Virtual options trading game india. During The Time I'Ve Tested This Strategy It Has Proven To Be Pretty Accurate. Virtual Options Trading Game India!

Virtual options trading game india

Practice Trading on Virtual Trading Account for Stocks, Futures and Options - NSE Paathshala

Virtual options trading game india. The intent of this post is to introduce some of the most popular Virtual Trading Platforms in India. The best thing about these virtual trading commodities, mutual funds, or fixed deposits. It is a virtual Stock Trading game where you would also be rewarded based on your performance and final corpus.

Virtual options trading game india

Practice and discuss strategies with like minded people and compete for prizes. Student benefits from real-time, streaming platforms that feature Indian equities.

Colleges can create their own private contests by selecting trading dates and other trading parameters. Get the post-market reports and breakfast news right in your inbox. It was a good learning experience for all of us. The platform is very user friendly and accessible. Enthusiastic puns used their wit to get the feel of brokering via this promising Platform.

Overall as organizers witnessing such a huge response was no less than a thrill to us. It saw a phenomenal success with participants gaining a certain level of expertise in dealing with shares in the share market at a practical level. College, Raj Doshi, Secretary. The game was very useful for providing a practical experience of investing in stocks. It has also been appreciated by many on campus.

This game also helps us to understand market strategies. By playing this game our fear for trading in share market will go. This is a unique interface it helped and helps us to understand the Capital Market jargon and urges to make investment and at same time helps to get familiar with risk associated with. Didn't knew anything about stock market before participating in this. Had lots of fun and learnt a lot. After I joined the game I started to feel a real time experience of stock trading. As the participants are high and the game was same as like the real trading I enjoyed the competition as a real stock market trader.

Participants were quite interested in the functionalities of the same and thoroughly enjoyed the event. More for the early bird.


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