Best nifty positional trading system. Money99 EMA Positional Trading system for Nifty Spot. The results from January to August Stock Name - Nifty spot; Time frame - Daily; Trade size - Share; Average Annual Return: % p.a.; Maximum Draw-down: % p.a.; Win Percentage: % p.a.; Amount of Trades: 78; Ending Capital: Rs.

Best nifty positional trading system

BANKNIFTY Trading Strategy Swing /Positional

Best nifty positional trading system. Dear all, 12 ema swing trading system for nifty futures rocks. there is no need to look for ema cross overs, news, technical indicators etc. it is simple and easy to understand. regards rrsekhar.

Best nifty positional trading system

Thu Sep 30, 8: Dear all, 12 ema swing trading system for nifty futures rocks. Back to top rrsekhar White Belt Joined: Thu Sep 30, 9: Thu Sep 30, I could not find it Back to top venkkatshiv White Belt Joined: Fri Oct 01, 7: Minooda - the thread is still there in icharts.

Fri Oct 01, 9: I was actually going blind because it seemed so simple. Then one of my colleagues told me about some technical indicators and one of them was MACD. Can u please give it again. Back to top ridinghood Yellow Belt Joined: Sat Oct 02, It so happens that when one goes long or short according to the system , MACD crossover also takes place.

But a shorter ema like 5 or 8 ema will see a larger number of trades with a high risk of whipsaws eating into the profits. A longer timeframe like 34 ema, will get you very less profits. Yes, during the consolidation phase one can get frustrated reversing postions every day, but once the trend sets in, a big smile also permanently sets in As per the last entry I am holding longs from Sun Oct 03, It would be of great help. Sun Oct 03, 2: Minnoda, I can post a chart, but it will certainly not help you, it can only give you a overall picture.

Best would be to backtest the system, using the Charts premium for Nifty-1m. Backtest it to as far back a date u want to. By doing so, you will gain confidence in the system as well as understand how to enter the trades. The catch comes , when NF is trading close to the 12 ema value.

The rules are simple, follow them and leave the rest to the market. Username Password Remember me. Any doubts I will try to clarify regards rrsekhar. Dear Shekhar, Can u give a link to this 12 ema trading system? I could not find it. Any doubts I will try to clarify rrsekhar. Dear all, When i first started trading this system, i had no clue about it's significance.

The thread is not there,seems to be removed. Dear Shekhar, Thanks for this wonderful system, I would be obliged of u could kindly give a chart as an example. Display posts from previous:


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