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Gaji cuma numpang lewat? Cari tambahan di sini Gan! Rosselkhoznadzor discovered trenbolone in the portion of meat shipped to Russia in February i. Rosselkhoznadzor sees this as a failure to fulfill obligations, which entails serious consequences, Dankvert mentioned. According to him, the best scenario would be the ban on chilled meat as the organization says it does not have time to check it for trenbolone. In the meantime, Rosselkhoznadzor said the worst scenario suggests imposing a ban on overall beef imports from Australia.

In January Rosselkhoznadzor slapped a ban on Australian beef by-products. Earlier in it traced the prohibited growth hormone trenbolone in a small number of export consignments. During , Russia imported about thousand tons of beef from Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. G8 format effectively dead G8, the elite group of eight, is essentially dead while the diplomatic standoff with Russia is persisting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted.

The majority of the participants decided that in the current political climate the forum would continue to meet as the G7 Group of nations. The current political climate means the political crisis in Ukraine and the integration of Crimea in particular. Since the suspension of Russia, the original G7 and the EU are determined to escalate their sanctions against Russia and consider changes of the future cooperation principles.

The European policymakers insist that the situation over Crimea violated the international law. Meanwhile, European leaders are ramping up punitive measures against Russia. So, they updated the black list of people deemed responsible for Russia's incursion into the Ukrainian region of Crimea.

The EU and the U. Importantly, the other day Angela Merkel said in the interview that Russia had not been formally booted out of the G8.

However, she added that the western leaders pulled out of preparations for a summit scheduled for Sochi in June. She indicated that the suspension was temporary. Eventually, the German Chancellor has toughened her stance against Russia. The expelling information has proved true. Escalation of sanctions will involve broader bans and could then move to wider trade and financial restrictions.

In the meantime, overseas accounts of several Russian and Ukrainian officials have been arrested. Wah keren gan, sebuah karikatur pengusir stresss. Lanjut gan, sembari klik-klik trading. European Parliament and Council agrees on new recapitalization system After six months of difficult negotiations, the European Parliament reached a deal with the EU member states on the recapitalization of the European banks, said Michel Barnier, the commissioner responsible for internal market and services.

This system is one of the main three elements of the future banking union. This compromise is aimed to help to ensure that the Cypriot scheme would not be applied again. The commissioner announced the decision after hour series of night talks. The result of the negotiations is that now financial loss will be distributed between the owners and lenders of a bank in case of recapitalization or liquidation, not touching client deposits.

This decision gives the European Parliament the chance to vote for the recapitalization system before the election scheduled for May Otherwise, the voting will be postponed at least until autumn.

Plus there is another risk that new elected members of the European Parliament will lobby for their own interest in this issue that will cause difficulties. Moreover, a six-month delay may lead to a further hold-up on the creation of the banking union, which initially was supposed to be launched in , but now it is planned to be introduced in Sore gan, menjelang weeken, bagaimana Humor today?

Therefore, expenses for booking the main character differ respectively. Ubiquitous economists estimated how much Belgian taxpayers had to pay for the honor to host the VIP guest. Here are a few facts to consider. So, taxes of ordinary Belgian employees have been spent on strong entourage, 45 vehicles, and 3 cargo aircraft. This team was accompanying the U. Besides, an advance security team orchestrated every detail of the route.

The next point in the schedule was the memorial for the American soldiers at the First World War cemetery. A tight cordon surrounded the whole shopping district with the hotel where the U.

President stayed for a night. Wah mantap humornya gan Ruble protected from Ukraine-related sanctions A currency the most protected from sanctions is unveiled! The fact is that the freely convertible ruble is rather buoyant and safeguarded.

Having such a trump card, the Russian central bank is not going to shift the currency corridor. Moreover, Ksenia Yudayeva, the first deputy chairperson of the Bank of Russia, stated that the control over the currency is considered inefficient measure in any circumstances.

So, here is a new axiom introduced by the Russian regulator keep your money in rubles. That amount is going to set a new record. Nevertheless, the ruble has gained ground last week.

The currency control aimed to curb export, import and circulation of foreign currency within Russia, is one of the most extreme measures.

Besides, the locals might not be allowed to own foreign currency and pay with it for purchases. Furthermore, currency movement across the national borders and foreign currency deposits might be subjects to control as well.

Lanjut gan, ukraina sedang memanas. All communication devices used for meetings and sessions of the government agencies were swapped completely. The official source said that the changeover was caused entirely by technical matters and denied that Russia was clamping down on U.

So, it is connected purely to technical issues. It has nothing to do with the U. But he did mention that "American special services This obviously orientates Russian clients, primarily state ones, to be very choosy about their partners in IT.

Mass media in different countries often cover the spying issues. In particular, a reliable source in Germany reported that the U. In the meantime, Russian civil servants have decided in favor of new Samsung tailor-made, secured tablets designed to be used with the confidential information the government often need to handle. Interestingly, some of them shared the news that Apple devices had been barred in the government in their Facebook and Twitter accounts using their private iPhones.

Lanjut gan, enjoy selalu dengan humornya. Europe to open yuan trading centers Being good at maneuvering through conflict s is always meritorious, especially when it comes to international politics. It is rather tough to keep political and economic relations under the given circumstances.

However, this Asian country took advantage of them spawning even more profitable business proposals. Recently, China and Germany have agreed on the establishment of the trading center for the yuan in Frankfurt.

Last month, the Bank of England signed on the dotted line as London has also obtained the right to settle payments in renminbi. Time will show which country will get a title of the Best Financial Center in dealing with the yuan. France is projected to join the list. State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf has said. They talked to our EU partners about energy security specifically not just for Ukraine, but for all of Europe.

And we are taking some steps, including providing emergency finance and technical assistance in energy security and energy sector reform. Interfax citing Marie Harf informs that the United States believes that the use of pricing terms as a tool of intervention in the affairs of other countries, in particular, Ukraine, is unacceptable.

Creating international rating agency In his speech at the Association of Russian Banks meeting, VTB Bank head Andrey Kostin stressed the need for an international rating agency with founding countries being the shareholders. Still, he emphasized that at the first stage it is crucial to find due pillars for the international rating system to decrease reliance on the American agencies which is unwished by Europe and China as well.

By the way, both are also working upon own rating agencies. He believes the shareholders should be governmental organizations. Previous Thread Next Thread.


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