Documentary about stock market. Reviews - Top 20 Stock Market Movies & Financial/Economics Documentaries of all time + 6 of the best Financial Fiction Movies - Hand Picked.

Documentary about stock market

The Stock Market (Documentary)

Documentary about stock market. This is Third of five part story of Western Finance system. Stock market becomes often Shock Market, find out.

Documentary about stock market

A junior analyst discovers that the banks holdings in worthless mortgage backed securities will soon bankrupt the bank, leading to all traders at the firm to knowingly sell worthless investments to clients.

Thought provoking and eerily similar to the situation that occurred with Goldman Sachs in Narrated by Matt Damon, it's well researched and leaves the viewer angry at the amount of greed and corruption in the financial system.

Expecting a massive 2Q collapse in the financial system, they bet against the market and make huge profits. Based on the life of Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street chronicles the rise and fall of a charismatic and unscrupulous stockbroker who ends up in prison for securities fraud.

A 19 year old college dropout becomes a highly successful stockbroker at a boiler room a company that sells worthless investments through high pressure sales calls.

Contains excellent sales scenes similar to those in the Wolf of Wall Street and portrays every negative stockbroker stereotype. Trader follows a young Paul Tudor Jones now a billionaire hedge fund manager just prior to the stock market crash.

Paul hates the way he was depicted often seen to be extremely nervous so online copies are regularly taken down without warning following complaints. A young and ambitious stockbroker becomes involved with a wealthy corporate raider. The movie is a mature look at the conflict between greed and ethics in the financial world. A true story about a 28 year old Singapore based derivatives trader, Nick Leeson, who single handedly brought down Barings Bank through high-risk trading, lies and deception.

Despite poor reviews, any one with a basic knowledge of futures and derivatives should find it very interesting. A British reality television series that follows 12 wannabe traders with no share trading experience on their journey to becoming a fund manager.

The goal was to see if the inexperienced traders can be taught to outperform the market and professional investors. An excellent and addictive show.

An Australian drama about a mathematician who devises a formula to predict future movements in the stock market. Although it's little slow at times, it finishes with a twist. People with an interest in algorithmic trading will find it interesting.

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