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Forex rebellion torrent

Forex Rebellion - Live Trade!

Forex rebellion torrent. As you know, most of my time is dedicated to the review of automated trading systems, however today I am going to take a little bit of time away from that in order to review a manual trading system called forex rebellion. I think it is also important to review manual trading systems because often it is easy for.

Forex rebellion torrent

Unfortunatelly didn't work for me. And Russ didn't provide any useful explanations how to use it except pdf file. Ok, I am not new at forex by any means. This system is by far one of the easiest systems you will ever find online.

For those of you on here not giving this system a far, sit down for a week and put together your solid money management system along side of these simple rules. I trade this system on the 15min and 1hour charts. If you want to know my money management system I must stress that I have done this for the Currency Futures market where the price action is different. Anyway, thank you again Russ, I still review the videos, excellent, they are actually worth the money on their own!!

The system is simple but effective and was and is worth every cent, as long as people do not depend blindly on it and realize as I did that the system signals a condition of the market and you still need to analyze this before you place an order. I added up the trades for the month that I took and the result was That is good by any standard, and the beauty of this system is its simplicity, if you have to save up your pennies to buy it, do!!! But, remember, there is a risk involved in trading and unless you prepare yourself properly, do not depend solely on someone elses system, you might stay around long enough to benefit.

Unfortunately, didn't work for me. I tried the 1 hr, 30 min, 5 min, and too many false signals. And I followed all the rules and the indicators. Would usually be stopped out. I prefer a system which doesn't have as many ambiguous lose ends. I bought this system quite some time ago.

I didn't know much about trading the forex market when I purchased this system. I have now been trading with it almost every week day and I really like it and I am actually getting more successful trades than not. I do review the videos and tutorial once in awhile just as a refresher course and I usually learn something new each time. I have to tell you that Russ Horn did a fantastic job putting this system together and making it easy to learn with many videos that tell step by step what he is doing.

Tech support from Russ is the very best I have ever encountered. Buy it, you like it. Best regards Dennis Dickey Maumee, Ohio. I got this system a while back and I put it aside for a while thinking it was not very effective, yet after trying tons of other systems in between then and now, I see that Forex Rebellion is a great system that makes sense and works. Although Russ creator of system should tell you to check multiple 1 time frame above and below the time frame you are trading.

And to also use support and resistance, such as pivot points or Barry support and resistance indicator. With these two simple modifications the system will drastically increase your win rates, but more than that it, it will make you trust the system to a much greater degree.

I give this system 5 stars because it is a full trading strategy that makes sense and has a strong core foundation of QQE and moving averages. If you use this system you have to check 1 tame frame above and below the one you are trading, and use a support and resistance indicator Barry so you know what is happening in the market.

I give the rebellion 5 stars because quite simply it works great. Saying that though I will say that this system is not for everyone because you need to learn when the market is trending and when it is not. If you start trading before you learn this you will blow your account I am sure of that!

What I have found is that trading the H4 charts you will have a much easyer time seeing when the market is trending and when it is not. You will not get as many setups trading just these three pairs on the H4 but the good news is you do not have to! I average 2 trades a week so I do not spend much time looking at the charts but that fine with me I would rather be on the golf course anyways haha: Great system if you know what you are doing, thanks again Russ!

I'll put it down to yet another bad investment. I don't think it's a bad system, I just think that my 9 months forex experience is not good enough to make it work for me mind you I have 13 years CFDs, warrants and share trading experience, so I don't consider myself a novice. I've tried ignoring the suggested entry and going with market orders or setting orders 2 pips away from the Rebellion recommendation. But it still often reverses after it's hit my order and becomes a losing trade.

And the trades I've not taken, because MT4 rejected them for being too close to current price, have often gone on to be great trending moves much to my annoyance. Often the 4 entry conditions will line up, you put your order in and then one of the conditions reverses. What do you do? Cancel the order or let it be? I usually try to cancel it but often I don't get the chance before the order is hit and of course often price then reverses. Like I said before, these are probably all my fault.

