Real estate agent software. There's an app for that. In real estate, that rings increasingly true as technology continues to play a major role in the daily lives of real estate agents.

Real estate agent software

Real estate agent software. What Real Estate Agents Say About Zurple. "Zurple is different. Because of their built-in behavioral marketing automation, the system doesn't just manage leads, it develops relationships." Bob McTague, Syracuse, NY. Zurple Case Study.

Real estate agent software

In order to become great agents, good agents need great real estate software. In order to become top producers, great agents need the best real estate software. To put it another way, if you only have a hammer, you might start seeing every problem as a nail. Too often today I meet agents and even brokers relying on old hammers to fix new problems. To help you find the best tools for the job we put together this guide of the 26 best real estate software tools and apps on the market today.

If you find a game changer on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments. Choosing a CRM is up there with root canal for most Realtors. There are dozens and dozens of options on the market and very little to differentiate them all. Contactually on the other hand is a different animal entirely. Instead of just managing your contacts and leads which it does very well , Contactually goes one step further and helps you manage your relationships.

Want to learn more? Check out our showdown of the top three real estate CRM platforms on the market today here. Sometimes your vendors are the ones using the best real estate software. These days, it seems like many clients, especially relocation clients, not only want, but expect 3D tours for high-end properties.

Why not give them what they want? Ask your photographer about Matterport or look for a 3D tour company in your area. Zillow Premier Agent is incredibly powerful real estate software. As a free user, you can submit new rental and sales listings to Zillow. What this does is place your contact information in the upper right corner of the listings page. As a Zillow Premier Agent, your name will appear exclusively on your listings. Thus, when a buyer encounters your listing from Zillow or Trulia, you have a much greater chance of receiving their inquiry and earning the full commission.

For an additional cost, Zillow Premier Agents can also advertise on the listings of other agents. You can choose which zip codes you want to advertise in and set your own budget. The key benefit here is you can find more leads in your local area. For the rest of us, going with a turnkey solution like Placester mean more time to generate and nurture leads.

Still feeling brave and want to get your hands dirty? Not only do they offer best-in-class electronic signatures and management, but they also offer Realtors the best platform for getting documents signed and deals tamed. DocuSign is the only electronic signature platform to offer an edition especially for Realtors that offers Realtor branding and ZipForm Plus integration.

Teams and brokerages that already use ZipForm Plus will find a true plug and play partner with DocuSign. That means seamless integration with all your NAR documents straight out of the box. This is something no other electronic signature platform offers. Best of all, DocuSign offers a powerful transaction management platform. Agents can keep track of all documents in a transaction from agency disclosure to contracts. Brokers can set up advanced approval processes and workflows to be as hands off, or hands on, as they need to be.

Dotloop lets you create, capture and store all the paperwork required to close even the most convoluted deal with ease. You can create custom templates, send documents out for esignature, and track, collaborate, and store documents for review and compliance all on one platform.

Dotloop cuts down the paperwork, faxing, and in-person signings in your average deal to pretty much zero. Dotloop will become the cornerstone of your collection of the best real estate software. Showing Suite lets you finally toss them in the recycling bin where they belong. Showing Suite integrates and automates showing schedules, buyer agent feedback, and any notes, pictures, and videos that you want to store along with your listing.

It even syncs with your Supra EKey or Sentrilock lockbox software. If you write regular showing reports for your seller you should , having it all in one place is a god send. Real Scout is a game changer. If you have a busy schedule and a lot of leads to nurture, it can mean the difference between a good year and an outstanding year. Real Scout scours your MLS for new listings that match any of up to criteria your leads select, such as waterfront location, high ceilings, number of bedrooms, etc.

Best of all, the emails it generates look like they came directly from you. Remember, you heard it here first. To learn more check out our showdown of the top three CMA creation software platforms on the market today here. With Citymaps I can send my clients custom maps of a neighborhood tailored to their interests. It makes anyone an instant neighborhood expert. Citymaps is the perfect real estate software to help plan locations for retail stores.

Coffee is for closers only! You need to build up momentum to get appointments. Squinting at a list of names and numbers, and then punching them into your phone slows you down and kills that momentum.

It integrates with your FSBO lists and dials numbers automatically while pulling up pertinent information on your screen. It can even leave a pre recorded voicemail when no one answers. RPR Mobile is the fastest, easiest way to look up property information and send branded property reports to buyers or sellers on the go. Zumper combines all the great features of Padmapper , Naked Apartments , Trulia , and half a dozen other rental apps into one.

Zumper not only presents your listing on a lovely, easy-to-search site, but they will also run Experian credit reports and rental applications for your prospective tenants. It makes the rental process so easy, you might feel guilty collecting a broker fee.

Zumper is definitely the best real estate software on the market today for rental agents. BombBomb is one of those ideas that sound gimmicky until you actually try it for yourself. In lieu of face-to-face communication, video is the next best thing for delivering a personal message.

BombBomb lets you record, send, and track video email. Interested in video marketing but not sure where to start? Check out our guide on the four real estate videos every agent needs to master here.

Area Pulse automates the often laborious task of pulling together market data to send to leads or current clients. Not only that, the reports it generates and sends are highly detailed and professional looking. No more screenshots from your dated back-end, excel spreadsheet, or MLS website. Waze gives you up-to-the-minute traffic condition reports from other Waze users.

It saves you time, frustration, and best of all, gas money. The best part is that if you happen to lose a key, all you need to make a new copy is the photo you have saved in the app. No more smudged sign in sheets or tedious data entry. Want to learn more about Open House Apps? I came across Zurple late last year and was immediately intrigued by what it offered realtors.

For one, it uses incredibly smart email automation that puts its competitors to shame. So what does Zurple do? Its primary purpose is a lead generation service. Zurple builds you an IDX website to capture leads as they browse for properties example below. Once in your system, Zurple monitors their browsing activity and gets to know their profile: What types of properties are they looking for? What amenities do they need? All of this information goes into your system. The next part, however, is where the real magic happens.

Zurple sends automated emails to your leads based on their interests and any updates on the market. Would you like to see it in person? Instead of paying a developer to make you a custom app, you pay Smarter Agent a low monthly fee for a rock solid, pre-designed app customized with your branding, agents, and listings. Your clients and potential clients can download your app from the app store like any other. As far as your clients know, you spent tens of thousands developing the app.

Videolicious makes professional video editing a snap. Agents can add watermarks, logos, and automatically edit together smaller videos into one presentation. Your clients will love the professional looking video walkthroughs. Tired of finicky lockboxes and using wonky software to grant access to your listings?

Prempoint eliminates the needs for lockboxes and manual keys and gives agents a digital all-in-one access management system. Users can download shared documents, leave feedback, and most importantly, open a growing list of networked smartlocks with bluetooth-enabled smartphones.

MagicPlan is real estate software that reminds you that we live in the future. With MagicPlan you use your phone or tablet to quickly and easily map out a room. The software then turns that map into a detailed floorplan. Even better, you can use magic plan to help buyers plan out where their furniture will fit in their new home.


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