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Dc bonta forex

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Dc bonta forex

I saw these reviews only today and could kick myself for ever trusting this dreadful company - three years ago he called himself The Shark - which was quite accurate as it turned out - he is a predator for sure. Total amateur with no clue to stop loss orders. Said I should re-invest so that he could make up the loss - yeah right. He claimed at the time that he had 25 years experience in trading - stamps maybe, but not the forex market for sure.

He should be closed down and prosecuted as a fraudster. Never ever trust this scam artist. Can't say enough bad things about this company. After 12 months, my account value had dropped.

My advice would be to avoid these guys and their wild claims like the plague. I should have went with my gut instinct. The Alerts were useless and the software does not work unless you deposit money into his account. On 3 occasions, I have spoken to a superviser at the number to try and get a refund. It has yet to happen. Their site has been down for about three weeks and when you call their number, they say they are busy and will get back with you.

This has never happened. If anyone reading this is on the fence and wanting to deposit money with this man, do yourself a huge favor and don't do it. This guy is suspect. He blocked any persons who make a complaint so that his site appears credible. The site sent out an email saying - "In order to dispel any rumors that may be swirling around regarding our website being down for the last two weeks, we'd like to let you know what's going on.

They requested that we take our website down while they conduct this review. As soon as they are finished, our website will be back up and better than ever! Thanks for your patience! I came across another site offering DC Bonta's services, thesharkfx. It looks to be just as fraudulent. I am new to Forex and paid for his tips. I am very interested to see the other negative comments. He gives a system including a 25pip loss stop and works out figures based on that.

However I have yet to query him on the loss of spread when it hits the 25 pip stop at high speed! They have spent a large part of the year in drawdown on their main position, but his advertising never mentions any losses.

Stay right away from this guy. The published monthly trading results are deliberately overstated. Huge losses can be expected if you give this conman your money to trade. This guy is a major scam artist. After that bad trading, he switch to a different hedging trading technique.

This guy is a major scam trader and should be lock up. They claim they do other strategies but obviously not enough to prevent the carry trades drawdowns. They are still not profitable on a 12 months basis, even as carry trade traders they do a poor job compare to others. You would be surprise to see how many hide the true picture.

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