Forex fury. Forex Fury is not a trusted product. Users have reported a loss by using Forex Fury.

Forex fury

Forex Steam Version 8 Review

Forex fury. Forex Fury is a new automated EA. It's rare that I ever review Forex products but this system is the exception for a reason. It's tremendous. I have been happily participating in testing this software for months now and I'm extremely impressed. Today I'll be providing a review and informing the portion of the.

Forex fury

Jun 25, Anyone who thinks otherwise would be a good candidate of getting duped. But why are we dishing out harsh judgement already? Well, if you have not used this robot or read a long bucket list of negative user reviews concerning it, you may never know what using this EA on a live account would mean to you, financially. But give it a week or two and all the profits will be gone.

Furthermore, there is a note on Forex Peace Army which warns that between the months of August and September , there were multiple suspicious reviews that submitted to this forum to paint Forex Fury in the best positive light.

We have all reasons to believe that this expert advisor cannot make profits for its users in the long run. Traders whose accounts have been looted by this system will soon comment here attesting to the fact that Forex Fury did more damage to their accounts than good. The first month of testing Forex Fury was paradise and hell at the same time. But we can say that it performed quite okay.

The package that we bought is being touted with a number of features such as high-performance settings, free updates, unlimited demo accounts and 2 live accounts. However, during the few weeks of using Forex Fury, we noticed that their accounts were not recording our losing trades only winning ones. This prompted us to submit an inquiry concerning the issue.

We asked lots of questions which they did not seem to like very much. Also, on different occasions, this EA has blasted past the pip mark, even though they claim that their system is restricted to a stop of 30 pips maximum. Again, this prompted us to submit a suggestion about programming a hard stop so that we could have recourse with our broker in the event that a stop was breached.

Now, to be honest, we have never got any response concerning this matter. This also reminds us of their fabricated MyFXbook results which we strongly believe was manipulated. These results are probably from their demo account since this Expert Advisor lacks the ability to perform consistently in the long run. And just to reinforce things; this is a personal encounter with Forex Fury.

These reviews are suspicious, hence the note on Forex Peace Army. Also, if this vendor behind Forex Fury was genuine and caring about their reputation, they would have responded to their critics out there.

Not all criticisms come from haters. Traders are raising genuine questions about the so-called Forex Fury, and no one is attending to those concerns. We only saw one comment from these guys, and what they were saying was clearly false. And in this case, anyone who ignores these red flags will likely land themselves in hot soup as this product has clearly demonstrated its inability to produce Forex profits.

However, users say that Forex Fury tends to open random trades by the hour. It is not unusual to have up to 7 positions running simultaneously which is a dangerous scenario because multiple trades running at once raises your risk profile. Again, there is evidence that this vendor is only using false account statements and probably paying for positive reviews in order to promote this product anyway. Finally, Forex Fury does not offer any refund. If you buy it and realize that the EA cannot perform, the vendor will not hear any of your case.

It seems asking for a refund is the last thing that this vendor would want to hear. Forex Fury is not a good EA. You may decide to gamble all your money with this EA and reality will always catch up with you. This is mainly because for every forward step that you make with Forex Fury, you will suffer a setback of 6 steps behind. You all know what this means to your account.

Large draw down is the biggest problem with this expert advisor. All in all, it does not offer any value for money. If anything, using this EA is the same thing as gambling. On the same note, we are advising you to use our recommended EAs and mentoring courses instead. We only recommend these products because we have tested and found them to be a viable way of making money on the Forex market.

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