Prestige financial reviews. Prestige Financial Services, Inc Complaint Review: Prestige Financial Services, Inc ripoff, Continuous harrassment and very unethical company Salt Lake City Utah.

Prestige financial reviews

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Prestige financial reviews. I financed a car through this company - what a nightmare. I'm harassed to no end. They illegally went into my account and took payments without my permission. They call (Page 2).

Prestige financial reviews

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Want to know more about ConsumerAffairs accredited brands? Check out ConsumerAffairs for Brands. After my BK 7 was done I needed a car.

I'm a bodyman of 25 yrs so I know the Chevy Cruze well. Prestige picked me up and I'm grateful for that. Made my first 2 payments on time. Prior to that I'm getting phone call, text after text, email after email, saying my payment is due. Now I'm in transitioning back into the automotive field and ya my payment is late. I tried working with them. By far the worst company I have dealt with. When you hear that name Prestige run and run fast and as far as you can.

And yes I have every email saved and every text saved for proof. I've had my car since Oct I have always made my payments on time with a few exceptions. The account manager I had, was amazing. He was nice and understanding and because of him I kept my account in good standings. Never been behind a month on my payments. Well a couple of months ago my account manager disappeared and since I have had 2 different account manager.

Both no longer work at the company. A week ago I get a call from Ryan the VP he kept telling me about my payment. I made arrangements like I normally do and it was fine. Today I call to stop the payment from posting in my account tomorrow because I had the cash on hand. So I was just going to Western Union it. First time I call I get a very rude speaking woman this is after the phone ranged for a good 20min, that was strange to me. I explained to her what I need to do and she canceled my payment for posting and I left a message for Ryan the CO to call me back.

So I get a call from Diane and from the time I answer the phone she was ready to light into me. I tried to explain to her what I was trying to do and she was getting smart and rude telling me I was 90 days behind on my payment. That when I got heated and verified to her that I have never been a month behind. Then she gets to tell me that I needed to have my payment at Western Union before.

They close the books I'm like what books I explain to that my time zone is an hour ahead and it will be in the no later than 4pm my time if they close at 6pm.

She then ask me what Western Union place I would be using So I just hang up. About 7pm Ryan calls and proceeds to tell how they wasn't going to make any more exceptions for me and if my payment was in by the 31st, I couldn't double up on my payments for November. I ask him what he was talking about because I never planned on doubling up on anything. I just didn't want my bank account to be drafted because I had the funds on hand. He starts getting all macho with on the phone and I hung up on him.

Since I have been with this company I have never been treated so. Something strange is really going with this company and I am going back checking my account because she mention me being 3 months behind at one time and I never been a month behind. I might now pay on my due date, but it's paid before the end of the month.

This company is the worst to go through for an auto loan. Over 2 years I have made my parents and out of an 18, is have only paid When I questioned this they informed me I wasn't making payments on time!!! I have statements proving otherwise. But because I split my monthly payment into 2 payments I'm charged a huge late fee and charged extra interest. I would've been better off going through a buy here pay here lot.

Do not go through this company!! I don't even know where to begin with this rude and despicable company called Prestige Financial Services. The worst company I've had to deal with where you're harassed anytime and anywhere. I can't even hold a conversation with my boss or our business stakeholders without seeing an number or its different number variations that they've been calling me from.

I've been making payments on time but sometimes the payment takes a while to clear my bank so they immediately begin to call. It's a nightmare and I just want out! I've filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau because I can't deal with them anymore. They need to put this place out of business!! They allow a desperate person who is already finance a vehicle then they charged me an arm and a leg for a used car I bought in with already 48, miles.

Same price I originally paid because every time I'm late they charge me almost half of the car. Note they are a rip off. Indeed should be against the law For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I had the worst experience dealing with Prestige Financial. One of their managers was so rude it was ridiculous. I refused to deal with her because of her terrible and unprofessional attitude. My car ended up getting repossessed and now I have a garnishment order.

I am planning to make arrangements with them to see what happens from there. I wish I never got an auto loan with these people.

It was the worst mistake ever. I recommend others to RUN not walk away from dealing with this company. I don't get the bad reviews. If you call them they will work with you. You just have to call before your payment is due. I've made one late payment and have never been harassed. I bought a Nissan Sentra off of the Nissan dealership. My payment is fair, my interest rate goes down every month, and they have been nothing but amazing to me.

I've had my car for 10 months now. I am really thankful to them for giving me the loan for my first nice car. It took over a month for the loan to close, and they never once told me to take the car back or deny me my loan. Ever since we have had vehicle it's been a very awful experience. Car note is due every 24th of the month, before the note is due I am getting emails stating my car note is due the next day that is ok. Next day when the car note is due, I am receiving calls as well as emails, and texts ok.

The third day after car note is due they are calling my references. Every day after this it's emails and texts and phone calls still to my references, things that are said in the emails, texts are that "the books are about to close and you and your wife needs contact Omar, immediately or account will be in default".

This is not professional, or right because I always pay on time or know later than days later. This has to stop, cause this really is harassment to the customer. Very disappointed about this company, will never do business with this company ever again. I need this to stop, cause it's not right, don't want to have to seek legal options. I've been with this company for 3 years and my balance on my car is still 12, For a Malibu.

This company is the worse ever. They have very bad customer service skills even collections skills. I don't understand how this company is still open. I've been yelled at on the phone many times. I wasn't even late at all. I called in before my payment was due and explained my pay period would make me 3 days late.

A guy who stated he was the VP at me and made it clear he was VP and that it sad that I cant make my payment on time and this the reason my APR is where it is. My account Manager Patrice is no better. Everyone I have spoken with treated me very rudely and I would suggest anyone to work with them. I was text and call daily and sometime to 6 times a day within those three days.


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