Private money on demand. And here are a two emails from Private Money on Demand students The first pic below is an email from PMBPer, Eric Blow, with an update on his private money getting progress then a chat message showing how much moolah he's going to make from his first rehab (a cool $25, bucks) Gotta love.

Private money on demand

How Do I Find Private Money Lenders for My Real Estate Investments? [#AskBP 052]

Private money on demand. how to get Private Money, even in this market. Shouldn't You Know What They Know? Once properties stopped appreciating more than 10% a year most "investors" got knocked out. Then banks piled on and painted ALL investors "persona non grata". This created two gaps GAP #1: An under demand/over supply of.

Private money on demand

These 3 guys will tell you in detail how to get Private Money, even in this market. Then banks piled on and painted ALL investors "persona non grata". This created two gaps That makes for MANY very attractive deals. That money has vanished. That makes people with money to do deals VERY attractive.

Step Into The Gap. I'm not talking about a clothing store. Most interested real estate investors recognize the astounding opportunities in the market today.

Seasoned pros are convinced these are generational and perhaps multi-generational opportunities. The stock market has been giddy lately but it wasn't nice a couple years back and many who've gotten burned aren't in the mood to play in that fire pit these days. Bonds and CDs - secure, yes. But the rate of return is dismally below inflation. THEY are the best source of money today. The opportunity is there, behind the door, that few people know how to open, actually many don't even know it exists.

You need them, but they also need you. I have 3 interviews with seasoned pro's in getting Private Money. Each of them specializes in different property niches.

All of them have Private Money to fund all the deals they have time to make. All of them agree this is the best environment for building wealth they've ever seen.

Pull up an ear, access life changing know-how Private Money Pro 1: College Degree Not Required. Patrick Riddle stumbled on to Real Estate flipping using hard money during college.

His early results were so successful he traded formal classroom education for real-life, on-the-job, real estate investing education. Early on he got into some serious cash-flow trouble using more traditional financing options. Fortunately he was able to fix his liquidity problem with a private money solution. You could say he got his education and was paid to get it. Private Money Pro 2: Get Your Head Straight.

John Burley first retired from active real estate investing at the age of He spent some time creating products, doing seminars with people like Tony Robbins and Donald Trump and writing two international best selling books Money Secrets of the Rich and Powerful Changes. But times are just too good now to sit back. He's actively investing again using private money almost exclusively. He has over properties in his portfolio and has done over 1, transactions.

John has a very keen awareness of the psychology of investing. Private Money Pro 3: Alan Cowgill went from big corporation middle manager to successful real estate investor, author, consultant and national speaker. Having his back against the wall when he was shut out from banks and squeezed dry by hard money lenders, he stumbled on private money.

Today, according to Alan, private money is a phone call away just like ordering a pizza. These strategy and tactic-dense interviews will come to you in a 3-CD set If you haven't heard my interviews before, let me assure you, they're not the typical light-on-content, heavy-on-pitch "interviews". In fact, there's no pitch at all. They're pause and rewind, detail-dense, real-world lessons. I carefully prepare for each interview. I probe deep on the important aspects and keep each guest focused and on track.

The quality of the content is as good or better than some private seminars. But it won't cost you seminar prices. Compared to the cost of college And you can't find this quality, real-life, money making information in college or in any books at the book store.

Here's a secret that's guaranteed to give you the mind of a Real Estate genius: Some people learn best with audio. Some learn best visually. But the most powerful way to make something second nature, to fully integrate powerful, profit making ideas into your brain, so you can recall them on command, is to use multiple senses to digest the information.. Was there a part that wasn't quite clear Want to jump to a part for quick review You'll have the transcripts to read over, scan and skip through, study and markup with notes to easily review when you need that clarification or re-introduction.

THAT'S why I went through the extra time and expense of having each interview professionally transcribed Focus, they say, is like a laser beam.

Each interview has a handful of critical points. I've pulled them out for you and had them printed separately so you can easily grasp and review them at any time. These little cheat sheets reveal the most important focus points from each expert. Read over them before listening to the interview to prepare your attention and again after the interview to cement those important points in your memory.

You get complete access for one full month to the deepest - and growing - Real Estate Investing library available today. Plus a full array of forms and resources to guide you through business building and real estate transactions. I pay your dues for this state-of-the-art wealth building University the first month where you can get a professional education that could mean tens of thousands of dollars for your business!

New content is added monthly. The first month is on me. You can cancel any time, without obligation. But I can't say that many do - this is one of the best values in Real Estate Investing available today!

It's easy to be dazzled by the glitter of the latest shiny new object. This humble book teaches financial wisdom in easy to digest parables. The kind of lessons that can lead you to build true life-changing wealth rather than endlessly chasing instant rich illusions.

What are you waiting for? Grab these expert interviews now and be delighted to see how easy - and stress and risk free - it can be to build your wealth and realize your dream lifestyle.

Follow the lead of the seasoned pro's. We reserve the right to change or remove this offer at any time. Please note this is the lowest price at which this offer has ever been available and we make no promises this price will be available the next time you return. Advantage 1 GAP 2: Step Into The Gap I'm not talking about a clothing store. Advantage 2 THEY are the best source of money today. He'll school you on: Why the end must come before the beginning The precise three steps to private money on demand Your best prospects start with Never use these 3 words in your advertising and they'll leave you alone, too Two most common mistakes people make when talking with potential private lenders "Have you ever done this before?

Get your head around: What is the 1 limiting factor for real estate investors Where to go for your next investor How to structure a presentation to possible investors - what they need to see and hear to say yes Fishing for investors This is how John stays in business They pay you to promote your business.

Let's Do Lunch Alan Cowgill went from big corporation middle manager to successful real estate investor, author, consultant and national speaker. Let's do lunch strategy What is the SEC Regulation - that's easy to comply with but can land you in jail if you ignore it Don't forget to include this one checkbox in your ad It's illegal to pay a commission for a referral in all but two states 13 states require you to file a form before taking private money Why you don't want to take unsecured money What deal structure is best suited to IRA money.

If you aren't happy for any reason simply let us know and I'll immediately cancel your order and I'll even let you keep all the bonuses as my way of saying thank you! Thanks guys for doing what you do! With Patrick Riddle's, I highlighted much on his transcript and intend to commit his "what to say" parts to memory.

I am very intrigued with John Burley's system regarding charging an upfront fee to Private Money Investors, it makes alot of sense from a business prospective. Alan Cowgill's info was also very informative as to the potential regulatory issues surrounding making contacts with investors, previously unknown to you, specific to getting them interested in loaning money.

The insight from all the speakers as to how to structure private money deals was incredible. There was so much info on all these that I plan on listening again and again.


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