Sites like sensation bot. Are there any other chat websites? I know of Omegle, OnlyChat, Cleverbot, iGod, ALICE, sensation bot, that Mitsuki chat bot thingy any others? (preferably where i can talk to real people T.T) and i also go on bored and addictinggames any other websites like that?? i also know of MLIA, FML, SBS.

Sites like sensation bot

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Sites like sensation bot. Top sites which we found similar to are,,,,. According the website, the title is: Chat online with the Sensation Bot - a strange little . Matching Score. Sites like Sites like %.

Sites like sensation bot

What is best chat bot? I only know Chato http: If anyone know funner and smarter chat bot, please let me know. Art At the end of the game, the King and Pawn go into the same box. Global Moderator Prometheus Hi there and welcome. In the world of AI, it's the thought that counts! I have a lot of respect for Mitsuku, she's a smart bot, made by Squarebear, one of our members. Share your thoughts ideas and creations.

To me, it seems like a very basic, bot that is attempting to learn from user's interaction and teaching it how to respond. It's level of ability or implied "intelligence" seems somewhat vague or non-existent at this time, at least to me. I mean no disrespect and hopefully this ichato will continue to learn and develop, but do give a look at some other bots.

Best is Aztekium Bot. DemonRaven Trusty Member Replicant Any chatbot is only as good as the amount of time and energy put into programming the responses. All the different types can be good if enough work is done with them. If you are feeling like you want to tell donald trump off and are frustrated because you can't get ahold of the real deal here is a acceptable substitute. It is not mine but it is a cute chatbot.

AQuatro on December 19, , My favorite place for chatbot friends is: Here is a nice and interesting article about how to build a chatbots: May 13, , Freddy Administrator Colossus Mostly Harmless. I'm getting a error for that link.

Please fix it or it will be removed. Researchers devise better recommendation algorithm by Tyler Robotics News December 06, , Neural networks and Markov: Those clever animals by korrelan General Chat December 06, , Building the hardware for the next generation of artificial intelligence by unreality Robotics News December 05, , Chasing complexity by keghn Robotics News November 26, ,


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