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News von apple. News collects all the stories you want to read — so you no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed. News also features breaking news notifications and subscriptions to some of your favorite publications. Articles are optimized for both iPhone and iPad, so you’ll.

News von apple

Search Ads Basic is a new cost-per-install offering, ideal if you have limited time or expertise to promote your app. Learn more about Search Ads Basic. You can learn coding basics with Byte and friends or get creative using Swift code to build The Incredible Code Machine.

Host your own Hour of Code event by downloading the facilitator guide or sign up for a coding session at your local Apple Store with Today at Apple.

The busiest season on the App Store is almost here. Make sure your apps are up-to-date and ready for the holidays. New apps and app updates will not be accepted December 23 to 27 Pacific Time , so any releases should be submitted, approved, and scheduled in advance. Other iTunes Connect and developer account features will remain available. With the new App Store on iOS 11, you can let customers know about promotions, upcoming features, and events within your app at any time using the promotional text field.

Enable your watchOS apps to connect anywhere and anytime, even without a phone nearby, by updating for watchOS 4 and Apple Watch Series 3.

Take advantage of increased performance, new background modes for navigation and audio recording, built-in altimeter capabilities, direct connections to accessories with Core Bluetooth, and more. Please note that starting April 1, , updates to watchOS 1 apps will no longer be accepted. If your website is designed with full-width horizontal navigation, you can choose to take full advantage of the edge-to-edge display by using a new WebKit API introduced in iOS Learn more about designing websites for iPhone X.

Marketing guidance has also been updated. HomePod is also a helpful home assistant for everyday questions and tasks. With the intelligence of Siri, users control HomePod through natural voice interaction. The future is almost here. This stunning device features the all-new Super Retina display for more immersive experiences and Face ID, a secure new way to unlock, authenticate, and pay. Then submit your updated apps and metadata in iTunes Connect today.

Ads for new storefronts go live October 17, Search Ads provides an efficient and easy way to promote your app at the top of relevant search results. ARKit lets you seamlessly blend realistic virtual objects with the real world, so you can take your apps beyond the screen. Interface Design Provide an intuitive initialization process within your app to clearly indicate when the user enters AR.

Read the Human Interface Guidelines. Start testing your apps now to make sure they are ready to take advantage of the Super Retina display by respecting safe areas, supporting adaptive layouts, and more. This summary rating is based on ratings of your app's current version as of September 19 Pacific Time , and is specific to each territory on the App Store.

New ratings will continue to count towards this summary, and you can choose to reset your summary rating when you release a new version of your app. Customer reviews for all versions of your app will continue to display on your product page.

The App Store has grown beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Share Your Presence Join us in celebrating your app on the new App Store by promoting your updated product page. Simply download the marketing toolkit and share your app or game with the world. The App Store Review Guidelines have been updated. We review all apps submitted to the App Store in an effort to determine whether they are reliable, perform as expected, and are free of offensive material.

As you plan and develop your app, make sure to use these updated guidelines. The all-new App Store on iOS 11 provides more opportunities to showcase your content with subtitles, promotional text, additional app previews that you can localize, and up to 20 promoted in-app purchases. With cellular, your apps can connect everywhere and anytime, even when not connected to an iPhone or Wi-Fi.

Health and fitness apps can also take advantage of the barometric altimeter to display altitude changes and get improved accuracy for workout metrics from HealthKit. Now your tvOS apps can deliver amazing cinematic video experiences and stunning picture quality by taking advantage of 4K resolution, Dolby Vision, and HDR And with the new Siri remote, you now have three-axis gyro data available to create even more engaging gaming and interactive experiences.

Design intuitive augmented reality experiences for iOS using the best practices now available in the Human Interface Guidelines, and explore new sample code for ARKit.

With iOS 11, users can browse in-app purchases directly on the App Store and start a purchase even before downloading your app. During the iOS 11 beta period, promoted in-app purchases are displayed on the App Store without the ability to buy. Starting this fall, your app must handle App Store transactions of promoted in-app purchases in order for your in-app purchases to be displayed on the App Store. Once the GM version of Xcode 9 is released, simply implement the new delegate method within SKPaymentTransactionObserver , rebuild your app, and submit for review.

Now you can gain even more valuable feedback by inviting up to 10, users to beta test your apps before you release them on the App Store. TestFlight makes it simple to invite testers using just their email address and lets testers quickly provide feedback within the TestFlight app.

Now you can receive server notifications of key events and get enhanced receipts with real-time information about the status of auto-renewable subscriptions.

