First world bank titan safe. Au Ticket In the First World Bank job, find the Titan Safe and collect the special item inside. From October 22nd, , to January 14th, , awarded one First World safe and drill.

First world bank titan safe

[Payday 2] How to activate Overdrill on First World Bank

First world bank titan safe. Played First World Bank late last night, it's nice to rampage though that one again. They did change a few things in the layout, but it is stealth friendly at least. Also, chances are they'll add in more classic maps down the road, here's hoping that Green Bridge also makes the cut at some point.

First world bank titan safe

GO Shadow key or 2 Payday 2 drill for the mint condition skins. GO Shadow key or 1 Payday 2 drill for the lightly marked skins. The Market doesn't list the different qualitys, so at the moment those prices are irrelevant.

And luck based, you can get a Battle-worn or a Well used as well. You can make a trade offer here: It's an achievement reward Au ticket. You have to find a Titan safe, and open it in the First World Bank heist. When you escape and blow the wall you will find it in the offices. But get it as fast as you can, because the achievement has a 30 day limit, after that, you can't get it. The Overdrill is fucking long: D I made it yesterday.

It was an hour long heist, but it was the most epic heist on Death Wish. D 76 additional loot bags. D Is it only possible on DeathWish? I think you can make it on Overkill as well. We did it loud in DW, but I think you can stealth it as well. But my opinion is, the loud way is the funniest way to do this. You can make a few achievements, like kill xy people with xy gun, etc.

Because the 36 min drill time is fucking long, so if you want to make it the stealth way, you have to prepare a book next to you, XD. Lol, from what i read its only possible if you do the second part loud, but i will test it to make sure: Hi, I updated my want list.

We could make a deal if your gift is tradeable but it's not at the moment. Anyway thanks for your offer. GO Shadow keys or Payday 2 drills. How did you get the first world safe? Displaying 1 to 2. Closed 2 years ago.


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