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Ozforex uk

International money transfers at excellent exchange rates and great customer support. In our FAQ section you can find answers to some questions you might have regarding our service.

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Forgotten your username or password? The following terms and conditions apply to individuals who are transacting either in a personal capacity in relation their personal affairs, as a sole proprietor of a business, as a trustee of a trust or as a partner of a partnership. If you are representing a company, that company will need to enter into a Corporate Client Agreement.

You should not indicate your agreement to these terms and conditions until you have read and understood them. Please obtain independent advice or contact us if you have any questions.

The specific details of each Transaction, including the currencies and amounts to be exchanged, will be agreed separately when you book the Transaction.

This means there will be a separate agreement for each Transaction comprising the specific details of that Transaction and these terms and conditions. Our parent company holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and is authorised to deal in foreign exchange products and to make a market in providing quotes for foreign currency exchange products.

We are not a deposit taking institution and do not hold Client funds on trust. When you enter into a Transaction, you must deliver to us the full amount of the funds you are transferring on or before the Delivery Date.

To the extent that we provide you with any advice, it will relate only to the mechanics of the transaction you are proposing to enter into or to publicly available information. You must obtain your own financial advice and make your own assessment as to whether our service is appropriate for your particular requirements. You must select the type and timing of each Transaction you enter into yourself. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your Username and Password. We will accept any Instructions received pursuant to the use of the Username and Password without checking the identity of the user and you will at all times be bound by those Instructions.

You must give us at least give us 48 hours written notice of your intention to withdraw your authority for that agent and the authority is only cancelled at the end of that 48 hour period or at such later time as you specify in your notice.

Therefore, we always reserve the right to refuse to accept your Instructions and to do so without giving you any reasons and without incurring any liability to you for any resulting loss or damages incurred by you or any other party. The Transaction will be legally binding on you when we receive your Instructions in accordance with this paragraph 4 or paragraph 5. We will provide you with confirmation of the Transaction Details on the screen at the time you book the Transaction, but we will not provide you with any subsequent confirmation of any kind unless you request it.

The Transaction will be legally binding on you at the conclusion of the telephone call. If we cannot contact you by telephone on the number you have given to us within 15 minutes, we reserve the right to cancel the Transaction. You acknowledge that, if you choose to book a transaction by email, it may not be processed immediately.

When we process your Instructions, we will send you an email headed "Deal Confirmation". The Deal Confirmation constitutes an error correction mechanism only. If there is any discrepancy between the Deal Confirmation and the details of the Transaction set out in your email, you must contact us within 24 hours of receipt of the Deal Confirmation, failing which the Transaction details in the Deal Confirmation will be deemed to be correct.

We record all such telephone calls see clause We will send you an email headed "Deal Confirmation". If there is any discrepancy between the Deal Confirmation and the details of the Transaction that have already been agreed in the telephone conversation, you must contact us within 24 hours of receipt of the Deal Confirmation, failing which the Transaction details in the Deal Confirmation will be deemed to be correct.

In the event of any dispute, the recording or transcript of our telephone conversation may be used as evidence as to the terms of the agreement that was entered into. You may only take action to correct any of the Transaction details set out in the Deal Confirmation if the Deal Confirmation does not reflect the transaction details that have already been agreed.

You must notify us as soon as the mistake comes to your attention and we will requote the Rate as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to requote the Rate if you do not provide us with requested information or funds on time. We may request a deposit both at the time you book the Forward Contract and at any time prior to the Maturity Date.

If you do not do so, we reserve the right to Close Out the Forward Contract in accordance with paragraph 9. You acknowledge that we may agree to such a request entirely at our discretion. If we agree, you acknowledge that the Rate will be adjusted to account for the timing of the new settlement date. If we have not received the funds within 72 hours, we reserve the right to Close Out the Transaction in accordance with paragraph 9.

