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Medallionaire app

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Medallionaire app. Medallionaire App Review ==? ? Start Here – Another SHOCKING SCAM? Read.

Medallionaire app

If you were planning to use Medallionaire App for your binary options trading accounts, you should wait until you read this review to understand the whole truth about this tool. Evidences available to us point that information presented by the robot is misleading, which means that it could wipe your trading accounts. One faceless man called James Simons of the Renaissance Technology created the software.

James Simons was of the Renaissance Technologies company. An investigation reveals that the company does exist and that the name James Simon was associated with the company. The company does not have anything to do with binary options market. There is strong evidence that the man does not have anything to do with the scam tool.

For instance, if you watched the video, you would notice that he was not the one that introduced the trading system. The only mention of him was where a statement about him was made. This is not convincing, because anybody could make that quotes.

Moreover, going by the global achievement of the technology, which James Simons represents, if he was actually behind the publication of MedallionaireApp. Anything you see that links him to that app is fabricated. Did you see the news article screenshot purported published in different magazines and news media like BBC, Fortune Magazine, as well as Bloomberg? There is no evidence anywhere that suggests that there were articles about the Medallionaire App published in any of these reputable news media.

The screenshot was simply fabricated and anybody can do the same using Photoshop technology. You should read my Auto Binary Signals Review! Medallionaire App claims that it has been making money for traders over the years.

We are able to dismiss this as false, because a search indicated that the website was created just few days to the end of This means that the trading app was a brand new product, how then has it been making money for traders over the years.

This is a lie and this renders it as a scam. Apart from the few points mentioned above, there are other specific evidences that suggest that the trading robot is not real. One common characteristic with all fake robots is the reliance on fake individuals to prove the worthiness of their systems. Medallionaire App is also suffering from the same problem.

To investigate whether the trading app is legit, we used different methods to ascertain the identities of all those who were mentioned on the website, especially those who claimed to have made thousands using the system. We were able to identify four members of Medallionaire App who claimed to have been using the system successfully.

These four were marked verified on the website. We discovered that these people were not verified, because they were fake people. Their photos were either purchased or they were stolen from shutterstock. We are quite sure that the information they provided were fake.

If you want to use it because of the testimonies, you should think twice, because it is a scam. It is obvious that the Medallionaire App was targeting new traders because they know that experienced traders would not subscribe to their garbage. Credit must be given to them for the efforts they put in creating the website.

It is professionally looking, the look alone is enough to mislead newbie traders, and it is not surprising that the app was directed at grabbing their attention. Medallionaire App creates the impression that only limited copies of their system are currently available and that you must make efforts to buy it before it finishes. It said that the available copies would only be ready for people who subscribe to it, and you must do that through their approved brokers.

This means that the software is not available for all brokers. The worst thing about this site is that even if you had an account with reputable and regulated brokers, they will still demand that you open an account with their broker. Note that brokers they use are not registered and not regulated, this makes it impossible for you to recover your money should you see anything fishy with them. Another falsehood that easily turns people off the trading app is the claim that they will help you make money free.

The money according to them is to help you to fund your live trading account. Do not believe that because most of the times, you can never have access to your money after the initial investment. Medallionaire App claims that it can record over eighty percent profits every time you use it. This is not only false but also misleading. It deliberately decided to confuse its users. Is it 81 percent success rates or 81 percent profits?

The phrase is confusing. It does not tell its readers how it generates the trading signals it delivers to its users. This is the most important information which every trader is looking for. Unfortunately, Medallionaire App has failed in this regard and this is concrete evidence that it is a scam, because it was not based on any algorithm.

There are some good binary bots which can actually make money. We highly recommend VirtNext software. If you were planning to use Medallionaire App for your binary options market, you have to forget that, because you are not going to make even a dime with this system. No information it provides to you is true, but a calculated attempt to steal money from you. It claimed to be available for traders many years ago, but we had concrete evidence that it was released barely one week ago.

There is no proof that any person has ever earned money using the app. If you really want to get your hands on a legit binary signals then the first thing you should have to do is visit our Recommended Signals page. Beware of all the scams, keep visiting QuintUp. I created this website to express my opinion and suggestions on Binary Options Trading Software and Bots, and help people make an informed decision before they actually invest money on any.

Feel free to go through my website and get to know more about Binary Option Trading. Hii jasmine i had sent a mail about vertnext registration process. I get a lot of mails Ashwani, apologies from my side. Could you please send me the same email? If its about VirtNext, comment on my VirtNext post itself. I was about to sign up tomorrow. Thank you so much for exposing them. God bless you Jasmine.

Sorry that you lost some of your hard earned money. Always check my reviews before signing up with any binary system. Yes I too confirm that its a filthy scam. Thank you for exposing them.

Will take your advice from now on. Yes their website and sales video is very convincing, you should have done a little research before signing up. Why did you go with this scam when you already know VirtNext is a good one?!! Now i know God loves me…. Always check our reviews before signing up with any system.

Sorry that you lost your hard earned money. Its obviously just another SCAM!! Hi Jasmine How about cherry trade. Can you recommend it. Does virtnexy all me to use their signals to trade manually.

I can confirm Medalionaire app is a kind of a scam from my experience. Although it did trade quite well and my account was up from to during the second week when I logged on to do some more trades the App presented me a big 0 account value, an erased trade history, and a big message from my broker asking me to fund the account.

However I then logged in to broker account directly and my account with them still existed, with the correct balance, and entire trade history. It seems to me Medalionaire have just given up!!!!

Sorry for your money and time Ian. You should have read my reviews. If you have any plan to trade again, always check my Recommended Signals. You are doing an amazing job. God bless you abundantly. Will be trading with code fibo soon.

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I lost lots of money testing them. Comments Hii jasmine i had sent a mail about vertnext registration process. Please is this website good for trading or a scam? Thanks for your review!!


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