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Options rider trades

Options Rider Update #25 - 08/26/16

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Options rider trades

Options Rider held no affiliate events, nor did Roberts ever appear in any recorded video footage to the best of my knowledge. A combination of running out of funds to pay off investors and regulatory actions saw Options Rider well on its way to collapse late last year. Health problems and death go hand in hand with Ponzi schemes. Typically when a Ponzi scheme collapses, the owner or owners blame its demise on a death in the family, if not the death of the scammer running the scheme itself.

The latter has been touted in Options Rider, with a recent affiliate email claiming Bob Roberts is dead. Due to stress and overwork, Bob Roberts had a stroke and took several trips in the ambulance in Shanghai, China. He was hospitalized for 3 weeks in October and due to his lifestyle and the pressure associated with working with Options Rider, he passed away a few weeks ago. Sloan did a runner months ago, with Options Rider affiliates left in the dark as to the status of the company.

My thinking is it was probably a generic pseudonym, with the individual or individuals behind it having now also done a runner. We had a wonderful Q1, Q2, and Q3 but somewhere during Q3, we had issues regarding our bank accounts. Some were frozen, some were released back to us. Some were flagged and most were fine.

In an effort to elude authorities, Ponzi schemes by nature launder large amounts of money around the world. If a scheme takes off, this inevitably attracts the attention of regulators if not the banks themselves , who in an effort to avoid personal liability shut down suspected accounts. Rather than admit this however, the affiliate email sent out instead blames Options Rider affiliates for the collapse. My lawyers and my connections with the Australian banks told us that it was mainly due to the complaints of our clients.

Having multiple clients who just had technical issues with their account and were impatient, they called their banks and put a huge target on our backs. Along with death and disease, investor blame is another excuse commonly offered up by Ponzi scheme operators. Following a last-ditch effort to drive new investment into the scheme , Bob Roberts and Michael Sloan have made off with their squirreled away funds.

Because of the unfortunate series of events and massive number of withdrawals over the last few months, we encourage our clients to hold off on withdrawals for the next 8 months.

This is a brand new year! Hang tight for updates. Lee will skim how much he wants off the top and before you know it, Options Rider investors will be back at square one. Communication will once again go dead and that will be that. Good luck with that…. Feb 10th, at Chances are Bob Roberts is as real as Roman Novak. Feb 11th, at Feb 24th, at There is no Bob Roberts. There is no Michael Sloan. Those names were provided because of the number of identical names that litter this earth.

Mar 9th, at You guys are right. They probably used different names to hide their true identities. But please take a look at the following entries and posts—.

Mar 16th, at 2: Angels, and anybody else for that matter, contact me regarding anything you know about this guy.

Apr 7th, at Apr 7th, at 5: This is so wrong. I want at least the money that I borrowed to join OR. Greed is an awful thing. Apr 8th, at Bob, Ive seen the posts in you tube. I saved the images of their faces for comparison and sent it to the Canadian Embassy in China and the Philippines together with my complaint. They will be the one to contact me in case there there will be news from the financial and criminal authorities in both countries regarding these scammers.

I suggest you do the same with your embassies. You might be surprised how much they wanted to help. May 19th, at What is the process suggested to proceed with authorities? I would love to commence an investigation and complaint. Jun 16th, at 8: Jun 22nd, at It is verified Bob Roberts a. Jul 8th, at 7: Jul 19th, at 3: Seems ludicrous to believe that it would take 8 months before they could resume withdraws.

Before that they spread a rumor that it is the banks that cannot keep up with the withdraws. I was told that Ponzi schemes honor the withdraws of initial investors but then close up shop when the rest of the investors want their money.

This seems to be the case. What convinced me that the it is a scam is when I read that there is no Security and Exchange commission in New Zealand yet Options Rider claimed to be a member of such non existent organization. And what company refuses to answer emails? The only time that my concierge answered any of my emails was when I acted like I wanted to deposit more money. She ignored all other emails I sent. And Bishop Lee failed to reply when I suggested that his company has been mismanaged.

Since they are an offshore investment, I can think of no government agency that has any jurisdiction over them. I believe that all of us had fair warning from our own bankers when we asked for a wire transfer to send funds to Options Rider. The bankers immediately spotted it as a fraud which is why I only sent the minimum amount, figuring on a longshot that just maybe I could get some money out of it before the conmen left town.

Jul 21st, at 4: List of On-line forex scam trading sites too. All points to sites owned by Kristijan Kristic who is the leader of an Australian and Filipino and European Cyber-criminals operating in Asia, now in the Philippines according to Interpol.

Interpol wants them to stay in the Philippines. Multiple Fraud cases are leveled against them by Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Their virtusl office Regus are soon to follow. At least two foreign embassies in the Philippines are teaming up with Police anti-cybercrime division together with Tax executives for illegal dollar source, fraud and Money Laundering.

They are on the run but no where to go. Some who got to contact these scammers were paid off just to stay safe in the Philippines.

Sad thing is that their crime is still going on victimizing other people with their hard earned money. So please Johnny, dont sound like your one of them. Fall in line like the rest of us. We are just hoping to get our money before the authorities put them away for life. And Yes, Ive seen their records, pictures, location in Makati, Manila. I just follwed what the others did. Its all in these posts: Just dont know who made the complaint.

These leads might help you. Contact also Vicky Barbera and Robert Koop. They were also mentioned by Interpol for complaints coming from Australia. Oct 7th, at Oct 10th, at It is October, Option Rider did not the paying out, start there, did not even get an answered email.

Nov 25th, at 2: Nov 25th, at 7: Options Rider affiliates, most of which are embarassed to admit they got scammed, scurried off into hiding.

Nov 28th, at Sep 29th, at 1: Regards… after reading this thread of emails, there is everything but hope, does anybody where can we file a case against this people? Sep 29th, at 9:


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