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Nexus scam

2TB Flash Drive Scam

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Nexus scam

A lack of communication and confirmation to begin with and false phone numbers while in Cuba made me extremely suspicious of this company. Turns out, they are just poorly organized and not good with communication. After requesting a booking, I immediately recieved a request for payment, with I did, and I recieved a receipt of payment that told me I would recieve a booking confirmation within 24 hours.

I also needed to send information about hotels in the area, as I was staying at a casa particular, and tours can only provide pick-up from hotels. I provided the information, and I wanted more than 48 hours before calling the helpline to ask about pick up place and time and for a confirmation number.

They said they couldn't tell me the time or the place, but they would email me that morning with the information. I explained that I was leaving that night, and I wouldn't have internet access. The representative assured me there would be no problem, and I would have the information by the end of the morning. That evening, I still didn't have the email, so I called again, when they explained they still couldn't confirm anything, but there was a Cuban phone number I could call when I arrived.

By this point, I was sure the company was a total scam, and I was just out the money. When I arrived in Cuba, the woman from the casa particular tried calling the number I was given several times, and it was out of service everytime. Finally, I decided to go to one of the hotels I had named as a possible pick up point and see if they knew anything about these shady Nexus people.

There, I spoke with a general tour agent NOT a representative from Nexus who told me the phone number was wrong and gave me a different one. She hadn't spoken to anyone from the new number because nobody was answering at that time.

By this point, it was Thursday afternoon and I was supposed to be doing this Hemmingway excursion on Friday presumably morning. When I arrived at the casa that evening around 5 or 6, someone finally answered the phone! The Nexus representative told me I would be picked up at Hotel Capri at 9: He said he could give a refund for part of the tour or I could use it as credit to another tour which I was obviously not internested in. I have yet to see if said refund has actually been made.

Finally knowing the time and place for pick-up, I rearranged my plans to be there. The next morning I arrived running due to last minute rearranging house changes at 9: The guide was so surprised to see me and said she didn't think I was going to show up because I was late.

She had sent the drive to get the other person for the tour, and he would come back later. She had no idea that I had been told to be there at 9: Our guide was new to the job she said she had been doing it only a couple of months , and she was clearly still learning how to organize herself and explain information to us.

In general, she gave interesting information, although it seemed as though she might had just done a quick google search before getting into the car with us. I heard a lot about how diffuclt life is in Cuba moreso than any history about Hemmingway , and she took us to several places not on the our explaining that she could help us book shows etc there. I found this a bit unprofessional, especially since we didn't go to the two bars mentioned in the tour itinerary.

Finally, the tour ended at Dos Ambos hotel, and we never saw La Floridita nor La Bodeguita del Medio which were outlined as being part of the tour. Obviously, I can walk by on my own, but as it was included in the tour, I thought the guide would at least point out where they were or tell us an interesting story or fact about them.

Overall, the tour itself was "meh", but dealing with Nexus was a nightmare. I have lived and worked in Latin America for more than 4 years, and my husband is Latino - I understand flexibility and patience with other cultures, but this was unacceptable. I did another day tour and an 8 day tour with another company, and they were far superior from start to finish, so it can't even be said that this Nexus service is the standard for the region.

I plan on contacting the company directly with these problems as well, and I hope their standard, copy-paste message of "We're sorry you had a bad experience, but we will take these comments into consideration to make our company better" are not left as a response to my review.

Dear visitor, We would like to offer you our sincere apologies and are sorry that our service did not meet your expectations. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. No doubt these are what makes us better every day and help avoid similar cases in the future. Excellent time on this catamaran adventure. We went snorkelling at an underwater shipwreck! The whole crew was great and enjoyed the drinks while cruising. The dolphin show was good and we had an awesome time swimming with the dolphins.

The lobster dinner was the best during our stay! This is a very good adventure if looking to do something fun and to see more of the island!

Dear Guest, Thank you for your kind comments. We are more than happy to know that you enjoyed great moments in the destination of your choice and we hope you share with us all your photos from this incredible trip. Your comments inspire us to continue to offer the best service with a big smile. We look forward to your next visit to one of our beautiful destinations, and please do not forget to download our new app, you will discover what awaits you on your next vacation.

