Marcus de maria forex. Marcus de Maria speaks about the possibility of building wealth through Forex. Why do I like Forex? Well.

Marcus de maria forex

Bewohnerfrei Podcast #30 Marcus De Maria - Trader, Finanzlehrer, Millionenunternehmer

Marcus de maria forex. He's offering seminars at Does anyone know about him or his seminars? Thanks Pat.

Marcus de maria forex

This is a discussion on Anyone know anything about Marcus De Maria? Anyone know anything about Marcus De Maria? Community Links Members List. Sep 25, , 2: He's offering seminars at www. Sep 25, , My advice, this guy is just doing it like the rest of the gang, winters, doji darrent, manning etc. He's selling dreams and his real business is not the stockmarket or trading that's just a vehicle , no his real business is marketing to the unsophisticated.

In a different life or time the business plan would be exactly the same but this time it would be property, web ventures, antiques, whatever the hot sector of the day is as long as people can see that other people are getting rich and making lots of money. How else do you explain that the business models and techniques of the guys selling these stockmarket courses or property investment courses are all the same right down to the smallest detail.

Stay away from these expensive type courses but if you do go and you find you're not rich as promised over the next few years have the decency to only blame yourself. See what you're saying Anley and my only intention was to give an honest opinion - I have heard good things about the course they run. Everyone has to start somewhere and getting a load of info from a seminar, even if you can't use it or it's confusing, does get you going or spark your interest enough to learn more and do your own study.

Aside from any seminar you need to do your own study and learning etc. Generally a lot of it although this can depend upon your approach. If you don't have any background in finance then a lot of it can go straight over your head. Everything begins somewhere and who's to say what is the right path to follow.

How did you get started? Have you heard about this that or the other? Psychological grooming at it's The Sales of dreams? Would you ever trust a salesman? I'm sure life is one big con. What are you sure about? Every thing about trading is on the net. I have not been on any seminars over the years. I don't mean to be rude Badtrader, although my user name may suggest this, but, everything about trading is in your head. What i have said may sound really boring.

But i have got to reduce myself to this level. Because this is the nature of the thread. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Page 1 of 7. Originally Posted by PattyB He's offering seminars at www. Jun 28,


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