How to choose strike price for call options. Read the options theory for professionals and options strategies module on Varsity where you will learn how to choose the strike price for naked options and how to choose the strike prices for the various options strategies explained there. For ex, in a short strangle strategy, you short 1 OTM call option and.

How to choose strike price for call options

Options Basics Choosing a Strike Price

How to choose strike price for call options. In our previous installment in this series, we looked at option prices and how to interpret them. In the second part of a series on buying options, we will look at another issue that confuses many beginning traders, how to pick the right strike price of an option. For any call or put option of a specific contract.

How to choose strike price for call options

Trading in options is the attractive way to make more money with less investment as options have limited risk but unlimited profit potential. Choosing the right strike price option is very important. People take positions in deep out the money options just because they are cheap.

Deep out the money options can work good in positional trades when major up or down moves are expected. But for day trading selection of right strike price option is very important.

If we can estimate the range of any stock for the next trading day we can easily select the right strike price option. The volatility percent of any stock or index price on particular trading day can be used to estimate the range for next trading day. In this post I will take the example of Nifty index, this can be applied to any stock also. Click on the other information and note down the daily volatility. This 58 is the number by which nifty can go up or down. So on the next trading day the nifty trading range will be Therefore options of strike price either put or call will be good for day trade.

Above is NSE site link. Where is other information there please? Suppose my view on Nifty is bullish for intraday for 10 min time. Which option should by buy instantly for few min and sell?

Please tell me with an example with NSE option chain quote. Your reply will be highly appreciated. Your email address will not be published.

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