Bforex reviews. Please don't join to trade with bForex, because this broker is a scam company. Especially, their customer service is the worst, and they never solve clients' problems like me. Last year, I joined this broker, and I deposited $. In that time, I also got some profit, and now my account grow up to $. However, I had problem.

Bforex reviews

16.9.13- BForex Market Reviews with BForex Analyst

Bforex reviews. On the surface, this company seems legitimate. You might even be tempted to create an account and test your luck on some trades. Be careful. There have been.

Bforex reviews

Tuesday, 05 December at For God's sake, I need adivce from the experts on Bforex trade, because I have interest in it. Ok, thanks, u can check their website: Nairaland wont give you useful info until you search. I repeat they are fraudulent. They are international scam. They are so much keen about your money and after that, no response. Check this review and response from people: No Rating Date of Post: We don't have any experience using BForex.

If you have traded forex with this brokerage, please leave a review. Fabunmi Gbenga, Lagos, Nigeria Rating: When i started with Bforex I was told that any trade I made is my decision and I will be responsible for it, profit of loss, so when they say gold is going up I ignore except I see for myself that it is.

The only thing I am yet to confirm is their attitude when it comes to withdrawals. Abdelmawgoud, Kuwait, Kuwait Rating: Very big liars, thief, bad advice, scammed My account manager tried to enforce me to deposit more money, and whenever I gain profit they opene a hedging transaction they opened 6 transaction during 2 weeks for me , then when they know that I want to withdraw they not answering my emails.

Ralf, , Lebanon Rating: They're a big WISE scam, but all they do is convince you over and over and over to deposit deposit deposit.. I opened an account with Bforex. I successfully withdrew my deposit and some profits in February However, when I continued to make profits and attempted to withdraw further profits in May my account was frozen. I received an email from Bforex Holdings saying I had multiple accounts with Bforex and manipulated their trading system.

I also had an account with Mecaforex, which I found out afterwards was a white label of Bforex. Either way - I did not breach their terms and conditions and did not abuse their system. The same trades were placed on both Bforex and Mercaforex platforms. I saw that Alvin case was successfully resolved by FPA against Bforex, this has given me renewed hope. I have tried to contact Bforex and Mercaforex on numerous occassions but they never return my calls, hang up on me and disconnect me from the live chat.

What is very worrying is that Bforex's advert are popping up everywhere, they are growing at an alarming rate. If any traders are in profit with Bforex they will also have their accounts frozen. Behold the testimony of your past customer Ogundipe Olufemi Benson. Hey guys, I really like your advice, especially since I am a newbie at trading and I would like to use a Nigerian online platform. I am currently using EGM, local Nigerian broker , did anybody have any experience with them?

Mine are just positive till now Well, i honestly sympathize with all those who were unfortunate enough to loose their money to this company. Maybe i was just lucky because i deposited,made profit and withdrew it straight to my bank account after much lies and fake promises that i was going to put it in a thrift to quickly make more money and deposit back as capital , one thing i can say about them is that they are too desperate in getting you to deposit more funds, but when you mention withdrawal it becomes a problem.

After i got my money out which by the way i see as a miracle i promised never to put a penny back into it, and i even left the remaining balance for them. I personally wont recommend this company to anyone simply because, they have a bad reputation online and there are really bad reviews and comments against them and they are not doing anything to fix their reputation which is greatly at stake.

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