Forex trading europe. A fully regulated and licensed broker (CySEC License Number /14) operating STP (Straight Through Processing) trade execution which ensures no conflict of interest with our client trades. Offering a diverse range of tradable assets from Forex Currencies, Global Indices, Stocks and Commodities on MetaTrader 4, one of.

Forex trading europe

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Forex trading europe. Therefore, CFD and Forex trading may not be suitable for all investors. Make sure you understand the risks involved and, if necessary, seek independent advice. TMS Brokers Europe Ltd. is supervised by the Malta Financial Services Authority and conducts brokerage activities on the basis of authorization dated 30 March.

Forex trading europe

We tested 10 online brokers for European customers and evaluated their trading platforms based on criteria including charting tools, customisability, research, etc. It greatly influences both your comfort and your performance as a trader, hence it is crucial to choose the broker with the platform that suits you the most.

In this article, we have focused on web platforms as these are the most common online trading venues. We tested each of them on six criteria to give you the full picture, and so that you can easily find the one that best aligns with your trading style and preferences. You can find a comparison table for these at the end.

We love charting with Saxo. Their tools are really versatile, you can view up to four charts simultaneously, open related fundamental information and even trade. Note the different views: A well designed and handy search, listing different asset classes. For example, if you search for Facebook, the results will show Facebook stocks, CFDs, and options as well. One of the best platforms when it comes to research with their dedicated site, tradingfloor.

They offer equity research, news and opinions from their strategists, a calendar for macro events, and you can search for trade signals. They also have a robo-advisory service, SaxoSelect, offering balanced, equity and trading strategies in portfolios managed by professionals. On the other hand, most of the research is trade focused as opposed to investment i. A wide range of order types including market, limit, stop and stop limit. For executed orders, a trailing stop is also applicable.

We think that Saxo should provide safer login options for all customers. Basic charts and graphs with option to view up to eight charts simultaneously. Some fundamental markup functions are also available, but you cannot save your charts only print them. Although search provides a comprehensible product classification and offers different ways of trading commodities in one place, you have to pay attention to the market section.

The search is Swiss focused with the Swiss exchange and funds set as default. You can navigate to other markets and funds as well. The web trading platform is nicely customisable. You can add, move and remove windows and shuffle them around as you wish.

You can choose from a number of widgets, it is all very intuitive. The ETF and mutual fund selector is a powerful and practical feature. Swissquote provides some basic equity data and recommendations, and market news in a mix of English, Italian and French languages.

Stock recommendations are easy to understand, but the platform lacks fundamental or technical analysis. Their Theme Trading feature offers investment ideas for specific industries, analysed by the risk and timeframe of the investment with portfolio suggestions from top players in that market. Order types are market and limit orders, with market orders offering fill-or-kill, good-till-date and immediate-or-cancel options.

Limit orders can only be placed on a good-till-date basis. Charts have a number of technical analysis add-ons, you can view multiple charts simultaneously and can save the charts you worked on.

You can search for a security directly or you can browse by asset classes. Decently customisable platform, you can resize and rearrange windows, etc. You can easily find the essentials including market news, basic market data, technical and fundamental analysis tools. For further assistance, you can hire an advisor through a separate contract. If you wish to learn, there are also webinars within the platform.

A broad range of order types, including market, limit, stop-loss, trailing stop-loss, if-done and one-cancels-the-other orders. The interactive charts are easy to use and come with several technical indicators, but unfortunately they cannot be saved. The search yields results in different asset classes. We are very pleased with this as you can find easily what you are looking for.

Customisability is limited to hiding the portfolio and transaction panels, and you cannot change the market information panel. There are six order types: If you are not familiar with the last two, it is because they are specific to this platform. Limit hit only sends your order out once it is clear at which exchange the required price can be obtained.

You can place your order online, by email or on the phone for additional fees. Orders are available in 3 terms: You can choose between a one-step or two-step login.

We recommend the latter for added security. The whole platform is bursting with data visualisation, even your portfolio is presented as a report of your holdings with colourful bar graphs and piecharts. The charting tool also allows for adding a lot of indicators, and charts conveniently auto-save. The search navigation and browsing of different markets are done very well and transparently.

You can browse by industry, asset type or exchange. As much as we liked the layout of the web-trading platform, it does not offer customisable trading windows.

Not a strong point, but there are some analyst recommendations for popular indices, as well as average price target, and hedge fund sentiment.

Order types are simple and include only market and limit orders in a very self-explanatory fashion. Only one-step verification is available.

Text message or other extra identification would be desirable for higher security, especially when you have a large amount of money in your account. The amounts covered are determined by the insurance scheme of the national authority where a broker is registered at. You can compare the above mentioned brokers on these two criteria below:. As the table shows, there are huge differences between trading fees, even if you want to execute a simple US stock purchase.

To find out more about how the fares compare between the different brokers, check out our ultimate comparison table. We hope you managed to pick your favourite from our top five recommended platforms. If you are still uncertain which is the best trading platform for Europeans in , this little summary might provide further clarity:.

Best trading platform for Europeans in To follow the price of an asset and build a strategy on technical indicators. Includes the availability of save and download options as well as working on multiple charts simultaneously.

How easy it is to find the asset you want to trade and to navigate through different asset classes. The trading comfort is significantly better if you can customise the platform to your needs.

Some platforms offer more extensive and better quality research for free than others. Variety of order types: The more order types you have, the more sophisticated order and execution strategies you can implement. Danish investment bank specialising in online trading and investment. Both beginners and experienced traders who want a well-designed platform with excellent research materials. Swiss international banking and trading provider. Beginners after some initial practice and traders wishing to build a balanced portfolio of investment products.

Stocks, funds, ETFs, forex, bonds, options and futures. German speakers looking for a comprehensive trading platform with a user-friendly interface. Rapidly growing Dutch discount broker. Equity and option traders who focus on Europe and the US, and do not want to spend a fortune on fees. Israeli online social trading platform. Anyone who is curious about social trading, even beginners. You can compare the above mentioned brokers on these two criteria below: If you are still uncertain which is the best trading platform for Europeans in , this little summary might provide further clarity: German speakers could choose Comdirect confidently, benefitting from a wide range of securities traded on German exchanges.

Want to read more like this? Sign up and we will let you know about our latest blog posts: What makes the best trading platform? Other - With bank account from any countries listed above. Variety of order types. We prefer two-step authentication for added security. Included in the spread.


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