Forex godfather ea. I also purchased this EA when it was Version 1, and did buy Version 2, but not happy to do so. The only reason I bought Version 2 because the EA had been very profitable, and I would make that back in one trade, and I did. This has been the only EA that I have made any real money with. I am definitely.

Forex godfather ea

Forex EA - Blessing EA Robot

Forex godfather ea. Forex Godfather is a Forex EA. A Forex EA (expert advisor) can be a powerful tool for your Metatrader. But not every Expert Advisor is working with every broker. You have to test the Forex Godfather on a demo account first. The results between the demo account and the real account can be different. Main reason are.

Forex godfather ea

Tried it on an ECN broker, started with a 50, demo account, used out of the box settings Needless to say, I'm not impressed. Large drawdowns concern me! I also purchased this EA when it was Version 1, and did buy Version 2, but not happy to do so. The only reason I bought Version 2 because the EA had been very profitable, and I would make that back in one trade, and I did. This has been the only EA that I have made any real money with. I am definitely going to continue using it.

Update from my previous post. As I said I had a good trade next day after buying followed by another good trade a day later. Since then I have had no trades. I set it up on a demo on default settings and have had zero trades. They give you an option to buy the Elite version which I think is for different pairs.

Within an hour the EA opened a sell trade and caught the big downturn this week. As it was a demo I hadnt thought too much about MM and placed a standard 1. Not too bad for a 1st trade. Noe for the downside. First of all there dosnt seem to be any support as highlighted in other comments.

I e-mailed with a few general questions but got no reponse. Secondly, again as highlighted in other comments the stop loss and take profit levels are totally unrealistic and I would recommend that once in a trade you manage it yourself based on your own strategy. I'll try it out for a while longer and post again with further update. This EA and company is a complete fraud.

I bought the EA version 1. After using it for a week, I received an email that version 2. I have emailed the company 3 times. I have not received one response. First, you have to manually watch the trades and exit each position on your own. Second, there is no customer service. I have emailed them twice since purchasing the EA and have not received a response.

The first email was sent 3 days ago. As of right now I would give this EA 2 stars only on the entry strategy of the EA, but you need to watch this EA at all times since it will liquidate your account if enters a position and you don't catch it in time to set appropriate SL and TP limits. I'm very disappointed with these vendors. I purchased the ea 1 week ago today, and I am still waiting for the ea.

Once you purchase, you cannot download, it asks for your email address for the ea to be sent to you. It never came, despite two emails to support.

Two days ago I have taken a support ticket from Clickbank and we'll see what happens. If I don't get the ea within one more day, I'll be asking for a refund. They seem to fall within the scam category as they don't deliver on their sales promise.

Guy, this morning received email from the developer saying V. I feel cheated by the web developer web site as under the FAQ any update in the future is free of charge. PLS consider before buying. Support are not responsive. I purchased it more than 10 days back put it on live account kept same parameters as stated in manual except mm as true as per fpa demo test never got any single trades although can see the trades on fpa test.

Sent twice mails twice to support did not get any response hence asked for refund from clickbank. Although performance looks very good on fpa site but if I do not get any trades nor response from their support it is no use to me.

I generally like this EA - it has made some great trades for me over the last 2 weeks, that I have copied into my live account, rather than running it direct. I have got a question though and that is that I cannot reproduce the executed trades as shown on the FPA Alpari demo account, even with equal settings. Is any one else having this issue? I not rewiew it for now, i have buy it yesterday, but today i have receive a email from godfather support for advice this: Ian Ross and his team of traders have finally released this incredible software to the world!

But I must warn you, you need to jump on this very quickly indeed. Forex Enforcer Automatic is the revolutionary new software that does all of your trading for you and has mastered all the problems that we are facing as Forex traders of today. So you can see why this is going to sell out very fast indeed. And with only copies available, this offer is already extremely time sensitive. Hit this link now to grab your Forex Enforcer copy before they all disappear which will happen sooner rather than later The software has incredible inbuilt intelligence which will render all other Forex software entirely obsolete.

And if you are a total newbie to Forex then this software is exactly the tool that you need to start making insane profits right from day one. It comes with a step-by-step user manual that shows you how to get everything ready in an instant. It then sits on those winning trades before leaving them precisely at the right time. Should the market look like it will go the wrong way then it gets out immediately.

You do not need to monitor your computer at all. So you can be at work or on holiday whilst the software is trading for you. This is a key element and an element that Ian and his team excel at.

Whenever you have a question, you can just ask away and they will be back to you in an instant. Included in this support are free, complimentary upgrades to the software as soon as they become available.

This ensures that you will maintain your profits forever! BUT you face a race against time to be one of the lucky few whose lives will be changed forever. It's inevitable that this software will sell out today when considering the unbelievable profits that it brings in.

The copies will go fast, so act now To your Forex success, [your name] P. S Ian will take Forex Enforcer Automatic off the market once the first copies have been snapped up. So if you want this, then get in now: If i want it i need pay another It has placed any trades yet. I bought this because FPA put it as 1. Will continue to demo test it for a month before going live.

I urge everyone to please put in their 2cents about this EA as we all continue to evaluate this software. Forex Robot , Performance Tested. Company appears to be out of business. Live discussion Join live discussion of ForexGodFather. Video Your company video here? Court cases Open 0 Resolved 0 Not guilty 0 Guilty 0. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Page 1 of 2.


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