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Too many of our clients have suffered with flaky, unresponsive website designers or website designers who delivered a bad product and the client had no idea what they were getting until it was too late. We avoid these pitfalls by using a defined process that hits deadlines, keeps the communication going, and delivers your perfect website.

Overview and understanding of your competitors and what other companies are doing in your industry ideal. You can pinpoint your specialty and see where the holes are in your industry that can be filled.

This allows you to see the estimated global and local search volume, ranking difficulty, and also predicts the cost of running paid campaigns. Through this research you can decipher which terms and phrases to target in order to attract the right visitors to your website. This consists of all the factors on a website page that influence search engine ranking.

All pages should include the appropriate keyword within the content, page properties, and the image tags. Performing onsite SEO for all current and future pages that you build out for your website is very important. Premium content converts visitors to leads on your website. Specifically, premium content is an offer that contains unique informational value to your target audience.

Visitors are willing to fill out a form with their contact information in order to gain access to your premium content. Landing pages are where premium content lives. Sending your potential clients to landing pages where you capture their information and create new leads for your sales team is the best practice. A good landing page is eye-catching, properly designed, and attracts new leads. The basis of a good landing page is to have a desired user action, which is what you want your visitors to do once they land on your page.

Social media is The platform for sharing content and odds are your audience is engaging on at least one social media platform. Social media acts as a gateway for potential prospects to find your website so it is important to be relevant, active and engaging in this sphere. Blogging is the basis of bringing traffic to your website and relevant visitors will come to your site when you blog about the right content.

The key is to create content around your buyer personas pain points and main industry topics. Keeping up with blogging is high priority in getting your website found online, the more frequent you blog the more visitors you will attract.

A call-to-action CTA can make or break your website's lead acquisition rate. CTA's direct visitors to your premium content landing pages.

We work with the branding of your website in order to create professional and exceptional graphic buttons your visitors will be compelled to click. We think of CTA as mini billboards positioned on your website to direct visitors to the next steps you want them to take.

PPC campaigns give you an opportunity to put your message in front of an audience that is seeking your product or service. Through keyword research, strategic bidding, and a compelling advertisement you can get the results you want. PPC is no longer limited to search engines, you can also run PPC campaigns on various social media platforms.

The best way to move a lead through a sales funnel is to launch lead nurturing campaigns. You can do this with a workflow which allows you to trigger a follow-up email or a series of emails based on the action that a lead may take.

This helps nurture and educate leads so they are prompted to take next steps and prepared before they even talk to a sales person. Workflows are more than just a lead nurturing tool. They help you automate common marketing processes, moving leads through your funnel in an efficient way. Sending marketing emails, changing contact properties, and sending internal notification emails, are all possible with workflows.

They bring marketers the same kind of automation a sophisticated CRM system provides to sales, bridging the gap between both processes. Closing sales and getting customers are great goals to have. After you bring in leads from online tactics you can focus on turning customers into promoters of your business. After all, the best advocates of your products or services are those that have experience with them.

Options for continued retention processes include implementing referral programs, continued customer education pieces, and segmenting customer newsletters in order to keep your customers coming back for more. Hiring a website designer is a major step. Ready to get started?


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