Customs broker test. A: The Customs Broker License Examination is an open book/open test with 80 multiple-choice questions based on designated editions of: The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS); Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations; Specified Customs Directives; Customs and Trade Automated.

Customs broker test

Customs Broker Exam Info

Customs broker test. By Michelle Kelley. Congratulations to Chris Lindstrand, Syracuse Import Supervisor, and Carla Torrillo, Rochester Import Coordinator, for recently passing the Customs broker license exam. Passing the broker exam is no small feat. It's actually easier to pass the bar exam than the broker exam!

Customs broker test

The average person can complete our Course in 6 weeks. A survey of students averaged 22 hours for reading assignments and 24 hours for viewing lectures, for a total of 46 study hours. See complete course info here. What is the total cost of the course? See Ordering Information for details. The only publication we do not include is the Harmonized Tariff. It is not required until Lesson 9 and you will be prompted when to get it. We include everything else required to take the Customs Broker Exam, plus additional reference material for future use.

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Do you have testimonials of former students? Yes - You can view them here: Can I see an online preview? According to the U. Career Outlook Customs brokers are a vital component in an expanding global business environment. The position has a bright outlook, according to the U. Department of Labor, which predicts the number of customs broker jobs will grow an average of 10 to 19 percent from to Do you have any agreements with state unemployment agencies?

Why is this is the highest rated Customs Broker License Exam course. We keep it interesting - you will understand and remember more - if you are interested. Constant Improvement - We are always improving the methods of delivery, our teaching standards and learning tools available to the student.

How does your Customs Brokers License Exam course work? It is very easy to follow. Just as in any class, you complete a reading assignment prior to entering the classroom. The only difference with this course is that you do not have to commute to class and can study at your own pace. What is your refund policy? We have never had a refund request in our history. It should be noted that DVD's are similar to software and music CD's, which when opened, can not be returned.

Our limitations are strictly for copyright protection. While multiple users may share course material, to prevent misuse of our support services we limit the use of support services to the original student based on enrollment information originally provided, including e-mail and IP address.

American Customs reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrollment. Our main objective is copyright protection. DVD's are encoded for our copyright protection. Customs brokers are private individuals, partnerships, associations or corporations licensed, regulated and empowered by U.

Customs and Border Protection CBP to assist importers and exporters in meeting Federal requirements governing imports and exports. Brokers submit necessary information and appropriate payments to CBP on behalf of their clients and charge them a fee for this service.

Brokers must have expertise in the entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, valuation, and the rates of duty and applicable taxes and fees for imported merchandise. There are approximately 11, active licensed Customs brokers in the United States. Corporations, partnerships and associations must have a broker license to transact Customs business.

Each of these businesses must have at least one individually licensed officer, partner or associate to qualify the company's license. Failure to have a qualifying officer or member of a partnership for more than days will result in the revocation of the broker license.

To be eligible, you must: First, you must pass the Customs Broker License Examination. Second, you must submit a broker license application with appropriate fees. What is the Customs Broker License Examination?

How long is the Customs Broker License Examination? Where and when is the Customs Broker Examination given? What must applicants take to the Customs Broker Examination site? Each applicant is responsible for bringing proof of registration, a picture identification, and the recommended reference materials to the examination.

Yes, you must be a citizen on the date of the examination. What is a passing score? A passing score is 75 percent or better. What if I fail the examination? You may retake the examination until you pass.

When may I apply? Assuming you are eligible, you may apply after you pass the Customs Broker License Examination. How long after passing the examination can I wait to apply for a broker license?

You must apply to a CBP port director within three years of the date of the letter notifying you that you passed the Customs Broker License Examination. What are the fees for a broker license application? Where do I apply?

Apply to the port where you want to transact Customs business as a broker. Who reviews broker license applications? There are three levels of review. First is a multi-agency background investigation. Second, the CBP port director reviews the background investigation and any other pertinent information, and forwards a recommendation to CBP Headquarters in Washington, D.

Finally, CBP will carefully evaluate each application, and the Assistant Commissioner, Office of International Trade, will advise the applicant whether his or her application is approved. What does the background investigation include?

Each broker license applicant must undergo a background investigation that includes a fingerprint analysis and a review of character references, credit reports, and any arrest record. Arrests or convictions do not necessarily preclude the issuance of a license. How long does the license application process take? The length of time it takes to complete the license application process can vary depending on multiple factors.

Some of the factors include but are not limited to the amount of different locations the applicant has lived in, the workload of the agent conducting the background investigation and the national security threat level.

Under the new procedure starting in , CBP can process a license within 90 days. Is there an appeal if a broker license application is denied by CBP? Appeal procedures are outlined in 19 CFR Customs Broker License Exam. How to become a Customs Broker.


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