J16 forex. Good luck to you in your trading. Remember, trust no one until they earn your trust, including me. Check out the free thread on J Here you can decide whether this is something you think will benefit your education. moneysoccerleague.com?t= Google "James16 chart thread".

J16 forex


J16 forex. Good luck to you in your trading. Remember, trust no one until they earn your trust, including me. Check out the free thread on J Here you can decide whether this is something you think will benefit your education. moneysoccerleague.com?t= Google "James16 chart thread".

J16 forex

James16Group provides excellent material - both in self directed learning through tutorials, video courses, blog posts and forum posts. Areas of study include psychology, charting, price action, money management, specific strategies and even real estate investing - opportunities exist for one on one coaching through email and phone calls - no extra charge! No doubt about it. I've spent a lot of money over the years on courses, indicators, signal services etc etc.

James16Group is the best value for money bar none. I am not new to Forex.. Neither did much for me. Yes, the information is available elsewhere for free, but not with the benefit of the experience and patience brought to the table by the James16 teachers. They are above all realistic about expectations, which is rare in this business. After spending a few months at the public thread I decided to take the dive to the PF. So much information i couldn't believe it.

This is not a quick fix get rich quick scheme. This is real traders discussing their real methods that is taught at the j16 chart thread. Comprehensive solid material and worth the fee. I joined J16 based on the cool information in the threads.

The whole thing feels like a lot of good intentions, but James is clearly busy with other things in his life and has moved on. It is now run by some decent moderators, but while they have a great base of material, it feels a little deceptive that the guy whose name and reputation in the industry is not really involved much any more and certainly not available for contact.

I suppose it would not sell as well if they called it the Mike 16 group, but that unfortunately is the reaility at this point. Nice guys, but not what I felt like I was buying. I am not suprised to actually see one reply added by this James16 character.

He's a phony and after weeks, I still haven't received any refund. As for the personal comments, he first referred to me as "stupid" and such. I am the one that asked only for a refund, and received no replies until I made a stink on FPA. Gee, isin't hard to believe that when you decide to finally make a stink about something, they come out and defend themselves!!??

There website bar charts are worthless, as is the rest of their site. I have dealt many a times with these people, and they all border on "scammers".

But when you publicly take a stand about their shoddy website, they come out like hornets to protect themsleves!! And, to boot, I still have received no refund! After many weeks, this guy James, comes back at me and says he wants to send me a check in the mail!!??

I paid for it online. Then he tells me he doesn't even have a Paypal account. Well, stupid is as stupid does. Don't waste your hard earned money on these clowns and their weak education material. Getting a refund has been next to impossible, and it makes me wonder how many other patrons have been ripped off!!??

No return on my emails. Next stop is a bank chargeback and filing a case here in a few more days. So much for all the nonsense of how righteous the James16Group is!!? Don't waste your time or money on this ripoff site. I go to the first pages where price action is discussed and I cannot see the bar charts! Its black background makes it way to difficult to even see the bars! Nothing has happened with the refund yet.

Waiting for a response. This is my first ever response on here I have wriiten. It is in regards to Shawn's post just below. I am only doing this because it is unfairly written and warranted I do so. I have no problems with people who don't like what we offer but this is an entirely different subject. Shawn asked for a refund after not even exploring the site for more than one second and encountering a small issue. I tried to explain to him what some solutions might be thinking if you signed up you were interested in what we do.

This was not happening in his eyes and asked for a refund. We give refunds often due to certain circumstances even though it's not a policy just the right thing to do. Refunds don't happen over night and I told him I would fwd the email along to James himself. I then went on vacation for the first time in a long time and emailed the entire group I would be gone for the week. Well this wasn't good enough for him.

He told me whose fault is it that I can't answer my emails. Anyone will tell you I bend over backwards for the group and respond to all my emails as soon as possible you can read reviews about this below unsolicited.

His refund was in the works had he waited just a few more days and been reasonable like Not liking our material is one thing, I get it we aren't for everyone.

But we have been doing this for well over half a decade now and done it with the utmost dignity and respect for all our members and those that are not members our free thread is a testament to that.

Please if anyone has questions you can email me any time on the site and I will always be glad to answer any questions member or not. Thank you Mike mbqb Waited for a few more days here. My suggestion, go to the James16 chart thread. Don't like what you see, move on. Like what you see, join the member group. My experience has been good thus far.

I have been getting winning trades not hand feed to me. If your looking for alternative trading education, J16 is it. With such a confusing and overwhelming selection of training, resources, get rich quick schemes etc available on the internet, the J16 group is a breath of fresh air.

If you are looking for real people going through the same thing as you, this is for you. If you are struggling to find a mentor but really need one, then this is a place to start. The price tag is really immaterial.

For approx you become a lifetime member. For many people, that's a fortnight's pay. Small price to pay for a trading mentor. People pay thousands for coaching including the professionals. This is not a one-size-fits-all deal. It is definitely not the entire scope of your training and resources. I subscribe to another paid service, am a member of a technical analysis society, read books on trading continuously, follow several blogs and websites of professional traders.

I live and breath trading in my spare time. J16 is just one avenue I exploit to help me become a better trader. They have provided me with invaluable knowledge and experience which continues to help me develop as a trader. I decided that the value I get from them is worth the small price tag as it adds more value to my development than what I can get from free resources. In a game that is all about having the edge, I'll take everyone one I can get.

Good luck to you in your trading. Remember, trust no one until they earn your trust, including me. Check out the free thread on J Here you can decide whether this is something you think will benefit your education. I am just lazy that is all. Despite that, I decided to get off my ass and write this review simply because I see too many negative reviews that I fail to comprehend!

One of the more frequent threads amongst the negative reviews is that the material is available for free elsewhere.

True, price action by itself is explained and well defined by a number of free sources online. J16 never claimed to have invented price action. But how many of these sources teach you how to trade using price action?! How many of these use a comprehensive objective list of specific price action 'setups' to tell you where to put your entry order and where to put your stop loss orders?

I swear if I didn't know how to do this I would have been turned off forex for good. My favourite member though will be Mike. As others have mentioned on the positive reviews, this guy is a newbie instructor and for people like me, is a godsend. He is absolutely phenomenal in terms of patience, teaching support, knowledge - everything a newbie needs.

Send him a question anytime of the day and he will reply back with a thorough explanation of your query in no time.


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