The representative Angel is a liar and very disorganized. He tells you anything to sell a tour and don't tell you in detail what you need for the excursions and any addition expenditures you may have. He sent us on a tour very unprepared. When we arrived at the buggies the rude staff there told me I couldn't get my money back. After speaking with the manager I was told me and my daughters would have to wait three hours in the sun to wait to be taken back to our hotels.

I should have known not to trust him when before the excursion he called my room to say and said he was my person who ensures I have a good vacation and I should come see him after I had already saw him.

They use trickery to get you to meet with him. Moral of story don't book excursion with this guy he's not trust worthy and disorganized. My girlfriend and I decided to book this tour and it seemed reasonably priced for the amount of activities involved catamaran tour, snorkelling, cave excursion, jeep safari, horseback riding, sightseeing. We set off in the morning to go on a catamaran cruise with snorkelling. Once the rain cleared up we got off the catamaran The path that we had to walk up was a little challenging very rocky, narrow, and slippery because of the rain but this made the experience more exciting for us personally.

We received helmets and a flashlight and hiked to the cave. The cave was beautiful, we definitely enjoyed that part of the tour a lot. We then went back to the catamaran for lunch.

We had to go down the narrow, rocky path again, not as excited about this as the first time lol. I must admit lunch was not what we expected We then got off the catamaran and once more had to go up the narrow, rocky path again, no excitement whatsoever about hiking up this path of hell for the 3rd time, thank goodness it was the last time. So, we were standing in the middle of a wooded area with lots of mosquitoes for quite some time before the jeeps showed up.

We got into to our assigned jeeps, but then this is where it goes wrong. We were sitting in the jeeps for a good 30 minutes before our guide notifies us that we will have to wait for another tourist to have immigration clear him and it could take up to 45 mins to an hour!!!

This was mind blowing to hear as we were already waiting for 45 minutes in the middle of the hot forest doing absolutely nothing. Good thing there was AC in the jeeps. We ended up almost waiting an additional hour before we drove off in the jeeps.

This definitely put a damper on the rest of the tour as we were already tired and bitten by mosquitoes. Nonetheless, the drive to the ranch for horseback riding was a little lengthy but fun because we got to see the locals, the farms, and farm animals. The horseback riding was very peaceful but could have been on a longer more exciting path.

We then went back to our jeeps where we drove around the town for sightseeing which was interesting but we were very tired at this point.

Overall, it was an okay tour. I would say shorten the catamaran cruise or even jeep cruise. In terms of the delay I don't understand how the Nexus tour representative sold the tour to a person with insufficient papers. There definitely needs to be proper background checks in place to avoid these ridiculous situations. I feel that my friend and I- and everyone else who was on this specific tour - should be given some type of reimbursement as this is the tour company's fault.

Part of the enjoyment of this tour was taken away due to their negligence. I already noted my complaint to the tour company representative at the resort we were staying at. I understand it was not his fault directly and he just as a rep has little power to do anything but all he did was shrug his shoulders and just gave us some form to fill out with our complaints There should be better procedures in place for these kind of issues.

Tour desk - We were at the Starfish and the tour desk operators were very helpful. They helped us plan the various trips to best fit our schedule. They warned that some might be cancelled because of low attendance, but were clear in communicating and in the end we were able to do all of them. Catamaran Trip - This was a fun trip that allowed us to relax and enjoy some of the local nature. The staff were friendly and provided good bar service.

We were worried about shade, but there was plenty on board. The bathroom was horrific, but it's on a boat so what can you expect? Do not expect to snorkel if you cannot swim. They warn you that it is not permitted and they are right to do so. The float device provided isn't sufficient to make up for no swimming skill. Not a complaint - just a note. My husband doesn't swim so he sat that part out and I think he made the right choice. I've never snorkeled before so I was very impressed with what I saw, but I do understand that the area isn't particularly stunning as compared to other areas of the Caribbean.

The dolphinarium was a pleasant stop.


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