Alexander gerchik forex. Im just curious. How much of you, traders who mostly live in US, ever heard of such person? On one of russian webboards (about trading ofc) we`ve have a lots of discussion about one (mysterious for me) person. Alex Gerchik. Russian. Last 10+++ years position: day trader on NYSE. The legends tells us.

Alexander gerchik forex

Alex Gerchik The Successful Traders Secrets. THE SECRETS OF TRADING. Lesson 1

Alexander gerchik forex. I recently was in seminar of Alex Gerchik (Wall street warriors 1 season), and he just told about chances in forex vs stocks. So. 1. In forex you can't see volume 2. You can't see open book 3. You don't know your rival 4. There are ten times less permanent winners in forex than in stocks. 5. Moves in stocks.

Alexander gerchik forex

Starting he is a managing partner in a major brokerage company, and starting he is the head manager of trading operations at FINAM investment holding. Sure, it is a major step for Alexander Gerchik to establish his own brokerage company, as his good name earned over many years of trading the currency market is at stake.

It allows traders and investors to hope that the new broker really turns out to be a reliable financial partner. According to Alexander Gerchik, in the future the company plans to receive a European license. The broker offers its clients innovative services on the Forex market:. Statistics is shown as tables and diagrams allowing to set various filters. Data can be added automatically as well as manually. In addition, the website announces such services as ROBOX service to create trading packages and improved Risk-manager service.

The broker offers an innovative investment service named TIMA-account. The service is virtually similar to standard PAMM-account or trust management, but it differs with its strict rules of risk management.

Mini, Simple, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Every single type differs with its deposit amount, conditions, and benefits. Additionally, the owner of the Platinum account has a right to develop trading robots and receive advice from Alexander Gerchik personally. Maximum leverage is the same for every type of accounts 1: Beginners can use such educational materials as articles about Forex, demo account allowing to try out trading and test your trading strategy, and free webinars dedicated to live Forex trading and smart investment.

So the broker holds the "Contest of Analytics" accepting any trader with good knowledge and skills of market analysis. Among shortcomings we can mention that the company is not regulated, and some services are still to be finalized.

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I was able to earn quite good money, and the withdrawal not had any Brief info about the broker.


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