Forex news gun software. Simply put, SNW Elite is a high speed spike trading tool that's designed to help you make vast amounts of money in Forex, Fx Futures, S+P Eminis, bond trading, and the like. During crucial economic news announcements, SNW Elite receives high speed economic data and rapidly compares those numbers against your.

Forex news gun software

Forex News Spike Trading Snw Elite Autoclick Software - Youtube [Forex Trading News Software]

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Forex news gun software

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Hello I am looking for alternative software for trading news events.

I am only found news spike trader nst. Do you know anything else? Paul I attempted to trade news spikes on MT4 for a very long time using a number of manual and automated tools. I made a bucketload of money with it. The results remind me of when "Million Dollar Pips" First came out.

Then, too, I made a bunch of cash for about 2 months. Heres how they are both alike: They both exploited weaknesses of MT4 brokers. To be more specific, they took advantage of MT4 brokers who B-booked trades, allowing for "instant executions". Essentially what this means is that trades never went upstream to the actual market.

They stayed in the broker sandbox. IN the broker sandbox, they play all kinds of execution games, but both MDP EA and secret news weapon at news time made SO much money for traders that brokers couldnt fight it.

What they actually did to fight back was simply stop B-booking. What it also does is it removes the potential for the broker to capitalize on the fact that these traders are nearly always ultimate losers, but it protects the broker from things like MDP or SNW. This was a long winded explanation of the following underlying truth: If the price move keeps going, great. But you are just as likely to see a pullback and massive DD first, so your profit is likely to be minimal even then, and if the initial spike was an incorrect knee-jerk and the actual reaction is opposite once the market digests it, then double whammy, and massive loss.

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