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Forex you 4

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Forex you 4. Our forex trading system uses MetaTrader 4, the best forex software available. MetaTrader 4 is professional, fully-featured software that gives you the following benefits: Instant order execution; Fast quote updates; Confidential transactions; Wide range of technical indicators and linear instruments; Expert Advisors and user.

Forex you 4

Other websites of this company include forex4you. Forex 4 You are forex brokers. Forex4You offers the MetaTrader 4 foreign exchange trading top platform. Always getting off quote and market close during open market. Even almost 10 years being in the market, they are still unreliable. Live chat with them they always told they will improve more better after this, but you have been in the market too long enough but still act like you are noob. Last month, I email them requested for help to close one of my order because my EA can't close it and I tried to close it manually also can't.

They closed it for me after they received my email. Don't know how this can happen, they are few social trading available, and this is the only broker that i think can be used. Run away as far as you can guys. And after that it became a nightmare.

My funds were locked for 30days as it was uploaded with new debit card. I asked customer support to send me a new pasaword by email. Guess what- no ways!!! I spoke through the online website phone line but even there they were unable to help cause the ONLY way to change password for mt4 on their stupid system is to send it by txt message. And even after I changed my number I needed to fill forms online to sort the things out.

Instead of few simple clicks I spent 2days. So be aware, run away from this ridicoulus and useless broker. I trade with Forex4you for one year around. Unfortunately judged to stop and withdraw all my funds back. Wish to explain why. Forex4you start to work one hour later comparing their counterparts.

Forex4you is instance of these. So, what's the concequences? Unfortunately yes and very essential. I trade using so called "robots". Found that their trading results are very different comparing results I get with MetaTrader4 backtester for the same time.

These differences trading with othr brokers there lower significantly. Started to look why. The answer is obvious for me now. What could I expect if four M15 candles two M30 candles, etc.

Would be nice to return back but not untill you use such absurd working time. Anyway, despite this Forex4you isn't bad broker. The withdrawing system works very well what's the most important.

Cent-NDD accounts could be the best cent accounts in all the industry. Seems only such a small detail lacks. But small detail could cause huge results. Aug 30, - 1 Star the spread difference on my cent ndd account was manipulated by 28 pips to cause a wipeout on 16 aug at Brilliant program - Share4You.

From 1 April they start fees for withdrawal. I am looking to stop trading with this broker and transfer other high regulated broker. They charge huge fees for withdrawal, this condition is not for a good broker.

The platform was hard to understand at first, but am ok with it now. I prefer the Dollar account since my pip value is bigger with it. The Cent account looks like child's play. Still, this is a decent broker. MT4, decided to check the conditions of order execution. This is the worst execution of orders in comparison with ten other brokers.

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