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Thomas cook forex card registration

Bye bye transaction charges

Thomas cook forex card registration. There is no trade that can take place without the presence of forex, the conversion of one country's currency into another. Whether it is for import and export, travel, or purely for trading, foreign exchange is a necessity. In today's world, people frequent foreign countries either for work purpose or leisure. Availing foreign.

Thomas cook forex card registration

Your Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card will generally be activated within twenty-four 24 business hours of purchase or as advised by the Purchase Location. Just enter your PIN or sign, as requested by the merchant. If an ATM asks you to choose an account or card type, it is suggested you choose the "Credit" option.

To reduce the threat of fraud, your Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card is completely separate from your bank account. Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card is a convenient and safe way of carrying your travel money overseas, offering all the peace of mind and security of traditional travelers cheques, and the convenience of cash, worldwide. To check their location, visit the following link http: You can also use your Card to pay directly for goods or services online and in store, wherever MasterCard is accepted.

You can still use your Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card in countries or areas with a different currency to those on your Card. The system will automatically convert your stored Currency to the Local Currency. In case of the Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card , where you do not have a balance in the currency of the transaction, your Card Fund will be debited according to the default order of priority, which is as follows: It is currently not possible to use your Prepaid Travel Card in a number of countries.

If you attempt to withdraw cash from an ATM or use your Card at merchants in any of these countries, your request will be declined. The countries currently affected by sanctions are the list of sanctioned countries is subject to change from time to time: In addition, the Card is also unable to be used in countries subject to economic sanctions, including: The list of sanctioned countries is subject to change from time to time.

The search will automatically begin from USD. If you do not have the currency of the country you are visiting on your Card at all or not enough to cover the cost of a purchase , you can still use it to make a payment. The Currency -ies of the Card will automatically be converted into Local Currency, in the order described above. It is possible for a transaction to be funded from multiple Currencies this process will occur automatically by drawing funds from the Currencies loaded on your Card in the above default order, until the total amount of the transaction is satisfied.

You do not need to have the total amount required for the transaction in a single Currency, as long as the total amount of all your converted Currency balances is greater than the relevant transaction amount. You can use your Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card to shop online within the limits and restrictions of your Card at any merchant that accepts MasterCard cards. Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card may not be used for money transfers or for accessing or purchasing goods from adult or gambling internet sites and must not be used for any unlawful activity.

You must comply with all laws and regulations including any foreign exchange controls , in respect of the Card in India and in the country of use. For peace of mind on your holiday, you may purchase an Additional Card and use it as a backup. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information. By registering your Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card you can check your balance, review your transaction history, change your PIN, view or download statement and also raise a query.

Every transaction done on your card is followed with an alert on your registered e-mail and mobile phone. Moreover you can also register yourself on www. If you have any queries about your Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card balance or you notice a Card transaction that you do not recognize, please notify the 24 hour Card Services team as soon as possible and in any event within thirty 30 days of the transaction debit date. We will be happy to check and confirm the transaction details for you.

If there is a transaction which is not correct, Card Services can start the dispute process on your behalf and may request you to provide additional written information concerning any unrecognized transaction, or to complete a dispute form.

Please help them to help you by providing as much information as you can. It is recommended that you check your transaction history and Card balance at least once a month. Surcharge is an extra fee levied by the ATM operator over and above the withdrawal fee charged by the issuer on a withdrawal transaction. The fee is determined and charged by the ATM operator and is not retained by us.

Thomas Cook is the only issuer to have such a tie up across India. All point ATMs can be located by using the below link. You must contact us as soon as possible. Instructions are available above. Be aware that some merchants, such as restaurants and car hire companies, may require the Card to have an available total balance greater than the purchase amount, before they will authorize the payment. It is not recommended to use your Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card as a guarantee of payment for hotels, car hire, etc.

These companies may estimate your bill, and if you use your Card as a guarantee for the estimated amount, the funds will be temporarily unavailable to access or spend. Dynamic Currency Conversion DCC is an optional service that is sometimes offered by retailers and ATM operators abroad, giving cardholders the choice of paying in either the currency of the country they are visiting or their own domestic currency, i.

You should not make a purchase or ATM withdrawal in Indian Rupees as you are prohibited from doing so by law and you should instead choose to pay in the local currency.

Please note that there will be an additional cost if the merchant transaction or ATM withdrawal is in a currency other than a Currency on the Card, or where you do not have sufficient funds on the Card in the relevant Currency, and you should refer to the Table of Fees and Limits for further information. You can either transfer any remaining funds to a new Card or cash out the balance and close your Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card.

To cash out and close your Card, you can visit your nearest Thomas cook branch across India. A fee will be charged for this service please refer to your Terms and Conditions for more information. How does Thomas Cook Prepaid Travel Card compare to cash, travelers cheques or credit and debit cards? What if I don't have enough of the Currency I need? How do I change my PIN? You can simply change the PIN by registering your card on www.

How can I check my balance and view my transactions? How can I contact Card Services? What is ATM Surcharge? How can I do a transaction without paying a surcharge? What are Dynamic Currency Conversion payments?


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