this course.

Many other comments in this post have clearly stated the "scamming" nature of this course. My own experience today has confirmed that for me. Right, trading any market is NOT rocket science. What it is, is science about human behaviour. If you know how the herd will behave, you can profit from that. So can some software package and training do that? For a brief period yes. Will it set you up for life: Compare it to the guys who did IT degrees in the 90's.

Was it enough to make some good money? Could they stop learning? The same with trading: You must keep updating your models and systems, as the market does change.

The markets now are far different from pre-gfc.


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