Zerodha commodity trading demo. Zerodha nest trader demo.

Zerodha commodity trading demo

MCX Demo Trading Software How to Demo Trading in MCX in Hindi Step by Step

Zerodha commodity trading demo. Traders/Investors,. We at Zerodha are super excited about the rave reviews Kite(beta) our new web trading application has been getting for its super simple user interface, .. I got my user id 3 days back and like to have a demo over the phone/. .. How to trade successfully in commodity by using kite?

Zerodha commodity trading demo

Following is a quick tutorial on everything you need to know to get started on Kite. Keep dragging the chart to the left to load more. Kite is enabled to all our clients by default, no need of sending any requests. We are working on our native mobile app until then try kite.

Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Please look into this. BTW I have been addicted to kite. Very simple and elegant. When you are planning to launch mobile app of kite?

Best to check q. We will probably give a link to Q directly from holdings, so it is easy for u to check. Kite is good platform and it has eased up lot of activity. One request can you please also a incorporate an order type which remains open till it is canceled or executed with validity in multiple of days. Its tricky considering the Exchanges cancel all pending orders at the end of the day. You shall hear from us soon in this regards.

Can you please give the tentative date for this implementation. HDFC Securities have this feature of GTD good till date active for one one month and the program updates the order book every day when the order expires at end of day. If I cancel the pending order any time then the GTD also cancels.

This is a very good feature for investors like us who are busy with life routines of work. I wish you can provide this feature also. Understand your concern, however this will take longer. Eagerly awaiting this feature. It is scaring as you are not sure of your investments to be in the right hands. I am really pissed off with this, I try to log in but it says gateway timed out.

Unable to log in. The customer care number is not attended by the executives and yet my balance is deducted. Deepak, we were running maintenance activity today hence the gateway timed out issue. You can check now. Nithin — are these maintenance activities communicated to the clients in advance? I am new, so trying to understand the Zerodha process. Siva, every night between 1am to 5am we run end of day processes. So between these times, it is possible that the platform is down.

But the site seems to be down every day between 1 — 5 AM. Not much of inconvenience but I usually check this stuff when I come home after work late in the night. We run end of day processes in the backend during which site is down. I have not seen or heard of any brokerage firm that causes so many problems for their users by giving wrong data in the name of backend processes.

I work for a large IT firm and my colleague runs large backend team. They are super shocked to even listen to this. Please check for yourself any and every other trading platform. No one does this!! I got so fed up that I opened another account. May I ask why you limit the streaming quotes watchlist to 20? At least have another list where the updates happen say every 5 minutes if the reason is to reduce the load on your server.

We currently use a vendor Thomson Reuters for our execution management system. Agreed they take 3 hours which is long for trade process, we are pushing them to reduce this. Btw, you can look at Q. There are 5 watchlists you can have at one time each with 20 stocks. It is not to reduce load on server, but more because of the bandwidth constraints due to the infra available in India we have in streaming so much data.

In kite marketwatch please add change in points also alongside percentage change from previous closing price. The idea with Kite is to keep it simple and not clutter it with too much information.

You can use Pi if you need additional info while trading. I am greatly satisfied with Pi and Kite. The problem is I cannot download Pi in my office desktop and I have to rely on Kite only. Percentages are good while working on weekly or monthly analysis.. I am eagerly waiting for it. I guess, its a fairly simple change to do.

Please arrange to provide Hot keys for trading This will be a great help for scalpers and fast traders. There are very good stocks in BSE. Can you please look into this issue and provide us the solution. I am eagerly waiting for BSE enablement on Kite interface.

Please inform when its enabled. Hi Nithin, Great job by your team. Hope beta version of Kite mobile will be there for iPhone as well. It is already available: Say An order be placed in to the kite trading system at 3: Secondly I am looking for a smart order say placing a buy order by at Bid price and not Ask price and sell order at Ask price and not Bid price by system default without typing the price available at that point of time….

The first one is an algo, so will be tough for us to offer. Second one, let me find out, we are planning to add a price ladder, that should help you out. Same reason guns are not allowed to be bought easily: I transferred fund to trading account but it is not shown in kite. At the same time it is showing in Q. Now, can I trade? There was mock trading on exchanges yesterday, so I am guessing when you checked we were doing end of day process.

Can you check now. I having serious issue with calculation of average price. The problem is very simple, Yesterday I took short position by selling 2 lot Aluminium in different timing, First lot for On the same day yesterday , I exit the 1st lot at I asked this to your customer support team, the said as follows.

But Still I have 1 open position, what is average price for currently having open position? KITE shows that average price of currently having open position is Rs. But my argument is average price of 1 open position is RS.

Regarding this issue I made email to customer support today morning Ticket but as of now 9: Due to this issue, even price was fall down below Rs, Apart from this issue, I really honest you and feel that this issue should come to your knowledge. We are living by getting small gains earned from market. I hope that you will understand my pain.

Best wishes to your kind service. Hi Thomas, I believe an agent has spoken to you and has clarified the methodology used to compute average prices. Sir, I like your kite software also brokerage structure, I have one request to you is to add a single touch watch list of total futures and nifty 50 shares.

Thanks and regards Arun. Registered with zerodha few days back and found their trading sucks!. I called up their call center. No one is in a position to resolve. I will try a few days of struggle and bid good bye to zerodha. I will lose the time and the application money paid. Back to good old Kotak. Anyways getting someone to call you back and check this out. Dear nithin kamath, I found trade.

I am not able to use kite as it is not suiting to my trading style.


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