If we have not received the funds by the Maturity Date or any agreed change to the Maturity Date , we reserve the right to Close Out the Transaction in accordance with paragraph 9. You agree to make all payments to our nominated account electronically and you acknowledge that we will transmit your funds by electronic means only. If you fail to do so, we reserve the right to Close Out the Transaction in accordance with paragraph 9.

In the event that we agree to make a payment for you without having received the full amount, you acknowledge that we are not waiving our right to ask you for the full amount after the Transaction has been processed. We will not pay to you any interest on any funds held by us whether by way of deposit or otherwise. You will need to book a new Transaction. Subject to your right to cancel the Limit Order in accordance with paragraph 8.

After we receive your Instructions, we will send you an email headed "Order Confirmation". The Order Confirmation constitutes an error correction mechanism only; if you do not contact us within 24 hours of receipt of the Order Confirmation, the Transaction details will be deemed to be correct, unless the Target Rate has in any event already been reached.

You may not cancel a Limit Order after the Target Rate has been reached, whether or not we have notified you that the Target Rate has been reached. When the Target Rate is reached, you are legally bound by the Transaction. As soon as you receive our notification, you must take action to ensure that the funds reach our nominated account within 3 Business Days of such notification. If we do not receive the funds in time, we reserve our right to Close Out the Transaction in accordance with paragraph 9.

If the value of the currency you have asked us to exchange has strengthened, a loss will be incurred on the Transaction and you will be liable to pay us the amount of that loss, together with any expenses, premiums, commissions or other fees incurred by us. If the amount we are seeking to recover exceeds the amount of any deposit or other funds held by us, you agree to pay the balance within 7 days of being notified by us of the total amount due.

Interest will accrue and will be calculated daily and be compounded monthly from the date payment was due until the date full payment is made by you. Termination following such notice will only take effect when any outstanding Transactions are completed.

We may also terminate this Agreement immediately in the event of fraud or breach of contract by you. In particular, you acknowledge that we operate an online dealing platform that could be subject to technical, or other, problems, the nature and duration of which may be beyond our control.

Our service also involves the use of intermediaries who are outside our control. Accordingly, while we do everything in our power to ensure the timely transmission of funds, we cannot guarantee that transfers of funds will always be made on time and cannot accept any liability to you for any loss suffered by you or any other person as a result of any delays in the transmission of funds.

We will not be liable to you for any form of consequential damages or loss that you may suffer as a result of delays in the transfer of your funds or any other breach of our obligations under this Agreement. For example, you may not make a claim against us for loss of business, loss of opportunity or loss of interest on funds.

This includes any legal costs that we may incur in order to enforce our rights or recover any amounts you owe us. You also agree to indemnify us for any fees, costs, duties and taxes charged by third parties in relation to the Transactions you enter into, including fees charged by your beneficiary bank, whether or not those fees or charges were notified to you in advance.

If we are not satisfied with the information you provide, we may request additional information. In particular, you acknowledge that we will not provide the Service until we are in receipt of sufficient information to adequately verify your identity. You acknowledge we may obtain data from third parties and may share data with our related companies and, to the extent that it is necessary to provide you with the Service, with third parties some of whom may not be registered under the DPA and may transfer data across international borders including outside the European Economic Area.

Any collection, use or processing of information by us shall be restricted to the purposes necessary for, or incidental to, the provision of the Service pursuant to this Agreement unless your prior consent is obtained. We shall retain records of the contents and results of such searches in accordance with all current and applicable laws.

We may also disclose Personal Information where required to do so by law or if requested by any regulatory authority; where it is necessary to investigate or prevent fraud or other illegal activity; where it is necessary or desirable for any purpose ancillary to the provision of the Services or where it is in the public interest to do so.

Any changes must be advised to us in writing as soon as practicable. Modification of this Agreement and the Money Transfer Policy. Proof of posting will be proof of receipt and receipt shall be deemed to have taken place within 48 hours of posting in the case of domestic post and within 7 days in the case of international post.

In the case of email, receipt shall be deemed to have taken place on the day of dispatch if the email was sent prior to 1.


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