Language software reviews. There's never been a better time to learn a language, but there's a daunting choice of apps and software out there. Since they're put together by different instructors there can be some variation in quality and style, but there are user reviews to help guide you towards the best lectures for you, so you should.

Language software reviews

5 language learning apps

Language software reviews. The best Spanish teaching programs mimic the way we learn language as children, providing new skills and great mental exercise.

Language software reviews

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Speed Learning Languages is based on a foreign language learning program developed by the US government. This was developed to train diplomats and government employees including the US military.

This is a course as its name implies aims to help people acquire a foreign language easily and quickly. Speed is the keyword and in this case is close to a hundred hours of audio lessons. Yes, the course is spread through four levels of learning with each level spread through a couple of hours of audio. The course is separated into four levels and is available separately or as a package. This type of presentation is simply boring. The course is divided into 4 levels with a total of 24 units and 97 hours of audio.

Lessons are composed of dialogues where you are introduced to simple conversations. Well, after being in the market for so long at least they could have recovered some of the developmental costs. After all how much does it cost to copy data on a CD? In a learning environment where simply strapping an earphone and listing to hours of audio is a bit outdated, the guys behind Speed Learning Languages could have spent more effort in getting a few more visuals into their products.

This might have worked in the past but with the amount of technology available, having the course in a more interactive atmosphere could help new students especially the young learners.

It does seem boring and repetitive at times which only makes the experience more frustrating. There are simply more courses that offer much more at a similar price. We receive advertising revenue from some partners. How does it work? I agree that I have not received compensation for my comment and that my opinions reflect my authentic experience as a customer or former customer. To make this comment as helpful as possible for our community, please provide at least 2 sentences.

While SLL might be right for some, it's strictly audio format is considered a daunting task for most to sit through. Coupled with other learning software it may be worthwhile, but alone, it leaves a lot to be desired.

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