Skrill transfer to bank account. Withdrawing money from skrill account is very easy. Let us see how to withdraw money from skrill account to.

Skrill transfer to bank account

How to Withdraw Skrill Money through Bank Account

Skrill transfer to bank account. Browse popular topics. ACCOUNT Verifications Password Updates PAYMENTS Deposits Send Money Receive Money. SECURITY Chargebacks Account Status Non-Delivery PREPAID CARD Skrill Card.

Skrill transfer to bank account

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Write 5 news comments 5. Write 10 news comments Write 1 video comment 1. Last post First unread post. Hello, I uploaded funds from my bank account to my skrill account and it was successful.

By doing it, I think I'm already verify my bank account, no? But I can't withdraw money from skrill to my bank account. I can't do "Option 1" because I have no CC. I did "Option 3" months ago but the letter do not arrived. Now, I try "Option 2" bank account veryfication but I'm confused how to do it.

After following the instruction, the webpage said skrill will send me code to my bank account. How to see it? Should I ask my bank the code? Thanks patszerdonk Identity verification required! Unfortunately we were unable to verify the data in your profile with an independent information source.

Under UK anti-money laundering regulations we are therefore required to obtain an additional proof of identity before we can process your first redemption request. We offer you the following fast and easy options: Verify your bank account within 3 banking days We will make a payment to your bank account. In the reference field of the payment we will include a unique verification code which you will have to enter back at our site. Verify your address within banking days Upon request we will send a letter to the address registered on your account.

This letter will contain a verification code which you will have to enter back at our site. If you choose this option you will be forwarded to our address verification section. Please excuse any inconvenience caused. We hope for your understanding that such measures are imperative in order to comply with anti-money laundering legislation and prevent misuse of the Skrill Moneybookers system.

We will then make a payment for this amount to your bank account and include a unique verification code in its reference field. This is the code which you will have to enter after you receive the payment. The verification procedure should be completed within 3 banking days. As soon as you enter the verification code successfully in the field below, your member status will be upgraded to 'verified'.

You will then be able to request withdrawals from your account freely. Or skrill will do it for me? Hey patzerdonk, With option 2, they will make a random payment and included will be a reference number that the bank will see. You will either have to ask the bank for this reference number or see it for yourself if you have online banking Hope this helps, Gary. Thanks for your reply VA But how to contact skrill customer support? One of the FAQ pages is Withdrawals. You have to log in to your account to even get there.

This link might take you directly there: On that page are 4 options for withdrawal FAQs. The bottom one, "General Withdrawal Enquiries" is not a FAQ -- it opens a page with a text box into which you can type your question.

All the best, --VS. And my bank account verifyed.


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