I do think one more indicator is needed to filter out more bad trades. For one thing, I think you shouldn't trade this system when the market is clearly going sideways. However, this isn't a hardened rule as often it may pick up big break-outs. But for every one of these, it probably signals half a dozen trades that go nowhere and make you loose on the spread at the least. Maybe 1HR would have been better, which is what I originally started on but moved to lower time frame for more opportunities.

Oh well, it's too late now, I can't afford to loose more money. In conclusion, by all means try this system, but I can't recommend it because I only lost money using it. It's a Clickbank product so you're covered with a money-back guarantee. I didn't take up that offer, I trialed it for 6 months instead. Forget robots, you can't trust them. I'm amazed at what big trends this system catches.

Also, losers are cut short and, once you get good at using the system, winners should run long. You don't need to demo trade it.

Just install the semi-EA and look back after a few days at the major trends you could have been on. Once you pick up your jaw from the ground, work out your risk management and exit strategy for when you do decide to go live.

I've found you need to be quick so I employ 1: TP strategy most of the time, because it's quick to implement. If you initiate the cross-hair tool, you don't need your calculator, just do it roughly by sight. The Asian session is friendliest because the currencies aren't as volatile. It also helps to set up the ask line as well as the bid line. It wasn't until I got the ask line on there that I could see the suggested entry level I was using was within a few pips of the ask line and that's why it was being rejected time and time again.

This guy's system is great and I challenge anyone not satisfied to come up with a valid reason why not. It's a breath of fresh air to finally have a genuine forex system seller out there with a real desire to help others achieve their financial goals.

Keep up the good work Forex Rebellion. Another advantage of this system is you don't have to leave your computer on all the time as you do with EAs. Just open MT4 whenever you are within ear shot of your PC and make sure you have the volume up so you can hear the semi-EA entry triggers.

I think it's profitability is all down to initial stops and exit strategies, more important than the entry rules quite often. I have a habit of missing the trades that end up being big trends in the right direction and getting on board trades that have huge 'signal' candles and then start retracing and hitting my stop.

Just my luck really! I have made a few extra rules to follow: Ignore trade set-ups where the signal candle is unusually large compared to previous candles in the session. The semi-EA will tell you to take the trade and more often than not I've found the trend has run out of steam, but of course not before it hits your order and then changes direction completely and heads towards your stop loss. Only take a trade on the candle after the signal candle. Often the system will be telling you to take a trade several candles after the EMA crossover depicted by an arrow.

Again I've found a similar thing will happen as described above - the trend is often exhausted. My biggest problem is not knowing what exit strategy to employ: I've also tried trailing stops, which has increased the number of profitable trades, but has meant that the few times that the TP I've set using the first 2 strategies would have been reached, I've got knocked out of the trade too early.

Unfortunately, I can only trade the Asian session, which seems to be the least active and often means I have trades open for hours off the 15m charts 'cos the market's going nowhere. I'd be keen to hear how John from Perth uses the system which time frame, exit strategy, initial stop strategy etc. Perth is 2 and a half hours behind me, so he gets to trade the Asian, London and New York session before bedtime! It's the subjectivity that will kill you with this system or any other.

If you find yourself saying 'should I do it this way or should I do it that way' then you probably should stop trading as you're system isn't clear and defined for every possible scenario. I give Rebellion 5 stars in terms of the packaging and multitude of instructional videos.

Russ is also right on top of answering emails. In my opinion where you have to be careful is using the system properly. At the risk of stating the obvious, this is a trending or swing trading system period. Having said all that, I believe this system can be profitable if you arent' shooting yourself in the foot right off the bat, by using it during consolidation or side ways market cycles.

This will kill your account in no time. I lost out a couple of trades as the price never retraces but that's ok. Forex Video , Forex Books.


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