Trading en ligne arnaque. Botmen #Trading est actuellement En ligne. Botmen #Trading: Sorry about that. Botmen #Trading: My internet went off. D3V1L: it's ok. Botmen #Trading: Cant it be, AK Cartel + M4 Cyrex or M4 Cyrex + M4 Desert Strike, Or M4 Cyrex + Famas AfterImage? D3V1L: it's no equal. Botmen #Trading: Mmm Botmen #Trading: 3.

Trading en ligne arnaque

Envoy? Sp?cial Forex et Option binaire : arnaques ?

Trading en ligne arnaque. Si vous ?tes un trader suisse, nous vous conseillons de consulter r?guli?rement le site de cet organisme de r?gulation option binaire qui vous fera savoir, ? travers des rapports d'activit?, des alertes et des mises en garde, comment vous prot?ger et ?viter tout risque d'arnaque en ligne. De tels organismes.

Trading en ligne arnaque

Ver website para computador. Serait'il possible de ban ce compte ou de rendre mon item? Raykhov Ver Perfil Ver Posts. Tu peux toujours le report sur son profil mais tu peux dire adieu a tes items je crois.

Originalmente postado por D3V1L:. C'est hallucinant de voir encore du monde se faire attraper par ce genre d'arnaque meme si ce n'est pas vraiment un. Hey you selling your M4? Or maybe some other stuff? Well i was planning to buy the M4, and possibily along with the famas Botmen Trading: And judging how you got so many P's maybe 1 of those included D3V1L: Wouldnt make a great buy if it was alone, I mean I wouldnt know what exactly to offer for it Botmen Trading: On standalone Botmen Trading: Its alright if your nto selling dont worry just say it D3V1L: So can I have a simple answer by any chance?

Oh and 1 more thing if i may ask, do you by chance know anyone who is wanting to buy a copy of CSGO? My price is below average customers, Im selling it for 3 keys, or overpay in skins D3V1L: Ah cool thanks Botmen Trading: Notify me as soon as you find out though. Oh and if by chance you come to a point where you want to sell your M4, tell me, im always open to give a good offer, as long as you accept my type of payment D3V1L: I probably would say you would need to add 1 more item or so D3V1L: Because the trade is equivalent and prices in skins fluctuate Botmen Trading: Can you do either the AK cartel or After image Famas?

If you cant just say it D3V1L: A little low isnt that? I mean sorry Botmen Trading: You have 2 m4s its quite confusing D3V1L: Ah thats a little low isnt it D3V1L: Sorry about that Botmen Trading: My internet went off D3V1L: Not equal Botmen Trading: Mmm by the way D3V1L: Im not following D3V1L: Thats why i wanted to ask Botmen Trading: Do you by chance have instant trade? Il send it to this account now Botmen Trading: Il be offline for 1 minute Botmen Trading est actuellement En ligne.

K i got it Botmen Trading: Does it show just some text or? I placed it in this chat Botmen Trading: So you can see D3V1L: I dont need that game D3V1L: I wouldnt say that, Botmen Trading: Mmm still low to be honest D3V1L: Ok wait Botmen Trading: Im thinking about something Botmen Trading: Do you have instant trades?

The problem is I dont have that D3V1L: I was thinking we do this, Il take the offer of the cyrex alone because i am trying to quick sell the Copy. Since i dont have instant trade, however i can gift you the copy so its instant.

So am I Botmen Trading: This is why I say this Botmen Trading: Cant we do cyrex alone? Mm can we do the cartel and afterimage then? For me to send you because you already got the game on that account i need to know your email adress just the ID so i can send it to you Botmen Trading: Im trying to be quick D3V1L: Let me check if i have it D3V1L: You still got the ak? But you said you got the ak? Todos os direitos reservados.


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