Light value chart. Light Value Chart (light reflecting off an ideal subject (18% grey card) except for "emitted"). Rarely seen in nature. 5. Average interior or auditorium. Bright sunlight off of sand or snow. 4. Christmas or candle lights. Bright hazy sunlight. 3. Fireworks (emitted). Weak hazy sunlight. 2. Lightning from a distance.

Light value chart

Understanding Colour and Value

Light value chart. EV is named Exposure Value, which sounds like an "exposure", but the EV chart does not measure light. The EV chart (below) is simply about camera settings, combinations of numerical camera settings of shutter speed and f/stop, which an equal EV number would be a set of equivalent exposures, regardless if it is a proper.

Light value chart

P hotography is all about capturing light, colors and moods. Photographs act as an imprint for all the beautiful moments or striking views perceived by human eye in its lifetime. This art of capturing moments and beauty, requires mastering at understanding exposures.

Exposure is a very basic and essential element in photography which helps in creating mood and envisioning the photographers perspective and viewpoint. Here is chart relating the lighting conditions to their exposure values. Your email address will not be published. Lighting Situations Exposure Values Night, away from city lights, subject under starlight only.

Meteors during showers, with time exposure. Total eclipse of moon. Christmas lights, floodlit buildings, fountains, and monuments. Subjects under bright street lamps. School or church auditoriums. Subjects lit by campfires or bonfires. Brightly lighted nighttime streets. Campfires, bonfires, burning buildings. Ice shows, football, baseball etc.

Interiors with bright florescent lights. Neon lights, spotlighted subjects. Crescent moon long lens. Subjects in deep shade.

Subject in open shade or heavy overcast. Subjects in cloudy-bright light no shadows. Subjects in weak, hazy sun. Some man made lighting. Rarely encountered in nature. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Connect With: Night, away from city lights, subject under starlight only. Night, away from city lights, subject under crescent moon.

Night, away from city lights, subject under half moon. Night, away from city lights, subject under full moon. Night, away from city lights, snowscape under full moon.

Subjects lit by dim ambient artificial light. Lightning with time exposure. Night home interiors, average light. Brightly lit home interiors at night. Bottom of rainforest canopy. Las Vegas or Times Square at night. Landscapes, city skylines 10 minutes after sunset. Landscapes and skylines immediately after sunset. Half moon long lens. Gibbous moon long lens.

Full moon long lens. Subjects in bright daylight on sand or snow.


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