Inner circle trader. Hello everyone, So I have pretty much taken notes on every Inner Circle Trader video out there and I figure now that he is going on a break it would.

Inner circle trader

Breaking Bad Habits Webinar & Intraday Scalp Example

Inner circle trader. ATTENTION If you have recently gone on The Inner Circle Traders YouTube channel and tried to view his recently published Market Maker 12 Flout Videos.

Inner circle trader

Nothing promised - just information to make you think independently. First of all Michael thank you for your hard work and effort. This course is priceless ,there is no way that there is a course out there that can beat this one. This is precision at your best. There is one thing that you still need to do , work hard.

Thanks for your patiente and all the info. He change my life. I feel very happy and also fortunate to have had the opportunity to have participated in the mentorship, and that Michael even took on this monumental task in the first place. There is nowhere you would get this. The quality is self-evident, and I don't mean to be malicious when I say that if you cannot see that, then you are likely going to be the biggest problem in your own development.

It's very apparent that Michael is the real deal. He's a hard-working and genuine dude with good integrity, and it's incredible to have found a mentor that possesses these qualities to such a large degree while also being as exceptionally skilled and experienced a trader as he is. This was high-quality craftsmanship and dedication. Proper learning taught by a great teacher. This mentorship has been truly an opportunity to really learn to trade and ICT has delivered and more on anything he sais he was going to do.

I joined in mid January so right from the start I felt behind. In August I received all the content and completed the mentorship. They way the mentorship is delivered is that each month there were new topics but it did not had any connection. So at times I have felt overwelmed and did not know when to use what however it all came together in August. It is now 2 weeks after the end and I am forever grateful for ICT. I truly believe in time it will change my live. Aug 31, - 5 Stars Michael shared his life work and he did it topic by topic.

Throughout the 12 months I have been lost and overwelmed several times with all the content. However at the end of the mentorship it has all come together. Michael has been providing the content in such a way we can be independent traders and think for ourselves. It covered bonds, commodities, forex, indexs and stocks. From price action to the mental game. I am forerever grateful of this opportunity and know I will have this for the rest of my life.

I cannot thank Michael enough for his willingness to share his hard found trading material content in the ICT Mentorship. Never in all of the Trading and investment world, have I seen such effective and applicable knowledge to understand markets. Your work comes up true every time. It took long and hard work to uncover this, same in studying it. The Market will not have it otherwise. I promise and commit to guarding and use your materials as intended.

I am staying with you as I reach milestones of trading maturity. Best wishes and Regards Herbert. ICT did it, 12 months non stop of material and lessons, day in day out. All for the price of what you could make in a single few trades, Unbelievable if you think about it.

For all those who dont believe in his concepts, I challenge you to come up with anything similar, even fake, anything at all, even if it deosnt work. What a great teacher, performer, story teller, articulate throughout and always on the ball, a man of his word who came up with the goods, very sexy indeed.

Oh, and thanks to all those people on the forum who gave lots of their time in helping thickos like me. Some decent, kind and very sharing people out there. Wow- I can't believe the mentorship is already over Michael gave hundreds and hundreds of hours of his time- the volume of information was enormous. Not only was his live commentary amazing, but his prepared presentations were so very professional and polished, I constantly felt that he wasn't charging enough for the value he was giving.

I cannot look at the markets the same again, My eyes have been trained to see these concepts that he demonstrated consistently, over and over again. Truth is, that I feel like I found a friend in him.

He made himself available to all of us every day, and I got used to spending time with him. I am now going through ICT withdrawal. Thank goodness, I still have access to the forums and can still watch and study.

I don't know if he will read this, but if so, thank you, thank you for what you gave me. For any of his trolls who may see this, because you are obsessed with him in an unhealthy way you really missed out ICT is very well known for his ego, but he's also known for a lot more than that.

He took what he learned in his 24 years of trading and defined his own edges with it, he then shared that with the communities, and the people who bash him use the same material in some type of way with their own edges. I honestly don't understand negative reviews, like I said, he can have fun with his ego and that fuels certain people, however, if you ignore the noise and just focus on the material you will create your own key. I was a part of the mentorship for the whole 12 months and this dude took on a serious work load, executed, and truly showed he cared while following ALL legal rules.

Because of ICT I now have the tools in my mind to feel I can transform my reality with what he has shared and hard work on my part. That's an honest review. Staying the course took staying power for all involved self-included. This is a losing mentality: The ICT Mentorship was an extraordinary experience! I knew when Michael made the offering it was a chance of a lifetime, and I jumped headlong in to be a part. ICT has gone the distance, persevering, casting their bread upon the waters, and in due season, it will return back many-fold.

I am blessed to have been a part, and look forward to giving you the good report on the difference this mentorship has made in my life, and for my family. May God continue to richly bless you and family, and many thanks again…Godspeed!! Teaches the underlying mechanics of the markets. Free tutorials provided are enough to become profitable, the Mentorship just expanded on the concepts and refined them.

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