You can use this information to resolve billing issues and engage customers by displaying relevant messaging. Learn more about server notifications for subscriptions. Now you can let your customer support experts respond to reviews on the App Store. Learn more about the new role. You can search by keyword, see all instances where the keyword is mentioned in the video, go straight to the time it was mentioned, and even share a link to that specific time.

The new App Store is now available to users of the iOS 11 public beta, and will be in the hands of hundreds of millions of users around the world this fall. Take advantage of more opportunities to showcase your content with subtitles, promotional text, additional app previews that you can localize, and up to 20 promoted in-app purchases.

The Apple Design Awards recognize state-of-the-art apps that reflect the very best in design, innovation, and technology on Apple platforms. Learn about these winning apps and the talented developers behind them. Now you can bring intelligent features, such as face tracking, text detection, language identification, and much more into your apps with the new foundational machine learning technology that is used across Apple products.

Core ML delivers blazingly fast performance with easy integration of machine learning models. ARKit takes apps beyond the screen, freeing them to interact with the real world in entirely new ways. The App Store first launched nine years ago. In addition, starting today you can release your iOS app update to a small audience for feedback before making it available to your entire user base.

Your version update will become available to an increasing percentage of users who have automatic updates turned on. You can now support Apple Pay for your customers in Italy, providing an easy and secure way for them to pay within your apps and websites with a single touch. In addition to WWDC, a variety of other exciting developer events will take place throughout the week in San Jose — and more have just been added. Find out how you can be a part of this inspiring week.

App Analytics in iTunes Connect now provides insight on where customers discover your app, including App Store browsing and search, within other apps, or on the web. With key metrics based on source types, you can see your top referring apps and websites, making it easier to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Starting April 25, at 10 a. TestFlight in iTunes Connect now provides multiple build support, enhanced group capabilities, and improved tester management—making it even easier to test your apps.

Multiple Builds TestFlight now lets you distribute and test multiple builds at the same time, so testers can choose from a number of builds to test. Groups TestFlight groups have changed. You can now do more with them, like create groups of TestFlight users, and each group can test a different build. Throughout the year, local developers can attend presentations on the capabilities of Apple platforms, explore best practices for optimizing apps, and learn more about designing high-quality apps for Apple platforms.

Apple and SAP are working together to make it easier than ever to reinvent business processes and workflows everywhere. You can now support Apple Pay for your customers in Taiwan, providing an easy and secure way for them to pay within your apps and websites with a single touch. Now you can engage new and existing customers more easily with streamlined ratings and reviews capabilities.

When you respond, the customer is notified and has the option to update their feedback. Register by Friday, March 31 at PDT for your chance to join thousands of others coming together to change the world. Swift Playgrounds, the revolutionary app for iPad that helps students learn to code, is now localized in Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Latin American Spanish, making it even easier for more students around the world to learn and experiment with code.

Read the full press release. You can now support Apple Pay for your customers in Ireland, providing an easy and secure way for them to pay within your app and website with a single touch. Learn more about Apple Pay.

Developers selected for a scholarship will receive a WWDC17 ticket and lodging free of charge. In addition to the activities planned for conference attendees, a variety of other exciting developer events will take place throughout the city.

Learn more about WWDC. Super Evil Megacorp, the developer behind the mobile-first multiplayer game Vainglory, shares its approach to community management, and how it evolves the game by listening to player feedback. On February 13, , a new certificate for server-based Game Center Player ID verification will be available via the publicKeyUrl property of generateIdentityVerificationSignature , and the previous certificate will expire. Apps that dynamically query the publicKeyUrl value will automatically use the new certificate, whereas apps that cache the certificate or hardcode the certificate URL may require an update.

SiriKit supports apps for fitness, payments, rides, and messages so users can ask Siri to start a workout, send money, book a ride, and more. Learn more about SiriKit for watchOS.

Use the latest Sketch and Photoshop templates and guides, color palettes, and the San Francisco typeface to quickly and accurately design iOS apps that integrate seamlessly into the overall user experience of iOS. Learn more about preparing apps for the App Store. See the full press release. To give you additional time to prepare, this deadline has been extended and we will provide another update when a new deadline is confirmed. Learn more about ATS.

As a reminder, we will not be accepting new app or app update submissions from December 23 to 27 Pacific Time , so any releases should be submitted, approved, and scheduled in advance. The five-person team at Originator shares its approach to building a sustainable business in the Kids category on the App Store and how it got the word out about its Endless apps.


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