Intraday gap trading strategies. I'm listing my 11 easiest gap trading strategies for you to try out. Gap trading suits every trading style, from day trading to options trading. If you don't know what gaps are yet, first get my complimentary guide, The Gap Method. Read it all the way through before you read the gap trading strategies below. 1.?Want to know how to get ?1. Day Trading ?2. Options Trading ?8. Penny Stocks.

Intraday gap trading strategies

Morning Gap Strategy: Day trade opening gaps. // Trading the open, stocks & options tips strategies

Intraday gap trading strategies. Intraday gap trading strategies are the most consistent and profitable day trading or.

Intraday gap trading strategies

Before getting into the strategy just wanna tell you that amibroker supports two in built functions gapup and gapdown to identify gap up and gap down openings. Rest of the days it returns Zero. Strategy is very simple. When the market open with gap down and while opening if it crosses yesterday low then it should be considered as strong short.

One can experiment with high beta stock. The beauty of the system is stop loss is only 0. Dinesh is software Engineer by profession and a trader in equity and commodity markets. He does research with various technical analysis and loves to develop strategies in amibroker.

Remarkably he is a student of Marketcalls and does freelancing for creating custom indicators in Amibroker. As of now we are not providing Amibroker License. We resell only datafeed. For Amibroker License you can directly refer amibroker. For Datafeed Pricing refer http: You can refer amibroker. Where do we enter and exit, and is it intraday? Have u tried this on higher timeframe? As per my analysis higher time frame is not suitable for the strategy.

In less time high returns, sounds cool. Hi, your afl is scanning stocks which opened gap up above previous days range and its giving buy signals. I think following two are better strategies compared to what you have done: Security opens gap up with in previous days range, initiate buy when it crossed above previous days high.

I also need a help. I need scanner for rsi double top Mr Rajan vyas might have requested. If you can design it , then it will be very helpful.

Your email address will not be published. Related Readings and Observations Introduction to Backtesting a Trading System using Amibroker Backtesting is a simple process which helps a trader to evaluate his trading ideas and provides information about how good the trading system performs on the given historical dataset.

Generally Rolling Returns are computed for 3yr, 5yr, 10yr period. This helps one to visualize how the volume in the first 1 hour compare to previous trading days. Comments sir i am bapu jadhav i like it to amibrokar softwaer i parchase use your softwaer how can i you parchase softwaeer.

Hi, As of now we are not providing Amibroker License. Can you please do the needful. Thanks in Advance Rajesh R. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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