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Forex peace army binary options

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Forex peace army binary options. Is Ayrex a Good Binary Options Broker? Read Real Reviews, By Traders, For Traders? Add Your Rating to the Largest Forex Review Database by Forex Peace Army? >>.

Forex peace army binary options

Ayrex is an innovative Binary Options Broker serving clients worldwide. Ayrex operates in full compliance with international laws and financial regulations. By implementing an entirely new approach to binary options trading Ayrex gives its clients better possibilities of increasing their trading expertise and profit. Practice is the most important aspect of learning. Practice makes perfect and we want to give our prospective and existing clients the chance to make educated decisions when it comes to trading.

Our demo is absolutely free and requires no registration. Free, no registration, no expiry date. We created our own unique platform.

We are constantly brainstorming on what we can improve and what we can offer to our clients. Instant deal execution, no bugs, no platform freeze. A team of IT professionals works every day to ensure outstanding platform performance. One click trading is implemented for all the deals. I am a disabled person from a poor family. At first, I won five times, Then I lose all again. I won another 10 times. But after I won ten times I lose again. I never won anything for the third time.

I thought I can have extra income for my tight financial and part-time job is not enough for me. So I decided to stop it. I cannot afford to invest again and again. I get the idea that Ayrex is paying for all the wonderful reviews they get. I' am only talking about my personal experience: They made so much fuss about my 8 wins in a row, that I asked to close my account, and it took me several emails for them to understand my request.

Do you want to know how much money was involved into this unreal situation? How's that for a wonderful, trusted broker?!? Ok these guys are legit.. And one thing that i have notice is that they will not allow you to use martingale startegy once you've reached a certain level. The platform will not execute your investment to win back your losses. I am a victim of Ayrex. They have so many different ways to SCAM people. I have all the proofs Screenshots, Chats which they stole my money in front of my eyes and they also accepted and confessed that it was a technical issue and they will refund me in 7 days BUT later I have received an Email from these scammers that: I asked them why do I have to wait 7 days for refund, you make me lost money and took my money in just 1 minute by opening a trade for me and now I have to wait 7 days for refund of my money???

People, it's not because of just 40 Dollars they took from me, it's nothing for me I actually start trading on Forex since and I have 16 accounts with 16 different Forex, Stock and Binary Options brokers and I can make much more than that amount of money or lose in a single day, but my point is that I have trusted this broker and they just disappointed me by stealing my money even though it's just a small amount So, how much they can Steal from us in just one day??? And I am not that kind of trader who loses money because of his own fault and then blame the broker I have lost more than USD only in Ayrex in just days, but I will not blame them for my mistake But this one was not my mistake and I did not open that trade and I did not lose that money, Ayrex did open that trade and made me lose my money Now imagine how much money they can make every day from STEALING the rest of the money people have in their broker and they don't let people to withdraw their own money.

Please think about yourself and your family and save your hard earned money and do not put your money in this SCAM broker and do not be a victim of this so called broker Because the same thing will happen to you if you don't believe me Aug 8, - No Rating hello everybody i m from Bangladesh.

This broker promise to deliver to their affiliates some percentages of their clients trades. Now they change all of a sudden beginning with a new strategy that suites them but fraud like to their partners which is not fair.

I must say I had a lot of faith in this company. It seemed legit in the beginning even though I was not winning on certain ITM trades.

As time went on I played only trades I was sure of and without a doubt things started to happen Video 1 youtube - Ayrex. Hello ayrex, i do have a few questions, You said we get paid for orders that opened and closed,by costumers And you mean, your company do not have interess in lossing clients, But i think , You get comission for letting lossing people, You get 2 comissions, A comission from opened closed orders, And comissions from letting your costumers losse their money, i see no other way than this!!!

Becouse there is high probability of making money??? And why Is return it same for no touch and one touch, whit One touch It is a mirracle if you can make money,!!! Why return is it same, And why with no touch Some times if i buy why distance wil decrease?

And becouse of that They make it sooo Damn difficult and unfair!!! I now That Brokers Lie a lot of thimes!!!! Broker x say if i have freezing orders or not accept orders that my connection problem is a problem,, But ayrex can always work supper fast, But what ayrex cant Can do another broker, But clients always The problem of every problem,,,,, Can you explain my , if you dont have interesse in lossing clients, Why this system is so unfair???

I have used ayrex for some time, it always seemed like a decent broker. It is to coincidental for my taste. I would never have taken it for Maybe for special reason this can happen one a day but not 3 or 4 trades in a row.

Then either you are frauding the customer, or you have a calculation system that is deceptive which is also not a good thing. Review and Ratings Forex Brokers Ayrex. Getting a welcome bonus is not a valid reason for a review. Please test the broker using your own money first.

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