What does double down mean in stocks. In fact, with a stock down so much, by averaging down and buying more all you can be really sure of is that you are adding more money to a company Not many do. Yellow is not a recovery play we would suggest. To us, yellow still means caution. From too many securities to incorrect sector allocation.

What does double down mean in stocks

How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : What Does Double Down Mean in Blackjack?

What does double down mean in stocks. Al was averaging down for the wrong reason. Instead of seeing the drop in Westport's price as a great opportunity for realizing a loss for tax purposes, he was desperate to get even on his investment—and willing to put even more money at risk to do so. If you average down to avoid copping to an investment mistake, you are.

What does double down mean in stocks

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? It is a phrase that is borrowed from Blackjack. There are certain coinditions in Blackjack when you can double your bet. With stocks, it usually refers to putting more money into a stock that hasn't done well. Suppose you bought shares of a stock at 30 and the price drops to You believe that it will do really well once earnings are reported. Since it has become cheaper, you buy another shares or more.

If you are right -- you make a killing. If not, you lost big bucks. Penny Stocks Trading http: What do you mean by " much anticipated and predicted crash Were you the one expecting this? Have you ever invested in the markets? If so, have you ever gained much? I do not get the rational for your question!

You need to do some research! I think that today was just another "down" day in the markets caused by a long haul by the housing and credit crisis! Betting even more that your stock will increase. Need a Reverse Mortgage? Related Questions Stock market down, stock market down!!? If stock price doubles does that mean market cap doubles? Stock market down, stock market down!!? Do these signs mean that the stock market is in dire straights?

What does it mean when the stock market goes down? Why is Coca Cola revenues decreasing? What is the market value of this stock? Better altcoin to invest? You recently inherited your family business. Would you sell it and retire? Or would you continue running it?

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