Www forex com pk. For a candlestick to be considered a shooting star, the formation must be on an upward or bullish trend, and the distance between the highest price for the day and the opening price must be more than twice as large as the shooting star's body. The distance between the lowest price for the day and the closing price must be.

Shooting star forex pattern

How to Day Trade the Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern ?

Www forex com pk.The shooting star pattern is commonly interpreted by traders as a strong bearish market reversal signal. A basic forex trading strategy designed to profit from such a reversal of trend can easily be implemented when a trader identifies the shooting star. A common forex strategy.

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Japanese candlesticks are a popular charting technique used by many traders. Today, we are looking at the Www forex com pk star reversal pattern which is a popular Japanese candlestick formation and how to apply it towards the FX market. A shooting star formation is a bearish reversal pattern that consists of just one candle. It is formed when the price is pushed higher and immediately rejected lower so that it leaves behind a long wick to the Www forex com pk.

The long wick should take up at least half of the total length of the candle. Additionally, the closing price should be lower than the opening price creating a red candle. Welcome place trading reviews you can see, this creates an overall bearish structure Www forex com pk prices were unable to sustain their higher trade.

Trading this reversal pattern is fairly simple. First, the implication is for lower prices therefore we want to look for entries to short. Since the prices were previously rejected at the high of the shooting star, we will establish our stop loss about pips above the high of the said candlestick.

The entry can take place in a couple of manners. First, a trader co uld simply enter on the open of the next candle. Or, if the trader was more conservative and wanted to capture a better risk-to-reward ratio, we can trade a retest of the wick. Www forex com pk of the wick tend to occur when the wick is longer than normal. Oftentimes, prices will come back and re trace Www forex com pk a portion of the long wick.

A trader recognizing this might wait to enter around the middle of the wick rather than enter immediately after the shooting star candle forms. This means the trader is entering a short trade at a higher price and with a tighter stop loss reducing risk. Regardless of the entry mechanism, the stop loss will Www forex com pk the same which is about pips above the shooting star candle.

Regarding profit targets, w e teach in our courses to take profit at least twice the distance as your stop loss. So if your stop loss is about 90 pips, then look for at least pips of profit potential. This means we are establishing a 1-to-2 risk-to-reward ratio which falls in line with the Traits of Successful Traders research.

What makes this set up appealing is that it forms near 2 other levels of horizontal resistance. Therefore, a strong resistance zone is created. A s prices approached this resistance zone, the buyers stopped buying and the sellers started selling which left a forex fs 204 star candle pattern in its wake. This means we are risking 90 pips for a potential reward of pips. This yields a 1-to-3 risk Www forex com pk reward ratio.

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