Forex rocks. 10 Resons Why Forex Trading Rocks. Let's be honest, trading can get discouraging at times. Even professional traders have losing months sometimes, so don't be too hard on yourself. I think it's good to remind ourselves sometimes just why it is we do this. A little positivity and fresh focus on the reasons we all got interested.

Forex rocks

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Forex rocks. Imagine yourself lying on a tropical beach, tasting an icy refreshment and looking over charts, as money's pumping into your trading account. Sounds like a dream, however it's only one of 5 main advantages you get from Forex trading. 1. Trade Wherever, Whenever You Want. Forex Trading Freedom Finance Illustrated.

Forex rocks

He has a monthly readership of , traders and has taught over 20, students. A little positivity and fresh focus on the reasons we all got interested in trading can be a very powerful tool to help us get re-focused on what it takes to succeed. Yes, trading is hard, we all know that by now. But so is anything else in life worthwhile, and the end-goal of becoming a consistently profitable trader is BEYOND worthwhile.

Just thinking about having the ability to make enough money to live comfortably from anywhere in the world, only needing a computer and the internet, is a powerful and motivating thought.

Being a successful trader not only means that you can make a lot of money, but much more importantly, it means you have freedom.

Traders are people who are looking for a way out. Who wants to spend the majority of their waking life working to make someone else more money than they make themselves? This is the mindset of a trader. He or she sees the world for what it really is and not some fairy tale that society wants them to believe. Thus, to be a trader, you have to have a mindset that is different from the masses. The life that being a full time trader would allow you to live is simply awesome.

Sitting by the beach, relaxing, entering a trade occasionally throughout the month when you see a high-quality price action signal ; not too bad. Being a full-time trader would allow you to escape this form of modern-day slavery. I firmly believe that the way we all go to work for 40 hours a week or more , hunched over desks in windowless cubicles, is simply a new form of slavery.

Trading provides the opportunity to escape this. The flexibility that you get from being a trader is awesome. You can make your own schedule, travel where you want and do what you want when you want. If you have kids, being a trader allows you to spend more time with them and be there more as they grow up. This is especially rewarding when they are little and doing new things every day.

Being an at-home trader allows you to have this time. Being a trader helps you understand the differences in strength of various economies around the world. I always find it amazing how little most people know about exchange rates and the relative strengths of different countries. Being a currency trader, you become focused on the price action of various currency pairs and this helps you understand the world in a more intimate and clearer way than most other people who are not traders.

For example, if you want to travel to a different country, you will likely already know the exchange rate difference between that country and your own, whereas most people have no idea. Being a trader means you call the shots. You make your own decisions both in the market and in life. You are not obligated to drive to work and hear your boss dictate to you what you need to do. You set the rules. Some people simply breakdown without the rules imposed by jobs and society. For those who embrace this, it comes with the perk of real freedom.

Two of the best things about trading for me, are travel and minimalism. I have adopted a minimalist approach to trading and life in general.

Trading gives me the freedom to be able to travel when and where I want, and all I need to trade is my laptop or an ipad to manage my positions and study the charts. The fact that trading can be done by the young and old alike is another big advantage. It just takes determination, persistence and most of all, discipline and patience. Trading is truly the most equal of all opportunities out there.

Some of the best traders in the world have no formal college education, so even college dropouts can succeed as traders if they want it bad enough. Becoming a successful trader puts you in a very unique position of being able to help other people. Not only can you help your friends and family financially which is also really cool , you have the ability to pass on a skill to them. Something that they can then use to build their own true freedom like you did.

This not only benefits them but also brings you great internal satisfaction. Life is not fulfilling unless you can help others and make a difference in their lives, and that certainly is my aim through Learn To Trade The Market. I enjoyed so much of this article and that of the one about long time trading.

I still need some more inputs before I start my real live accounts trading. Sir you are a great teacher. I am learning a lot from your articles. Please suggest what should I do to recognise it. I love this post Nial. I have just had some pretty significant losses which have forced me to re-evaluate everything from my trading strategy to my purpose in life.

Thanks for such an awesome post. I can now approach the market and life with an enhanced attitude. You are a counsellor, a vision builder, truely knowledge is the end product of confidence. I feel you… wish to see you one-on-one and hope to be a greate trader like you one day.

Thank you Nial Awesome man This is a great article I m learning every day I feel like a trader now keep teaching the world. Thank you Nial for taking time to inspire and help others. I am a new member that has made three profitable trades since joining using your advice as a guide. I am close to retirement and looking forward to leaving the rat race to trade full time.

Thanks a thousand times Nial Indonesian style for many many thanks for this great motivating article. My sense blows up and fly after reading your article. Welcome guys to the liberty. It is a looong way to go, but thanks for the teaching! Hi Nial, All from one to 10 are so true that I can truly feel in my heart. Specially the 1, 2, 5 and I have to make the money to make ends meet….

This is a great article and give an accurate insight into the life or a trader. This gives details on the practical aspects of what to expect as a trader. This is very compelling -I am raising money to be able to trade. Thanks as if the whole mental formation and makeup of traders had been put in thru the words…. Every time I read materials I feel exceedingly motivated.

You are a blessing to the children of God. So my advice to other would be traders- do not dispair,rather dig your heels in and keep on trading. Leon Jonas from South Africa. Such an inspiring article after I went through streak of loosing trades. I realized my mistakes soon though.. But your article gave me a new life!

A thousand thumbs up for you. But then i began to see reality about trading coming to my head. I began to realized all i thought i knew about trading where all wrong, and are appearing foolish to me right now. So i have come to know that i need patience, determination and above all self motivation and discipline which i lacked before now. Did you never think about your role in the society? Short in other words: I want to be a professional trader. Are you usefull at all or just a non-working egoist?

The matter is that we should enjoy and keep spirit with our profession and having balance time for family, friendship, etc. So we understand which profession is best for our-self. Thank you, Nial, I really needed this. I have to admit being discouraged a lot of times for not having mastered the trade to have regular winning streaks, but then you write something like this and it gives me a fresh look at myself and the endless possibilities before me if I remain focused, disciplined, patient and determined to be a successful trader and enjoy that freedom you mention.

Thank you sir for the insight i am getting better by the day everytime i read your post i learn something. Hi Nial, Thank you for the article, I really feel pumped as I was reading the article. You are a true mentor. Keep up the folks work. After reading this article, and learn your course, I will apply what I learn and I will strive to be a profitable trader and achieve financial freedom.

Like the previous comment before me, it boggles me how you can come up with articles so regularly and catches the attention of all rockstars like myself. Truly Nial, You captured the heart desire of many forex traders. We do not want to quit because the benefits of being a successful trader far outweighs the pain of loosing trading capital due to poor trading.

However with your encouragement and mentoring one will grow into a professional Trader very soon. Very nice article as always. Now I think I have found the light at the end of the tunnel.


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