Forex mlm malaysia. many scams they fall for is actually MLM / Pyramid Schemes. just that their "product" is FOREX. whenever the business model emphasize more on bringing in downlines than selling the actual product, its a scam. Yes im well aware of what is a scam. But why do ppl keep flocking to it? Greed is 1 of the main  Any latest source of illegal Forex/MLM? - Lowyat.

Forex mlm malaysia

How to spot a scam in Malaysia?

Forex mlm malaysia. The list will be updated periodically with names removed or added on. The public is advised to also check with other relevant agencies (e.g. Bank Negara Malaysia, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Companies Commission of Malaysia) as to the legitimacy of companies or websites which may not appear or.

Forex mlm malaysia

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Nov 28 , Show posts by this member only Post 1. Ive always wondered why there are so many forex scams in Malaysia. And its getting more and more by the day. We have heard of all the negative news and sob stories about those getting cheated and losing a lot of money.

But is there a hidden side to forex scams which we don't see? The side where there are actually many ppl who make decent profits from forex scams. Show posts by this member only Post 2. Show posts by this member only Post 3. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Show posts by this member only Post 5. Show posts by this member only Post 6. Yes im well aware of what is a scam. But why do ppl keep flocking to it? Greed is 1 of the main factors yes, but is it also because they have heard of those who have actually made good returns from such scams?

Show posts by this member only Post 7. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Nov 30 , Show posts by this member only Post 9. Any list of such scams in Malaysia that we can refer to? Show posts by this member only Post Well I for one have invested in 4 scams out of which 1 is in trouble. The remaining 3 are providing good returns and ive recovered the equivalent of my capital from some of them. I also invest in legit schemes like Pip Hijau which provides very good returns from forex auto trading.

So I guess its all about risk diversification and risk management. And yes never be too greedy nor invest with money you cant afford to lose. That will be your downfall. Greed is definitely no. Another 1 is "if i dont do it, others would have done it anyway" type of mentality.

The problem is that the authorities dont seem to be interested to tackle the problem at its roots. I was thinking if the company is not set up for real, then just lift the corporate veil no corporate, just catch the master mind behind it and problem solved, no?

It just seem the authorities couldn't care less. Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post That makes you the accomplice for that 4 scams. Do you feel better telling yourself you're not the mastermind? You're proud of being an accomplice to crimes cheating others of their live saving? Yes u have a point there and ure right. But in my defence if I may say so , those were scams I went into earlier this year.

Im now focused on legitimate schemes which surprisingly are providing a higher return e. Dec 1 , When gold price soared, people rush to gold, and dubious businessmen see opportunity to come out with dubious "gold investment scheme" to woo their money. When certain currency RM drops like crazy, people craze for foreign currency, and dubious businessmen again see opportunity to come out with dubious "forex investment scheme" to make quick money for themselves.

There's really nothing special about the forex scheme or gold scheme or any other get rich fast scheme, they are basically the same, a simple scheme to cheat gullible greedy people of their money.

Anybody here are experienced forex manual traders? The human's norm, be it the giver or the receiver, both are full of greed. I suppose there are greedy and uneducated people everywhere. The real reason why there are so many scams here is because a lot of people don't have a problem to take advantage of greedy and uneducated people for their own good. As long as it makes themselves richer they will do it without a second thought.

Dec 2 , U mean mutual funds? This post has been edited by psyduck Feb 24 , For amateurs, they want to feel what it's like to be cheated for the first time.

For the pros, they don't mind being greedy and idiot again. Feb 25 , Actual forex is not a scam. You just need to know how to trade. MLM is a scam. Feb 26 , Forex trading is not a scam. MLM is not a scam. There are many legit MLM's out there e. But MLM schemes based on Ponzi pyramid business models are scams.

MLM while legal benefits only the top level people, leaving the bottom people greatly disadvantage. It is a business model to milk hardworking honest people, in other words, it is a scam.

You must have some experience? It is common knowledge. Recently many promotes PremierFx as the best forex tools in the market. I was approach by one guy and after some explanation he asked me to try to register first with 0rm involve.

Additionally, to complete my registration, I need to upload my IC copy. Being a cautious person, definitely I am not going to put my personal data in unsecured website. So,does PremierFx is a legit forex broker? Feb 27 , Your definition of a scam differs. But in terms of a real MLM Ponzi pyramid scheme, there is no product. Feb 28 , The bottom people are being milked by the top people in the chain. When there is no product, it does not matter if it is MLM or ponzi, it is an outright scam.

Mar 2 , There are 2 types of forex brokers in the world and in Malaysia. A Book and B Book. Most or all the scam forex schemes who claim to use brokers are always B Book. In Malaysia I believe there are only 3 A Book brokers all of which are registered overseas.

Can name the 3 A book brokers in Malaysia? Mar 5 , Mar 6 , One of them is Pip Hijau. The other 2 I cant recall the name now. But will check it up. Apr 21 , Apr 24 , I see all comments blaming on greed and the members themselves. However, just to balance up the debate, I want to point out that the established system of banks, stock market and unit trusts and whatnot excepting this pip hijau that I just read about here, need to research more isn't all that great either.

The 'system' sells the idea of a secure retirement and investment success stories, milder versions of what these scams sell. But these never live up to that ideal scenario sold in those TV ads and bright happy brochures.


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